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Once upon a time about a million years ago (ie., July), gwopwop launched a contest where the readers can earn points (prizes? my admiration?) for posting links to pictures that feature Jon posing with other no talent, scumbag celebrities. I called it "Jon Gosselin's Celebrity Scum Pool".

In the days, weeks and months since, Jon's been photographed doing everything and everyone (har, har) BUT posing with other no talent, scumbag celebrities. The game never really got off the ground, and I promptly and completely forgot all about it.

Fortunately tho, we have readers who kept the faith and KNEW Jon wouldn't disappoint.

Gwopwop is pleased to report that the poster known as "It Will Happen" is on the JGCSP scoreboard!

Yes folks, there's been a Jon & Joe Francis sighting and get this, it's just days (if not hours) within Jon's big epiphany. That should be worth extra points I think.

Here's the proof:

Good job, IWH! Thanks for today's chuckle. I award you 5,000,435 points. You'll be tough to beat although I'm certain a photo with Jon and Danny Bonaduce isn't far off.

To commemorate this exciting, ground-breaking event, I've pulled It Will Happen's point-winning submission out of the "Jon Gosselin on Larry King" thread and repost it below to be admired by all.

It Will Happen said...
Iwhy's celebrity scum pool for Jon.

It did happen!

How did Jon hook up w/Joe Francis? Points please - can't wait until Mickey Rourke beats the shit out of Jon. :)-


It Will Happen said...

Heidi Fleiss

Mickey Rourke - he ends up beating the shit out of Jon when Jon tries to talk bikes.

Joe Francis – producer of Girls Gone Wild

Jason Mesnick - The Bachelor

Bruce Jenner

July 23, 2009 6:50 AM

October 2, 2009 12:53 PM


Anonymous said...

Joe Francis? Wow. Yet another positive role model for his children.

from radar onlive said...

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin To Feature Girlfriend On New ShowEXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin To Feature Girlfriend On New Show
Posted on Oct 02, 2009 @ 07:45PM print it send it
Splash NewsOut with the old, in with the new.

That seems to be the direction Jon Gosselin is taking as he plans his new TV show.

Kate’s Lawyer Says Jon Can’t Stop The Show

While his war with estranged wife Kate and the TLC network is raging, Jon is determined to push ahead with his new reality TV project, The Divorced Dads' Club.

The show, which would likely include Michael Lohan, is Jon's new focus and has learned exclusively that he intends to make girlfriend Hailey Glassman a regular.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Says TLC Exploiting Jon Gosselin

"Jon wants the show to feature the guys' girlfriends," a source familiar with the project told "He's promised Hailey that she will be a big part of the show. The show will focus on each dad's life and Jon's life with Hailey will be a big part of it."

Kate and Her Bodyguard Lunch Together

Jon has said he doesn't want TLC filming his children anymore and believes it is detrimental to them while he and Kate are divorcing. But the source familiar with the situation told that Jon wants to have his children on his new show!

Hailey, who just underwent breast surgery as reported by, has always wanted to be famous, sources tell She tried out for MTV's Real World and enjoys the notoriety of being with Jon, despite sometimes public protestations. (On Friday she tweeted: "Its time 2 move on

But Hailey is actually enjoying her pseudo celebrity, the sources say, and very much wants to be on Jon's new show. And while she certainly doesn't have a weight problem, she's even talked about losing a few pounds to look thinner on camera!

Of course, before any of this happens there's the matter that Jon signed an exclusive deal with TLC and the network is not letting him out of it, even though they are changing the show name to Kate Plus 8.

Letterman’s Alleged Extortionist Lives In Shabby, Crime-Ridden NeighborhoodEXCLUSIVE: Courteney Cox Arquette's New Pad!

Anonymous said...

Jon had made his own negative publicity. There are pictures and film to prove it. When we thought the idiot had lost all his marbles, he got on national TV to made an ass out of himself and bash Kate. He can't connect the dots. But, even with the new lawyer and everything in pictures, the lame fish is still trying to blame Kate for his failures as a human being.

Anonymous said...

jon needs to realize that either way he's going to lose out on this divorce * his childish actions haven't helped is situation. somebody better give this lying-cheating-scumbag a back hoe for the massive hole that he's digging himself. and who the hell does hailey think she is?! we all know she's just w/ jon for his money, which is gonna run out quick if he keeps spending like he's p. diddy **NEWS FLASH JON YOU'RE NOT P.DIDDY!** * it's not like he picked the brightest crayon in the box to have the "honor" of being his girlfriend. He's her sugar daddy! i mean it's not like she's with him for his boyish good looks lol. oh i saw the lovely couple in my mall a week ago,let me tell you they were both looking a little on the hefty side and were spending lots of money. the whole time they were there she had that stupid look on her face from her mug shot. did anyone read hailey's twitter update? hailey just b/c you used the word "nor" properly doesn't make you smarter than a 5th grader

Anonymous said...

Jon had demonstrated that the children are burdens to him. His remark, "my twenties were a waste". He moves to NY to "get a job" only to be close to Haley, where is the job? If he cared about the children he could have easily taken the old home and been close to the children, with a lot less expense that a NY apt. He whinned that Kate was on the road * he was "House dad", when he was banging the Nanny, the teacher and Haley..Kate's fault cause she didn't want him to go out with his friends (i.e. sleep overs at the teachers house. Then there is the other Kate whom he made believe that she was going to be his paid assistant and is willing to take a lie detector, but will he..He takes the dogs back to the breeder instead of taking care of them himself. The man has serious mental issues.

Kelly said...

Would someone please hire this idiot a publicist? Does he not realize that every time he opens his mouth in front of the cameras he just confirms for everyone watching what a moron he really is? I saw him on The Insider tonight and he was talking about how he had to get rid of the dogs because Kate was too busy to take care of them because "she was off doing things like The View"...HULLO Jon-at least she's attempting to make a living at something else rather than sitting around partying with young ladies all day. It sounded to me like he was jealous that Kate ia actually having a career. Too bad no one wants his ass.

Anonymous said...

Jon has told so many lies he can't keep them straight. He don't have the intelligence to shut up and zip up. I hope Kate goes back to court and forces Jon to provide a home for his children when he decides he wants visitation. Kate had only been thinking of the children in letting his visitation be at the family home. I think she was expecting that for once in his life that Jon would be more reponsible and care about his childrens feelings.

Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin Wants $30K Per Appearance
by Celebuzz on Oct. 3, 2009 11:20 AM / 1 Comment

Whoa; Jon Gosselin! We know you have eight hungry mouths to feed, but don't you think you're over-valuing yourself just a bit?

MSNBC reports that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad is offering himself up for personal appearances at $30,000 a pop. That's Paris Hilton-type money!

According to one publicist who was dealing with Papa Jon for an event, "He wanted more than $30,000 dollars to show up for just a couple hours. The funny part was we didn’t even reach out to him. He called us asking to come. We didn’t pay him.”

Let us know in the comments section: Would you pay $30,000 for an audience wit Jon Gosselin? And if so, what would you do with him?

Funny said...

Anonymous said...

first he parades the kids to the front gate everyday to talk to reporters and sign autographs on the days he has this? stupid guy dosent know what he wants...oh yeah attention, in anyway he can have it...

Good for Kate said...

NEW PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Takes Down Jon's Sign Barring TLC From Their Home NEW PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Takes Down Jon's Sign Barring TLC From Their Home
Posted on Oct 03, 2009 @ 03:29PM print it send it
INFphoto.comIt's war! Just in case there was any doubt about the state of the dissolving union between Jon and Kate Gosselin, Mrs. G made her feelings perfectly clear when she ripped down a sign Mr. G had hung on the gate to their home.

Kate drove down the driveway at their Wernersville, PA estate, jumped out of her SUV, gave the sign a hardy pull and left it on the ground.

It said: "Notice. No film or production staff from TLC is permitted on this property under penalty of trespass. Jonathan Gosselin.

See Jon Tell Larry King Of His Plans To Shut Down The Show.

Jon was 3000 miles away in Hollywood when Kate man-handled his sign.

Amazingly, the couple has reached a temporary accord on custody of their kids.

Jon is already planning his post-Jon & Kate Plus 8 future.

He's working with Michael Lohan on a series called The Divorced Dads Club broke the news TLC was planning on easing Jon out of the show weeks before it was officially announced.

Jon wants girlfriend Hailey Glassman in his new TV show

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: Jon and Kate Gosselin Reach Informal Custody Deal EXCLUSIVE: Jon and Kate Gosselin Reach Informal Custody Deal
Posted on Oct 03, 2009 @ 11:15AM print it send it
INFphoto.comJust when you thought they couldn't agree on anything, Jon and Kate have reached an informal deal on child custody, sources tell

But don't even entertain the thought that this will diminish the intensity of their ongoing war because Kate is going on NBC's Today Show on Monday and she will strongly address Jon's recent comments and allegations.

A source close to the situation told that Kate is furious over what she calls "the lies" Jon has been telling. And she's determined to expose those lies publicly.

Meanwhile, through all the acrimony, lawyers have worked out custody dates for each parent. Nothing is signed and the deal could still blow up but it is a small step of progress in dissolving the marriage.

And Kate is determined to end the marriage as quickly as possible, despite Jon's public statements that he wants to slow down the divorce and improve communication. "Kate doesn't believe a word of it," a source close to the situation told "She thinks he's doing it all for publicity."

Jon told TLC that the network may no longer film his children. He says the show is detrimental to the well being of his kids. Critics point out that at the end of July, in a exclusive, Jon said his kids love filming the show and called a relative's claims that the show was bad for them "ridiculous."

Larry King Live even played the clip and confronted Jon with his own words on the show Thursday night.

TLC has suspended taping the show while Jon's lawyers promise/threaten to go to court and shut it down. The network recently announced it was changing the show's name from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8.

Jon is still under contract to the network and some sources tell the war between TLC and Jon is about to get much worse.

Kate's appearance on the Today Show is, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, to "refute the lies Jon told and straighten out things."

But hears there's much, much more to come.

And while Jon wants out of his TLC contract to pursue a Divorced Dads Club reality show with Michael Lohan, we're wondering/guessing/speculating if the next step is TLC dropping a big, expensive lawsuit on Jon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin to be GRILLED By Nancy Grace On The Insider on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I read that Monday night Kate will be staying in New York to attend a party that Barbara Walters is giving for Sheri Sheperd.(sp) I bet all the haters will just have a FIT!!! Lowlifes!!!

Well, Maggie Schatzie? said...

Joe Francis?

Is GWOP acknowledging this? Are they still worried about pedophiles over there? Is this father of 5 girls is trying to pal around with a porn king ex-con?

Julie's Cat, Little Fiona said...

Julie has a new post up!!!!!! It's very mysterious!!!! All it says is


What can it mean, Iwhy?

Sheeple Rule said...

Has anyone noticed that the only things Gwop has accomplished are

directing traffic to online Gosselin tabloids increasing the media attention of the kids,

exposing where they live to various pedophiles who they insist watch and stalk the family,

and spreading false and malicious rumors about Kate and her bodyguard?

Well, they have also kept a few lunatics off the street and tied to their keyboards. I guess there's a silver lining!

iwhyawli said...

Dear "Julie's Cat/Little Fiona"

Thank you for bringing this most interesting posting from Julie to my attention.

A cryptic "Timing is everything" post. What can it mean? What can it mean?

It's elementary, actually, although admittedly such honesty coming from Julie is a bit unexpected.

Julie-the-Energizer-busybody is saying that she clearly recognizes the questionable timing surrounding Jon's recent epiphany as eerily similiar to the questionable timing of events after Saint Jodi herself was booted off the show. Shortly thereafter, Julie and Jodi had their own epiphanies and started screeching "The kids are being exploited! The kids are being exploited!" which when translated from GWOPese into English means "If I'm not on the show then nobody is going to be on the show."

The proof of this is in Julie's deleted blog posts, copies of which are sitting around here somewhere.

It could also mean that Jon is about to film an interview for radaronline in which he whispers "cheater" in reference to Kate and then gets paid enough money to pay off his mortgages. Cause afterall, that's what Aunt Jodi did.

The truth will set you free.

Anonymous said...

And now Team Crazy/Julie Kamauf Daugherty Brown (not her real name) has posted yet another commentary in which she explains why she wrote the post "Timing is Everything."

I think that she reads you iwhyali.