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When Jon says "I regret my conduct", what does he really mean?

To me, he means "I just read a copy of the divorce settlement and lost just about everything."

What do you think he means?


planey_janey said...

"I regret my conduct" = "I have just lost the last source of revenue coming in aside from divisions in the divorce, because all my other product deals and projects in development dried up after that Vegas pool party."

Anonymous said...

Jon's actions post-breakup speak volumes about the type of person he is. Try it from her perspective. She has always treated him like he was irresponsible and childish, without being really blatant about it. Now we see she was right. BUT, think about this… here's Kate, with 8 children to take care of – and an immature, childish, ego-maniacal twit for a husband. Would you be graceful in her shoes? I'd say they both had it rough.

Anonymous said...

A little difficult to take Jon seriously at this point. His delay of divorce does not seem genuine but given the timing is motivated by $. Jon did not make an effort to get professional help with some of his "substance" and "social" issues. The spouse should be tested for "substance" issues given the role of a caregiver to small children. You need someone to be "sober" to watch kids. Kids can hurt themselves easily, fall into a pool, etc...Otherwise supervised visitations should be an option.

Anonymous said...

Shut the front door Jon and move on. I hope Kate and her lawyer proceed to have this over with no extra time for you to drag the divorce on. You have dumped on Kate, which is fine, but you can't go back now and try to fix the mess that YOU created!! Go to NY and leave them alone, and take your PR firm with you and fad away. Hailey is waiting for you, and wants to see how much change you have left in your pocket. Oh well, she lives with Mommy and Daddy, so you can move right back into the room that you were screwing in when Kate was their after surgery

Jons a skank said...

The mans a skank. Now he is stopping the divorce. Afraid of child support huh Jon. He will never be around after the show says he doesn't have to be there for taping. I hope TLC adjusts the paycheck, and Kate goes through with the divorce. This mans a loser, and I have believed that from day one

Anonymous said...

What a moron. Just read his "heartfelt statement" from his attorney on the Huffington Post. Now he's done sowing his wild oats? Are you kidding me? You blamed everything on your wife from the beginning but it all seems a little suspicious that this statement comes out shortly after Kate is possibly doing a talk show, plus her book deals, plus the continued contract with TLC. Sorry, but it just sounds like he's finally getting the fact that his wife has a chance to make alot of money for her family and he was going to be left out. Gold digging weasel!

iwhyawli said...

I bet he told Hailey it means "dragging things out like this for 90 days is merely another thinly disguised manifestation of how much I truly despise Kate (and my kids)"

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny they dropped him! His lawyer did. His wife did. See a trend. He's a piece of crap. He deserves to be lonely. I think if he was given a show nobody even watch. Your right he is a loser.

iwhyawli said...

To GWOPPERS "I regret my conduct" probably means "I should have had someone snuff her out."

To an FBI profiler, I bet it means "I'm getting ready to have someone snuff her out so I better started sounding like I can't live without her."

iwhyawli said...

To delusional Julie-the-truth-seeker, it probably means "I should have never written mean things on Julie's blog."

iwhyawli said...

TLC probably reads it as "can I have my job back?"

Anonymous said...

Good grief…he can’t possiably think that Kate would reconcile with him after his public chick cruising and his completely wild behavior plus the constant parade of nannies and other women coming out saying he bedded them. This whole thing is Jon trying to keep his income…without the money …there will be no honey.

hopefully Kate is emotionally unattached to him (as a husband) and can see through this B.S.!

Jon a Little Boy said...

I was hoping they'd remove that idiot from the show! He's a loser and doesn't deserve to be part of it. I have come to realize that he's a spoiled little boy

I just wonder said...

I just wonder what the d-bag is gonna do when he runs out of money.

Ha Ha said...

I wish I could have seen his face when they told him that! Priceless! Lets see how quickly that pot smoking party girl beats it once she finds out he's a broke ass, no job, deadbeat! Lets see him pay for that brand new SUV now! HA HA!

Niki said...

a couple of weeks ago, he said he "despised" Kate. now he wants to stall the divorce! It is quite obvious that he realized he needed the money he was making every time an episode aired. Other than money, what other explanation is there for such a switch in his attitude. I guess he had a bit of fun since the separation and now he wants to stay married.

Anonymous said...


iwhyawli said...

for his slimey lawyer, it means "Christmas came early, kids!!!"

iwhyawli said...

I sure hope Kate continues to remain completely silent on this wacky stuff. Do whatever you'd like to do, Kate, but don't comment publicly on it. I beg you once again. You now have Jon "by the 'nads" as our GWOPPERS friends might put it. It's "checkmate. mate" if you were British or Russian. Or, if you are Inigo Montoya, the line "Hullo, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" comes to mind.

Personally, if I were you, I would now go for the delightfully easy kill (ie., reject the continuance and keep moving forward) but I would do it all without a uttering a single word publically. I'd go for the easy but "silent" kill if you will.

But then, I'm not you, Kate, and I don't know the real story behind any of this. I didn't interpret Jon's public remarks to mean reconcilation, but if its go that route, perhaps at least consider waiting the time period needed to determine whether "his conduct" managed to contract anything incurable.

CafeMom haters are dumber than Jon said...

"I regret my conduct" means, "Now that I have VD and no one will screw me, I've come to realize that a powerful wife, who is hard working and decent is a good idea after all. Then I can go back to sitting on my lazy ass surfing porn on the internet while Nannys watch the kids and Kate brings home the bacon. I guess I really am a dumbass".

Anonymous said...

Jon hired recently his own personal rep to say things like this. I'm sure he is getting paid a small fortune to say what Jon wants him to say. Of course Jon doesn't want to admit that basically he was fired because those women he so desperately needs, sorry but tramps, will run away from him so darn fast his head will spin right off his shoulders if they find out he won't be making the big money. Jon is scared shitless that he might actually have to get a real job but there he sure as heck won't have all the perks he is so used to so he will say or do anything to try and turn it around and that's exactly why he is paying this guy the big bucks to help him do it. Here is a guy who has spouted off the most horrible things about his own children's mother to the whole nation, parades around from one tramp to another, then claims he loves one of them more then he ever loved Kate. Jon you are so screwed and it doesn't matter how many charity events you pretend to participate in like your start last weekend on rebuilding your reputation by appearing at a charity event, none of it will do any good because you said it, you did it and can't take it back. Just acting still like the child you always have been! Hopefully Kate won't be dumb enough to fall for this act and will see his true motives and they certainly aren't his wife and kids. Never was, never will be! Just go away Jon. Just looking at you makes me want to puke. If you didn't have a dime no one would take a second or FIRST look at you. It ain't your looks or your fake charming personality that are bringing in the women, the trips, the celebrities, it's all about the money Jon and you finally realize you may have blown it.

Jon is an ass said...

Jon is the most pitiful human being on the planet. When he made the decision to flaunt his womanizing ways, he thought he was all that; what's happened to him backfired - his reputation is in the dumps, his choices in women leaves cause to the idea that he can't make healthly choices; he's overweight, looks like crap, acts like crap and is basically crap. I don't feel sorry for him at all. Never have, never will. I still admire Kate and her public displays of strength and her ability to maintain in the public eye, something Jon hasn't been able to do. The only women who would even have Jon for a short period of time is the women he's been involved with - sluts, whores and drug addicts. Go away, Jon. Go away.

Kelly said...

Jon, ignored his children and started a new life without them bought a bachelor pad a couple of hours away in NYC. that they couldn't stay at and had no room for the dogs; Introducing the kids to all kinds of women he was boinking and being on his cell phone at all times. Trying to get women to come over when he should have been paying attention to his kids; Saying he 'despised' his kid's mother on the Larry King Show. To a national audience; and many many many other things. You are seriously a douchebag if you believe your own 'knowledge equals power'. You are zero on both counts, you idiot!

Anonymous said...

Whoopi Goldberg, on the view today tore Jon a new ass hole. She aint buying his bull shit story.

Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin: Did he deserve to be fired from "Jon & Kate"?
Yes 69% 398
No 31% 176
Total Votes: 574

Show biz tonight show.

Anonymous said...

cj said...

Kate doesn't have to pay him anything. He told kate to get a lawyer they were going to get a divorce. He left kate and the kids. He is the one who will have to pay Kate. He should have thought about that before he went out W--eing around. LMAO

Anonymous said...

When a snake tells you what he is, believe him, he knows. Don't wait till he bites you and say, damn that was a snake. Jon has shown the world what he is, I don't need Larry King to tell me. he's a snake.

Anonymous said...

TVsnarkie@hAiLeYgLaSsMaN1 Thinking of you during this crap. Let us know you are okay. We believe YOU, not the rags. Peace out!
about 5 hours ago from web in reply to hAiLeYgLaSsMaN1. Hiley must be nuts to trust people that have talked bad about her on they're blogs. And then deleted the bad comments they made about her.

Anonymous said...

Jon Should be a man and take care of his 8 children.He should quit acting like a 17 year old.I am sik of hearing about him.

Anonymous said...

Sharla new chat room.

iwhyawli said...

The idea that someone is tweeting to HaIlEyGlAsSMan1 is really depressing. That's one lonely person, whoever it is.

mkb77 said...

He has someone telling him what to say or what not to say. Let's face it, this tool box didn't have the foresight to get a PR firm or a smart lawyer to tell him to shut his pie hole from the beginning. He was so ready to bolt the marriage and the family that he just couldn't stop his randy behavior. He behaved and continues to behave like a spoiled 16 year old boy with his first boner.

He happily filmed for four years, he happily cashed the checks, put his mug on camera, took trips and let the world see his life. Then all of a sudden he wanted out because he didn't like the invasion. then why are you thinking of doing some single dad show with Michael Lohan? Or what about your France escapade with that skank? All those times that he acted out and it was caught by the cameras should have cued him into the fact that, THAT type of behavior was unacceptable for a grown man AND he was unindated with paparazzi. Whatever. Moron.

So now they pull his fat ass off of the show and he wants to halt the process because his fat income will stop. Yeah, the only thing he regrets is acting too fast, too irrationally and too unemotional.

But I am sure the Gwoptards have all the sympathy for him in the world because after all, he is the modicum of what a father should be..a beacon of light to direct all the wayward dad's in the world. NOT.

Anonymous said...

Sharla's chat rooms are like going back to grade school. You have Sharla who is the "Queen Ant", then her bullies, and then all the followers. Sharla is barely there anymore, she lets the loonies run the asylum. When you go in there as an adult, to try to have a discussion, you find them all in there talking about their aches and pains. Then the bullies start with the interrogation, and then all the followers, swoop in. And when you leave, they all talk and gossip about any personal information that you may have given them,like a bunch of 5th graders. They all sit in there and talk about others behind each others backs. It is so childish.

One of them is a widowed teacher, with adult children, who said she was neutral, and in the beginning was not trusted by the "others". She logs in during the day from school to check to see what is going on. Now in order to be accepted by the others, she has turned into one of them. It is so sad.

Can't these lonely adults find something meaningful and productive to do with their lives?

Funnier said...

What a twit! Apparently, he can't even spell his own name...

Jen D said...

You guy should definitely come play at the new chat. It's funny to read that you were interested having "adult discussion" when all you did was come in acting 12 year olds.

I dare you to publish this. I don't think you have the guts.

iwhyawli said...

Dear JenD,

Thanks for writing. I took your dare. Now what? Do you explode or something? Hopefully?

Best regards,

P.S. Let me know if I'm supposed to know who you are or what you're talking about.

mkb77 said...

Um, JenD I have been to your chatroom and I wasn't even dared. It is boring, childish, and really sad. The people that participate in the hate in there are so jealous that cannot see straight. Half of them are such lard asses that they couldn't find their way out of a chair after they sit down in it and snuggle in for a nice long chat.

Dare someone to come into a chatroom. Oh I am shaking.

Yahoo emailer said...

Iwhy, I can tell you who Jen D is. She is a LisaK follower and people like to call her a bully which pisses her off.

What is the point of daring you to publish her post? Childish.

Anonymous said...

Jen D is a gwopper with cheese with extra everything. She brought down the great Preesi. I have to admire her for that. However, only someone with an even worse personality than Preesi could bring down Preesi.

Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin has struck back. After TLC removed his name from the title of the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Tuesday, the 32-year-old reality TV dad, via his attorney Mark J. Heller, sent the cable network a pair of letters stating all filming and production crews are heretofore banned from his family's Wernersville, Pennsylvania home.

"Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers," his lawyer Mark J. Heller wrote to TLC.

Jon states that both he and Kate both own the property where the show is being shot, that he has joint custody of the kids and that he is able to make decisions about their welfare. The story was first reported by The Insider.

The letters from Jon's attorney to TLC were dated Tuesday, the same day the network announced it was minimizing his role on the show and changing the name to Kate Plus 8.

Jon now says he believes it is not in the best interest of the children's welfare to continue with production of the show.

He also says he found out about the show's name change by reading about it in the press and that he has been in discussion for weeks with the network about pulling the plug on the show.The father-of-eight is currently in Los Angeles for a press tour which starts Thursday, when he will be a guest on Larry King Live.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kate Gosselin is speaking out against her estranged husband: “I’m saddened and confused by Jon’s public media statements. Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on Friday with the kids.”

The 34-year-old reality TV mom continued, “I check in regularly with each of the kids to be sure they want to participate in and continue with the show and will continue to do so. I do the show for my family because I believe it provides us opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have. Jon used to share that belief until as recently as the day the network announced the name change of the show and indicated that Jon would have a lesser role in the show. It appears that Jon’s priority is Jon and his interests. My priority remains our children and their well being.”

gwopper followers said...

Girl bullies are usually in groups with one as its leader, the leader usually attracting the weaker, insecure girls to her posse.

childish followers said...

Girls bully so it appears they are cool and won't be bullied themselves. Insecurity causes girls to strike out at others and they'll choose someone who often they feel needs to be brought down to the level they feel they are on even if it appears they are not insecure.

Anonymous said...

I love it. TLC is having a fit that Jon is doing an interview with Larry King tonight. They said he is still under contract with them, so now TLC will have their lawyer on the second half of the show to discredit anything that Jon lies about! This might be good to watch after all.

Haha Jon said...

A source tells that CNN has worked out an agreement that will allow Jon to appear on Larry King Live Thursday night while an attorney for Kate Gosselin will be on the second half of the program to respond.

Anonymous said...

Funny how all of these people get these sudden epiphanies when the money stops rolling in. It's kind of like they suddenly realize that "this isn't such a great gig if you're not getting paid."

He is pathetic. Sudden epiphany. My ass.

Yahoo emailer said...

Just as an FYI - I made entering the chatzy room blocked. Jen D and Lisa K are morons and I'm tired of giving them space to act like it.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo emailer said...
Just as an FYI - I made entering the chatzy room blocked. Jen D and Lisa K are morons and I'm tired of giving them space to act like it.

October 1, 2009 8:18 PM
Good I cant stand Lisa K or Jen D. Lisa K,trys to bully people to think like her. She would be a good cult leader.

Anonymous said...

To Yahoo Emailer,

I know that the haters are annoying and I am so busy, so I do not have a ton of time to go in there, but is the room closed now, or is it password protected?

Yahoo emailer said...

It's password protected. I'm not giving out the password because there isn't a way to do that without posting it for everyone to see.

itwasme said...

Iwhy, I've been reading and posting here for a long time, and now that I have an issue and no place else to discuss it, you won't even post my comments? Can't have it looking like your people are turning against eachother, huh?

You're just as bad as they are, so I won't be back. The princesses are WAY funnier anyway.

iwhyawli said...

Dear "itwasme"

It's probably for the best as I have no idea what you're talking about. I probably also had no idea what you were talking about in whatever post I allegedly deleted, which is why I deleted it if I deleted it. I agree tho. The princesses are way funnier than me. They'll probably let you discuss whatever it is you want to discuss. Or, you could get your own blog.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

gwopper math

chloe = lisa k
itwasme = jen d
preesi = jen d's bitch

Preesi Without Pity said...

Dear Preesi:

Jen D rode you like Jon Gosselin rode the nanny ... hard and dirty.

Yahoo emailer said...

I think Iwhy allows differing opinions.

I think Jon is a tool and I think Kate is playing this situation in her favor. I think Jon is doing all this now because if he can't profit, no one can. And I don't really believe Kate's lawyer when he says that Kate has tried to be in contact with Jon and he's the one refusing. I'm sure Kate tells Jon to go F himself.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo emailer said...
It's password protected. I'm not giving out the password because there isn't a way to do that without posting it for everyone to see.

October 2, 2009 7:30 AM
That's too bad...I did not get in there often but i did have words with some of the haters...but there really is no way to know who is a "hater" and who is a "supporter". Good try anyway.

Jen D said...

Here are some facts:

Before 2 days ago I never heard of this site or any of you on it.

Last night was the first time I ever heard of LisaK.

When I post anywhere I use my name. I do not hide.

I don't know who "itwasme" is or what that refers to.

All I did to Preesi was to have a conversation using logic and called her on her crap.

I came to this site and find comments and (false) speculations about me. I own whatever I do. I don't EVER hide behind fake screen names. I see you guys have decided that I am a "bully" and that is actually amusing to me. I don't put up with nonsense. If someone wants to come into chat to start trouble they are going to find out fast that it doesn't fly.

The rumor is that some of you here have gone into our chat with fake screen names. That's a coward thing to do. Why not just be adults. Stand by your opinions. If you want to express it then OWN IT. If you go into a chat room with people that you KNOW don't agree with you then I must assume you are looking to argue. RIGHT?

Last thing. From what I have gathered you guys have an issue with GWOP and say that they pick on other people. Isn't that the same thing you all did to ME? I am not upset about it (flattered really) but it seems ironic.

IWhy...I am asking you to please publish this. I would like to be heard on your forum. It's your decision as the owner of this blog.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I've ever noticed you over anyone else JenD. With all the idiotic names like LisaK (and the, Preesi, Presi, DD etc. I just lump all the haters into one category as "totally fricken lunatic nutcases who hate" and figure you are all the same person socking anyway.

And who am I? Just call me Anonymous, LMAO!

Jen D said...

Dear Jen D:

Confusing isn't it? I'm posting as 'Jen D' too. See how that whole fake name thing works? Anybody can say they're anybody at anytime. Except, I'm not really "Jen D", I'm iwhyawli who is posting this. I just happened to type the letters J-E-N-D in the little box that says "Name/URL" when you post a comment. I'll confirm my iwhyawli identity in follow-up post.

I don't know who you mean by "you guys" and um, neither do you. So when chatting, perhaps it's best to assess and respond to only the comments being made and not speculate as to the alleged commentors.

It's still early in your young teen-age life so you have plenty of time to remedy things, but as it stands now, I would discourage you from careers that require any degree of logic thought, trust and large financial risk.

Have fun at Homecoming tonite, if you were invited.

~ iwhyawli

iwhyawli said...

Certificate of Authenticity

That above comment to Jen D by "Jen D" was left by iwhyawli.

Jen D said...

Dr. IWhy,

First, thank you for posting my comment. I appreciate you allowing me to have a chance to speak on your blog. I am sure you know how frustrating it is when you can't get a comment through on some blogs.

I am under the impression that you are the moderator here since you are the blog owner. If you are moderating your own comments then you must be aware that SOME (not all) of the comments here are speaking about me. Since you are allowing these comments to be published then I must assume that you are condoning that type of behavior on your blog. (that is a logical conclusion- no?)

My comments in my earlier post were directed at the few people who felt the need to talk about me here. I did not mean to imply that you personally were one of those people. I apologize for the "you guys" approach.

I won't bother you with more comments but I sincerely appreciate you posting my reply.

iwhyawli said...

Thanks in advance for not bothering me with more comments because clearly you're an idiot.

Choosing to post any comment here is not an endorsement of anything. It usually means I understood the context of the comment (which I frequently don't), it's a topic I'm interested to learn more about, I didn't find the comment to be unnecessarily vulgar, and\or the comment isn't completely unsubstantiated crap about Jon, Kate or their kids.

Last but not least and you already would know this except your a "newcomer" to this blog (snicker). In my case, most of the comments posted or deleted here are entirely accidental.

A suggestion for you, Jen D? Lighten up.

Anonymous said...

I hate when the haters come here. They would never let us comment on they're blogs. I dont even know where this Jen D comes from ?

Yahoo Emailer said...

Jen D,
You say you don't know LisaK, yet you chat with her daily on the Gosselin chatzy board. How do you explain this? I know this to be fact because LisaK has come to our chatzy room and left nasty comments. She's been called out for it with posting her partial IP and also her email address. She then goes over to her chatzy room and reports back and I've seen the two of you chat.

Plz explain or just shut the heck up.

Anonymous said...

Jen D: I can argue my way into anything

Jen D: bad trait

Jen D: I had a few exchanges with Iwhy today

Roberta: in chat or on blog

Jen D: she is truly out of her tree....not sure if she ever had a tree

Jen D: in her blog

Roberta: she let you post?

Roberta: well let it stay up anyway

Roberta: amazes me how people can not see the truth in front of them

Jen D: wow...I posted a really nice and respectful reply to her and she called me an idiot

Roberta: need to go take the pups for a walk.. bbl

Jen D: I just read her reply

Jen D:

Jen D: and she said that *I* need to lighten up

Roberta: I will have to read it when I get back.. hope he leaves it up

Roberta: lol

Jen D: is it a HE

Jen D: this is what this person said: Last but not least and you already would know this except your a "newcomer" to this blog (snicker). In my case, most of the comments posted or deleted here are entirely accidental.

Jen D: I am scratching my head at that

MamaCat: Huh?

MamaCat: Too much partying for her last night?

Judi in NH from x.x.x.12 joined the chat 13 minutes ago

Jen D: HI Mama

Jen D: are you in here?

Jen D: I had a few exchanges with IWhy...did you read that? crazy individual...I was VERY nice

The looneytunes never cease said...

Anonymous said...
I hate when the haters come here. They would never let us comment on they're blogs. I dont even know where this Jen D comes from ?

October 3, 2009 8:44 AM

I don't know where this JenD came from either, but I'll admit I get a laugh when the come over here and post, all indignant about whatever it is they perceive is being done to them, lol. Like anyone here bothers or gives a crap. THEY are the jokes to me, (more than even but I guess they still don't get it.

Sharla is a Mess said...

I don't know who Jen D is, but MamaCat is Sharla/Peri/Harriet/Lameo from other Gosselin blogs.

Anonymous said...

MamaCat is Sharla.

Anonymous said...

LOL. What a bunch of idiots.