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We can all agree there's not much to write about these days that pertains to the Gosselins. Either Jon has suffered a debilitating stroke or he's finally taking iwhyawli's advice to reign it in. And by "it", I mean his cocktail weenie.

So given this new "hiatus", I've stopped in at GWOP to see how the child advocates at GWOP choose to fill the gap.

Do they choose to write about that creepy couple who kidnapped Jaycee?


Jon Phillips ?


Gosh, after posting their grief for Michael Jackson some weeks ago, I would have bet my lunch that someone would have already weighed in on the horribly unfair treatment of Roman Polanski, the greatest movie director of all time. Why this guy's mug isn't already carved into Mount GWOPmore up there next to Aunt Jodi, I surely do not know. Maybe it's because it was only a sliver of a quaalude that he gave the girl. Or, as Anjelica Houston said so eloquently put it, she "appeared to be one of those kind of little chicks between -- could be any age up to 25. She did not look like a 13-year-old scared little thing."

Yeah I realize I'm nitpicking and all that, Anjelica. But I wouldn't want Roman Polanski (or you) slipping my daughter a quaalude at any age. If you wouldn't mind, limit that sort of stuff to your own bloodstream, m'kay? Oh sure, Anjelica, I realize it's always much easier to fuck someone else but seriously, try fucking yourself just once.

Is Anjelica Houston related to Whoopi Goldberg ?

I digress.

Seems like I'm forgetting one of this month's major stories regarding child exploitation, and if I am, it's probably because GWOP refuses to utter the words 'child exploitation' unless it pertains something like the storage of cooking wines in Jon and Kate's kitchen.

Some of the most surreal writing at GWOP are the posts that somehow manage to tie Jon & Kate to each and every single world event for the last two years. Every event EXCEPT events pertaining to *real* child exploitation, that is.

[andy rooney] Why is that? [andy rooney]


Anonymous said...

Whoopi Goldberg needs to stick to movies. Period. She's awful on The View, and Joy Behar is'nt much better.
I wonder if the GWOPPERS are going to go after the Duggars for renewing their wedding vows, complete with a free wedding dress from Kleinfeld's (Say Yes To The Dress)? Probably not. There's no Michelle Duggar hate and envy. Not much to knit-pick on that show, huh?

planey_janey said...

I remain convinced that there is a cadre of about 10 people who get posts through the moderating at that site, and they all are either mods or friends of mods.

The verbiage and vitriol is evidence enough--same little red wagon, different day. Hooker heels? Check. Whorish clothes? Check. Insinuations of alcoholic substances in any cup or bottle? Check I'm surprised an allegation like, "Just how many sqaure Fiji bottles of water can someone drink? I'll bet she keeps the same bottle and fills it with another clear liquid, if you know what I mean..." hasn't been levied yet.

It does not stand to reason that there are hundreds of women (and a few supposed men) who devote their time to analyzing Kate -- under the auspice of child advocacy -- and who use the same syntax or sentence structure, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.

It's just not possible, is it? It has to be a "babysitter's club for adults" of only a few, right?