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Jon Gosselin on Larry King

I wanted to reach through the TV Screen tonite and punch Jon's bloated face. And I would have done it were it not for fear of cutting my hand on the fake diamond earrings.

What a complete pig.

Now I'm no rocket scientist and I certainly don't know anything about divorcing, but here's a wild guess. A possibly more effective way to smooth things over with your soon-to-be ex-wife might be to refrain from mentioning the love and devotion to your girlfriend. Call me crazy.

The whole motorcycle thing? Hilarious. "I don't care about the motorcycle" but just in case TLC might give it to me, hey, why not ask for it ? In writing. From my lawyer. But I didn't care about it.

No surprise there. Mark Heller epitomizes the sleezeball lawyer. Cheap polyester suit, 1970's tie, greasy uncombed hair ... yep, the whole package. I could almost see the flies buzzing about his head. The brother of Jon's "manager." Yeah, no publicity agenda there that I can see. (eyeroll).

I suggest Mark Heller get back to his musty, unkempt office and check his mail. There appears to be a letter from the arbitrator and God knows who else that's been overlooked. Did he think Kate's co-counsel was lying about the arbitrator's decision? Was Heller not knowing about the arbitrator's decision relevant to anything? It must have been. (eyeroll). He said he didn't know anything about the arbitrator's decision at least three times. No worries, Mark. We're all sure you're completely plugged into this case.

Meanwhile, Hailey sits at home --- icing her new boobs while listening to her first love not deny all his sexual relationships with other women. Ha ha ha ! The word evasive comes to mind. Why do I think that there at least one "stained blue dress"out there just waiting to contradict Jon's unequivocal denial.

If I had to guess--neither Kate or TLC care whether the show continues. The ratings are dropping. Heck, TLC may have been hoping for an easy way to halt production without having to breach the contract themselves. They play Jon like a violin. Both Kate and TLC clearly seem well on their way to new and bigger things. If Kate can earn money for herself and the kids in a way that doesn't require the kids to be on TV, who wouldn't go that route? That's not an admission that the show is harmful. It's just easier all around. Unfortunately, Jon is incapable of supporting his family of 8 and so a mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do.

Speaking of supporting his family. Jon will never work on TV again. No network will hire that crybaby. Yep, I'm afraid it's back to the Help Desk for you, Jon. A fate I wouldn't wish on anyone.


Anonymous said...

Was Kate's Attorney great with pointing out the number of Jon's "Epiphanies". What amazes me is that Jon is not even embarrassed to go on National TV once again and act like a total Ass. If I was him, I would be hiding in a hole. His kids will not need therapy because of the show, but they will need therapy because of him. When they get older they are going to be mortified with the way he has acted over the past 10 months. I keep asking myself, how much lower can he go. He has absolutely no integrity. It was great to see that Larry King was prepared with all of the past "sound bites" and Jon and his lawyer looked like total sleazes. It would be great to know if the arbitrator's decision is sitting on Heller's desk. Jon picked himself a real live one. Kate comes out on top, once again.

Jon needs to lay off the cocktails said...

What I'm LMAO over is his "I had an epiphany and looked in the mirror and couldnt go on this way". Uh, dumbass, you were just fine with it until you were fired.

Anonymous said...

Jon, You are making statements about the children needing to be taken off the show because they are being exploited – but you were just filming 6 days ago, and making public interviews that the kids were fine – no exploitation as of a month ago??? Also – if you start the new show with Lohan – Divorced Dads Club, I am assuming your children will be mentioned, photographed, etc – wouldn’t this be assumed they would be “exploited” for your new show? There has been mention of you wanting to put your divorce on hold and trying to work things out with Kate – after you have 1) had numerous public relationships with other women 2) stated in public you never loved your wife like you have Haley -for all to hear including your children 3) stated in public how much you dispise your wife and can’t stand her -again for your children to hear at some point. All this in a matter of how many months since divorce was filed and still is not finished? Even if this is only to work out a more better relationship with Kate on a parenting level before the divorce is finalized, you have ALOT of apologizing and explaining to do. This is in a sense of holding Kate hostage from finalizing your divorce so you can get out of your contracts with TLC and get your way – correct ???? It looks like you are exploiting your own children for your interests….

Anonymous said...

Jon's a moron. He couldn't even defend himself and be a "man" like he repeatedly claims. Why do you have to have you lawyer there Jonny Boy? He is stupid. Just keep your mouth quiet you are making yourself look worse and worse.

Ever heard the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all"? I think a new one is befitting for you Jon. "If you don't have anything smart to say, don't say it all".

You CANNOT cry and moan about your childrens well being when you have SIGNED A CONTRACT and have been on the show for YEARS without having an issue with it. BUT the day AFTER it's announced you are being dropped from the show like a hot potato it's a problem?

NO ONE with two brain cells to rub together will believe you. You aren't believable! What lawyer or judge on EARTH will believe your motivations are purely based on your concern for you children?

Who in their right mind will believe you really care about your children when you wait until the day after you hear you aren't wanted or needed anymore?

Right because your gravy trains is just about to stop! Once the divorce is final Kate's money that SHE earns will be HERS! So that's why you want to "delay" the divorce and halt the show. If you are madly in love with Hailey and "despise" Kate why not get it ocer with? You idiot. Because it's all about the money for you and your selfish ass!

No one believes you. You don't care about the money? Well go work to raise your eight children and have the judge take half for your children who you care so much about. Lets see if Hailey and the other skanks will stay around then.

Oh yeah and repeatedly saying you made "mistakes" doesn't excuse the facts of your deplorable, childish, selfish behavior. YOU being caught with that skank started this whole tabloid mess. But yet again it's Kate's fault. A real man owns up to his actions. But yet again you aren't a man, little boy.

Anonymous said...

I also think that it can't help his efforts at supposed reconciliation when he mentions that he "spoke with Jodi today."

What an ass.

Anonymous said...

And didn't he really make Kate's point that all along and especially recently he behaved like a child when he admits:

"I need to grow up and be a man."

Stop talking.

Anonymous said...

Kids no worky
Jon no porky
Kate no dorky

Kids gets edu um cated
Dad gets cas stra tated
Mom gets medi kate ed

TLC goes unplugged
Gwopper sisterhood goes tribal
Baby Moma goes preggers

What's My Name? said...

Jon and his lawyer not seeming to understand that the arbitrator was only appointed for the money portion of the settlement and that anything having to do with custody and the welfare of the kids has to be taken to court.
So their whole spiel about wanting the kids off TV needs to be settled in a courtroom and not by the arbitrator. Dumb and dumber! Did you really think that you were swaying public opinion?

Jon, call Jenny Craig said...

Yeah, the whole time it was like he was tring to convince himself when he was saying he needs to "grow up and be a man". Uh yeah Jon, and shut your trap too. People actually liked you until you opened your pie hole.

What's My Name? said...

Word is that Hailey's had enough.

Anonymous said...

"stained blue dress"
I love it! Good one, iwhyawli!

This made-for-TV scandal is even better than Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this make at least job #3 that he's gotten fired from?

Anonymous said...

In the "Court of Public Opinion" Jon and his shyster attorney looked like dumb f***s.

I hope Jon gets buried by the TLC legal team.

I hope Jon gets sued for breach of contract.

How are you going to afford all those legal fees Jon?

It Will Happen said...

Iwhy's celebrity scum pool for Jon.

It did happen! - How did Jon hook up w/Joe Francis?

Points please - can't wait until Mickey Rourke beats the shit out of Jon. :)


It Will Happen said...

Heidi Fleiss

Mickey Rourke - he ends up beating the shit out of Jon when Jon tries to talk bikes.

Joe Francis – producer of Girls Gone Wild

Jason Mesnick - The Bachelor

Bruce Jenner
July 23, 2009 6:50 AM

Anonymous said... Kate's Attorney speaks out.

Anonymous said...

What's My Name? said So their whole spiel about wanting the kids off TV needs to be settled in a courtroom and not by the arbitrator. Dumb and dumber! Did you really think that you were swaying public opinion?

Your statement shows that you are misinformed regarding the situation, not Jon or his attorney.

There is already a custody agreement in place that gives both Jon and Kate joint custody. That means it requires both parents must agree to allow the minor children to work (plus a PA employment certificate, aka working papers, for each child).

If Kate wishes the children to continue to work, then it is SHE that must either convince Jon to agree or take the case to an arbitrator. Jon doesn't have to do anything else to prevent the children from continuing to work.

Darla said...

Jon needs to lay off the cocktails said...
What I'm LMAO over is his "I had an epiphany and looked in the mirror and couldnt go on this way". Uh, dumbass, you were just fine with it until you were fired.

October 1, 2009 8:48 PM

Exactly! And Jon, Jodi and her camp do NOT have the best interest of your kids at heart.

I think Jon is probably the world's wimpiest ass person I've seen. I can't use the word "man" because he can never be one.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that no one has brought up the fact that the two most-high profiled clients that
Jon's attorney has represented
are "Son of Sam" and a high profile
NYC madam.....

Sherry said...

I can't help but think that the Glassmans meddled their way into the life of the Gosselins. Sure, they got the free tummy tuck and for that the mention on the show, but Mommy Glassman wanted to do more with this family than just befriend Kate. She turned Kate's husband against her. I believe there is more to this Glassman involvement than we all think.