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"I have a very strong faith"

"I have a very strong faith, and I truly believe that God's timing is perfect."

-- Julie Kamauf Brown Daugherty

These are words written by Julie in her October 3rd blog post. She's elaborating on a cryptic, one-line post made earlier in the week : "Timing is everything!" In a nutshell, Julie's rejoicing that things continue to go from bad to worse in the Gosselin family. Which reminds me, will someone go fetch those two posts for me before she deletes them?

Julie may have a very strong faith, but in who or what exactly I'm not sure. The God I hear everyone talk about not only doesn't delight in the destruction of a family, he doesn't plot with blogs and tabloid media to cause it.

Julie may have a very strong faith, and God's timing may be perfect and all that, but apparently her faith isn't strong enough nor God's timing fast enough to keep her from meddling. I'm embarassed that I don't know this, but exactly which section of the Bible tells us to make an internet video and whisper "cheater" in reference to a child's mother? That must be in Doo-Doo-ronomy -- a section which didn't make it into the King James version.

"I’m not going to question the timing of Jon’s decision or even his motives", she writes. She really means "I'm conveniently not going to question the timing of Jon's decision or even his motives FOR NOW because it currently appears that revenge is finally mine. I will, however, continue to question the motives and timing of Kate's decisions. And if Jon should have another epiphany that proves contrary to what I think should be happening in their family, he'll be right back on the shit list too."

In case you're uncertain whether Julie just likes to hear herself write, take a moment to read through this next piece of meaningless dogshit. Warning: it's so bad you may have to use your lips and follow up with a bong hit in order to understand it.

"It's easier to see things from a different perspective looking from the outside in. Sometimes it takes getting away from the situation to realize how bad things really have become. Please remember that Jon and Kate are just ordinary people with no experience in the entertainment industry. I firmly believe that TLC took advantage of that innocence, and although it's easy to say what should have been done, when and how, sometimes things aren’t as simple as they may appear. On the other hand, something that may seem to be so complicated and hopeless may actually be very simple after all."

Getting away from the situation? Har! I'm here to tell you that our beloved truth-seeker has been following every last second of this mess. That last line easily refers to Julie's own transparency in this matter. Refer to her deleted blog posts for additional information. They're floating around here somewhere. Also be certain to take a look at Jodi and Kevin's recent lump-sum mortgage payments followin g their radaronline interviews. That's posted here too.

If I had three wishes, one might definitely be to have all the people who meddled in Julie's divorce step forward and send me the links to their truth-seeker blogs? What's that, you say? What do you mean no one created a blog in search of the truth about Julie's family and failed marriage? How come? Don't give me that "golden rule" crap. That 'golden rule' crap is for people of strong faith.


Be strong Kate said...

Out of all the low lifes, who are in the world of Jon and Kate, the lowest and scumiest award has to go to Julie and Jodi. Their poison is contagious and the sad part is that they use both children and religion as a basis for their hatred.

I have very strong faith too, strong enough faith to believe that Julie and Jodi will surely get whats coming to them. And I am probably even more patient than they are.

Anonymous said...

I sent the copies of the posts to you. Did you get them?

Anonymous said...

Julie and Kevin will go back on tv sooner or later to attack Jon boy. For cleaning out the bank account.

Anonymous said...

jodi and kevin seem jealous to me. they were find with everything before the brak up of jon and kate. then they came of the woodwork like rats out to get ur own sister maybe jealousy did it shes got money they dont. just leave Kate alone and worry about yourselves jealousy isnt healthy …..get a life all of you

iwhyawli said...


Yes, I have them. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have always said Jodi was pathetic. Sniveling little weasels. Sold the family out for 20k and after taxes whats left, it laughable.
Kate is laughing at Jodi. All that free publicity and now Jon looks like a lazy cheating chump! Jodi a whiny pathetic attention seeker with a sick and twisted sister who blogs “for privacy for the children” all the while telling family secrets.

Anonymous said...

Why would Kevin and Jodi go public with their concerns if their real focus is the children? Why would they play this drama out publically? If they are really concerned for their nieces and nephews, they would do their best to keep their family drama private. Kevin and Jodi are making thousands of dollars for doing these interviews. For them, it is also about the “ratings”. If you are really concerned, Kevin and Jodi, would you be talking about your nieces and nephews on public television while making cash. Think about it?

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jody’s motives are clearly tainted with sin and not at all good. There are a million ways to try to ‘get through’ to her ‘beloved’ sister-in-law Kate. Selling a story to Star, a tabloid known for it’s lack of integrity even for secular standards is simply not what a loving godly sister would do. I can understand on a human level why Kevin and Jody would be offended and jealous that they won’t see any part of the money that Kate allegedly blocked the contract to. But, Jody’s is spreading rumors(not fact with proof) and slandering character in public in a manner considered dirty even in politics.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Jodi are HYPOCRITES. They are getting PAID to speak to the tabloids and various other media outlets, as well as trying to sell their side of the story for $30,000. Yep, $30,000… They are willing to sell out their own family and exploit the situation for cash. They couldn’t care less about the Gosselin children. And apparently, they didn’t mind the show when THEY were on it. Back then, they never mentioned “exploitation”. Funny how they’ve changed their minds so quickly now that they’re no longer on the show. It’s all a money scam and hopefully people can see through their act. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

think that Jodi and Kevin need to back off the exploitation thing since there are so many reality shows with kids ….like the Dugger’s with 18 kids (if that’s not exploiting kids I don’t know what is!) and what about the Little people and table for 12…..give me a break!
Maybe Jodi and Kevin should lobby for changes in the laws to protect kids rather than do an interview for $30,000. and stab a family member in the back ….the kids may not remember that but I’m sure when they find out, they will be hurt and crushed that their beloved Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin would do that to their parents.
I’ve watched the Jon & Kate show from the beginning and if I were in their situation, I would’ve done the same thing as far as the money goes ….with the sextuplets having some health issues and then there’s college to save for …you bet I would ….take all the cash you can get for the kids. They have both stated several times that they do it all for the kids and I know I would too. So if Kate gets a tummy tuck and Jon gets Hair implants …those are the perks of being on a show that is watched by many ….the beauty of television is that if you can’t stand to watch them exploit their children …you can change the channel.

Anonymous said...

These two twits are so transparent! They are so bitter and are the biggest haters I have ever seen. Kevin – shut your hag wife up. I can’t beleive you would stand by anyone that spews so much jealousy and spite. Jodi is so jealous of Kate and their fortune, you can read it all over her naggy face. She is not innocent, far from it. If they were getting paid like they wanted to they would not have any problem. Kate was on the money when she did not allow them to receive any money, she in fact knew what these two were all about.

Anonymous said...

i think aunt jodie is jealous she is not the main star is this show
shame on you jodie shame shame shame jodie didnt mind going on free trip with john and kate.

Anonymous said...

Jodi is a shit talker! JEALOUS!! If Jodi loves her nieces and nephew she would stop all this talking bad about her in laws. Jodi is the one starting the rumors and instigating all people to turn against Kate and Jon plus the eight children.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jodi and Jule are just great, aren't they? What a bunch of low life sellouts.

Anonymous said...

find it so ironic that Kevin and Jodi are whining about how Kate is somehow damaging the kids. What the hell are you doing by selling out their parents to STAR magazine? Do you think 8 year old’s can’t read, and won’t recognize your faces on the cover at the grocery store? Right or wrong, kids do NOT appreciate it when you talk smack about their parents. If Kevin and Jodi really loved those children they’d refuse interviews or tell Star to back off for the sake of the kids. And isn’t it also ironic that Kevin and Jodi had no problem with the show until they found out they couldn’t make money off the Gosselin kids, too? They never seemed to have any problem with their own kids appearing on the show before this feud with Kate started. This is not about concern for Jon and Kate’s kids- it’s purely about money. Kevin and Jodi were told they couldn’t get paid for being on the show, so they shrunk off into the darkness like the trolls they are, and as soon as Star magazine came around waving cash suddenly there they were with open mouths and hands, hopping back on-board the gravy train. And this is just the one time we know about. I’m fairly certain they’re the un-named sources trashing Kate in every interview. You know, the “neighbors” who always have so much insight into Jon and Kate’s marriage. Puh-lease. I’m sure all of those interviews were paid, too. Anything for that almighty dollar, right Jodi? As long as nobody knows it’s you adding fuel to this fire, it’s okay that you’re making money off the Gosselin kids, too. And you’re nothing at all like Jon and Kate- what you’re doing is “saving” them, right? All that finger pointing and name calling- that’s for “the children.”

And don’t even get me started on Jodi’s disgusting sister. “Truth Breeds Hatred”? Really? She’s just another so-called Christian quoting the bible and spewing her self righteous bile on anyone who will listen. I hate to break it to all these ignorant fools, but these kids are not going to grow up and somehow be grateful that people “cared” enough to sell their family’s darkest moments to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Jodi's sister is NOT Kate's family. I am SICKENED by the “family” interference and talking to media.

And now seeing Jon out and about … well, doesn't that just about say it all?

You “family” and not family types are making it WORSE for the kids you claim to be so concerned about. GO TO A THERAPIST and work out your own issues.

Anonymous said...

Horrific family they have. I don't care if you like them or not, but this "Aunt" (what a freakin' Aunt) Jodie and her ilk are disgusting! Selling the story to the tabloids and they think they have a right to judge others?! I don't blame her for being "hard", with family like this, who needs enemies?! I would cut them out of my life as well.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jodi, didn't mind when the camera's were in her house.

Jodi sucks said...

I am absolutely in shock about Jodi. Her husband obviously does not have a mind of his own... he has to look at Jodi before he can finish one sentence. I sense MONEY HUNGRY family members here. I think Jodi is jealous and therefore wants to make life harder for John and Kate. She is not helping her neices and nephews, she is only making it more difficult for them. She needs to be supportive of her husband's family and stop slandering them and bringing them further into the spotlight. I am absolutely disgusted by her behavior. She might as well go on TV and say, I am here to make money and I'll make my husband say whatever I want him to unless John and Kate give me some of thier earning. !! Jodi is gross.

Anonymous said...

Blaming TLC?! 1. who the hell is Julie to these people? Sister-in-law's sister, please.
2. Congrats to Jodi for paying off the mortgage by selling out the family.

Andi said...

I can't stand it when Jodi or Julie are referred to as Kate's sister. Kate has three actual sisters. I don't know the current relationship she has with each one (Kevin and Jodi put a lot of strain on all the relationships with selling Kate out), BUT Chris was at the Ohio women's show with Kate and Kate wore the earrings she made when she co-hosted on "The View." It appears they have a supportive relationship. Good for Chris. And she didn't even have to start a blog to support her sister, imagine that!