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Who is he talking about?

According to, Jon's new lawyer had this to say earlier this week regarding the most recent ridiculous fest that is 'babysittergate'

"The content of the story is shocking ... The tabloids don't need a stimulus package from President Obama," Jon Gosselin's new lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said Wednesday. "They simply need to find a storyteller each week who is out of work and can greatly benefit by being the recipient of $100,000-plus for a hot story concerning Jon Gosselin, which, for the most part, is sensational regardless of whether or not it is verifiable or true."

He's presumably talking about this Stephanie woman's mother, but um, the same can be said for Hailey Glassman. She's a storyteller. She's out of Work. She 'greatly benefits by being the recipient of $100,000-plus for a hot story'.

Is that any way to talk about your client's soulmate, Mark Jay?

I'm not sure how much longer I can stand to give Jon advice that he ignores, but if your brand new lawer is quoted saying "regardless of whether or not" or "benefits by being", get another new lawyer.

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juju said...

At least he didn't say "irregardless".