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Oh, this is a perfectly lovely sentiment

What in the heck is taking so long to crown Hailey Glassman as America's next Jackie- O? Could Hailey be any more lovely ? More polished? I think not.

"When the truth finally comes out, the public owes Jon and I a HUGE apology, until then keep hating n being blinded, Bunch of Helen Keller's."

It goes without saying, but perhaps someone will kindly point Hailey in the direction of a history book.

Don't bet your job ... oh wait... I mean don't lose any sleep waiting for that apology, darlin'


What's My Name? said...

OMG that is disgusting. She needs to SHUT UP!

Annie Sullivan said...

Hailey called me a Helen Keller?

She was a strong, talented woman who overcame incredible disabilities to earn her living by writing books and doing speaking engaements. Sound like anyone else you know, Hailey? Helen Keller did more that tweet and despite being deaf and blind, could hold down a job. That's more than I can say for Hailey or her soulmate.

mdew said...

So if I'm the judge, I'm thinking I should limit the amount of time those kids can spend around her.

Anonymous said...

She is really showing her age and immaturity right now.

He's a womanizer. I could almost see her siding with Jon in the Kate Major thing. I wouldn't have believed him because Kate 2.0 quit her job and spent a week in the Hamptoms with him.

But what the heck. We all make mistakes and believe guys who we find out later were cheats.

But this?

You've got a second woman saying that she and Jon slept together and Hailey refuses to believe it? She's in denial.

And the apology?

The world does not owe Jon Gosselin anything. Not an apology. Not anything.

I feel sorry for Haleys parents said...

I guess the moral of this story is:

"One mans trash is another mans treasure."

Anonymous said...

what do y'all think of that gwopper chatroom?

I think a thread should be devoted to it.

Anonymous said...


we need a chat room of our own. please! please! please!

In celebration of over 10,000 hits we need one.

Laurie said...

I feel sorry for Haleys parents said...
I guess the moral of this story is:

"One mans trash is another mans treasure."

September 18, 2009 8:02 AM

That quote says it all. When Hailey grows up, she's going to realize what a jerk Jon was/is. What man abadons his family for a 22 year old?

To Hailey's mother: Is this what your wanting a "yearly girl's day" meant? To hook up your daughter with a mother of 8's husband? Shame on you Mrs. Glassman. You're just as bad as your daughter.

dobedobedooo said...

what chatroom?

chatzy setup said...

Until Iwhy creates a chat room that he/she controls, we can chat here:

Agent 99 said...

LOL @ the moral of the story!

LR said...

Am I losin' it? Didn't Hailey have a tweet up last weekend claiming that she never met the kids while she was in PA w/the douchebag? She also referred to Kate as "Katezilla" in the tweet. I don't see it up anymore.

Anonymous said...

Until Iwhy creates a chat room that he/she controls, we can chat here:

You should delete the above post....the haters set this up and they are talking in it and you cannot clear the room...We would not want unsuspecting people to go in there while they are in control.

Anonymous said...

new chat room.

iwhyawli said...

the advice offered by anon@6:46am is very good advice. There are currently no iwhyawli-sponsored chat rooms. If you visit any of the chat rooms posted here by others, enjoy yourselves but do know that I've nothing to do with them and have no plans to visit them.

Anonymous chatzy said...

Just to clarify, the gwop without pity chatzy room was not created by a hater. I'm a middle of the road gal. I wasn't allowing the room to be cleared because I thought the haters would use it as a weapon to subdue the real conversations. I updated the room so that the chat can be cleared. If it's a problem w/ trolls messing with it, let me know and I'll change it back.

Anonymous said...

Good try...but the room was created by a "group of haters" and its just more of the "same, same, same..." Its just a snoozefest...ZZZZZZ