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If it's true that the German Shepards must go back to the breeder, the iwhyawli household will be more than happy to adopt them.

We love doggies, especially shepards. Especially gorgeous shepards. Especially gorgeous brother and sister shepards who are sweet and used to being around kids. As long as they will not (or will learn not to) eat our kitty cat, our loving home awaits.

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Anonymous said...

Jon was clueless and lazy when it came to caring for the dogs. The female swallowed one of the kid’s toys and had surgery when she was only a few months old. Despite being told by the vet to keep her quiet, Jon immediately put her outside with the male who was playing very rough.

Jons a dumbass said...

Jon is just a dumbass in general. I doubt the man has made a fully thought out choice or decision in his life. It's all about how he "feels". Loser.

Thank God those kids have a mother who can keep her head together. And I hope the judge who settles their divorce can see that. Jon should not have custodial rights other than the occasional supervised visit. He's just too stupid to be left alone with them.

Anonymous said...

Jon gave away the dogs so he could create a situation where Kate looks bad in front of her kids and the public.

Hmmm. Who called the paps? Jon did ofcourse.