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Is Today the Big Day?

If I remember correctly, Kate will be co-hosting The View sometime this week, possibly today and tomorrow. I'd ask what network and what time but I can't watch. Gotta work so that I can pay for the GWOPPERS' healthcare. Perhaps there will be a re-broadcast somewhere.

Fair is fair. If Jon is co-hosting a major, award-winning daytime TV show any time soon (even one as insipid as The View), let me know and I'll be glad to announce that too.

Jon? You gonna be on anything soon ? COPS? Policewoman of Broward County? Cheaters?
Mudwrestling with Tanya Harding?

Good luck today, Kate Irene.


Agent 99 said...

Yes, Iwhy today and tomorrow are Kate's big day's on The View.

I never watch The View, but today and tomorrow I'm making an exception to see how Kate does and also to spite the haters.

So far today, Kate is doing a great job. She still seems a little guarded but after all the criticism she's had to endure it's understandable. I hope she'll be more relaxed tomorrow.

Haters are losers said...

Great show and Kate did a great job! I'm sure the haters will still have something to complain about but if they didn't hate on Kate, they'd have to start looking at themselves and their sorry lives so you know there will be lots of hate out there the next couple of days.

Mrs. Know-it-All said...

I believe The View can be watched on-line. They post every show. You will have to tolerate the commercials. ...well, and the fact that you will be adding to their viewership count. I watched - curiosity killed this cat! IMO Kate didn't really relate to anyone very well. She kept turning it back to "I", kind of like the Michael/ Madona thing.

iwhyawli said...

Thank you, Mrs Know-it-All. I will check it out. So far the bits and pieces I've read about lead me to believe she's leaning to okay for the first time at something like this. I loved the answer to Joy Behar "does anyone make enough?". I can't stand Joy Behar who just may be the dumbest woman on earth next to Hailey Glassman and Kanye West. But yeah, that whole Michael\Madonna tribute at the VMA awards was over the top wierd. Madonna is a legend in her own mind, as was Michael. Way too self-absorbed.

Marissa said...

I thought Kate was nervous and didn't know anything else than to talk about her situation, thus the "I". But, it was her first day, so I cut her slack. She did do much better today and must've done well enough, as Whoopi said she was coming back on Friday, too.

I think she did good for not having done a talk show ever.

I thought Joy would be the one who would grill Kate. But, surprisingly she didn't. Perhaps they realize that all they saw on tv was not what they got in real life.

Quiltart said...

I loved the answer to Joy Behar "does anyone make enough?".

Iwhy, I loved that comment, too, but the humorless haters are saying she said that because she's greedy and never has enough.

Kate did even better today, IMHO. She must have made a good impression, because they have invited her back on Friday when Kathy Griffin is on!

Lauren said...

I only caught the last 5 minutes, but could swear that they said Kate would be back on Friday? Anyone else hear that? If it's true, that might be enough to make the GWOP'ers heads spin. ;-)