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Viewed the View

Okay, thanks to Mrs. Know-it-All, I can now say that I've viewed The View episodes with Kate Gosselin. Both of them. Just Now. On the Internet.

In bullet points:
  • What the hell is up with Whoopi Goldberg outfits? Seriously. Monday's get-up had to be a TV costume handmedown from Judge Judy that had also spent the last six months covering someone's outdoor patio furniture.
  • Joy Behar did not annoy me as much as I thought she would, suprisingly. I actually laughed at the "who's that woman with the haystack on her face" comment. That said, I still think of Joy Behar as the quintessential GWOPPER (ie., scowly, always bitching about something, her way or no way, bitter). Unfortunately, it will most likely be another 5 years before I watch this show again and I'll never really know if my first impressions of Joy Behar were wrong.
  • When you watch the show on the Internet, why would anyone click Replay to re-watch the Bank of America commercials?
  • Taylor Swift, her dress and her shoes: absolutely gorgeous. Her singing: flat. Kayne West: complete jackass. Beyonce: may need to start watching the twinkie intake.
  • Kate did very very okay I thought. She's a guest host and so I think she's supposed to talk about herself a bit, especially since they asked her direct questions. I don't think she turned conversations to herself anymore than anyone else did. I heard that Sherry person comment about her 1 kid, lack of errogeneous zones, etc. etc. as many times as I heard Kate comment about herself. I could see Kate doing the show long-term and adding value even after Elizabeth from Survivor returns.
  • I happened to watch Tuesday's episode first and couldn't help but feel like no one on the show knew what they were doing, including Barbara. They were all fumbling around, glued to their blue index cards as if they got stuck in the printer and were only handed to them just as they were walking out on stage.
  • Next to Taylor Swift and Victoria Beckham, they all looked like complete cows.
  • Barbara Walters can't admit herself into a nursing home soon enough. And Oprah will hopefully choke on ham sandwich. Their interest, need, desire (whatever it is) to interview Jaycee Drugard is beyond bizarre and repulsive to me.
  • I heard nothing on these two shows that I hadn't already read on and\or didn't already know. Except for Whoopi Goldberg's comments on the hermaphodite, I also don't believe I heard too many viewpoints. It was two hours of promoting other shows or new products.


K8 Looked Gr8 said...

What did you think of Kate's new hair style? I liked it. It's too much trouble for everyday wear, but it surely made a few gwopper heads explode, and that was the important thing.

Goodnight, Jon-Boy said...

Kate just keeps doing better and better. She will be co-hosting The View on Friday, and there is a rumor that she is getting a show with Paula Deen. Meanwhile, the babysitter's mom accuses Jon of boinking her daughter, and he just shrugs and denies.

Marissa said...

Well, Kate was right. They are both on different paths. She's on the path to success and he's on the path to nowhere,fast.

Team K8 said...

She did a great job and is a good spokes person. She can think on her feet as well as lead a conversation. Good for her.