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The Making Memory Competition

Kate: 1
Jon: 0

Ha Ha Ha.

That fishing trip (both of them if you ask me) was a miserable hell. Mud, flies, cow poop, swamp, humidity, stench. The only thing missing was a dead body. Jeez Jon, use your head.

In any case, I'm not sure this whole making memory competition is a good idea. Everybody chill.


erin said...

I loved Colin saying "We only do fun things when you are here." That made me laugh. No doubt GWoP will spin it as Kate MADE Colin say that, and this is all scripted.

Stacy said...

I checked gwop out today and realized just how silly those 4 posters are. Sock puppets galore, all saying stupid stuff that people in the real world would never say or think, for fear of being locked away in a padded room.

The more they hate, the more Kate grows.

I think the show was obviously edited to show Kate's meltdowns before (and may I say, meltdowns of her addressing her 9th and oldest child, Jon). Now that there's a new production team, her bad moments are far less.

Funny how gwoppers can deny editing purposes when they want to, so as to make Kate look bad. They are so two-faced. (and make that Fugly two-faced!).

Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin may look calm and collected in photographs, but behind closed doors, the father-of-8 is a pressure cooker waiting to boil over says the mother of his babysitter and former lover, Stephanie Santoro.

In a shocking exclusive interview with, Marci Santoro confirmed her daughter’s sexual relationship with Jon and said Gosselin threatened to kill himself in a conversation with Stephanie.

“He said that everybody would be better off without him and that his children would be better off if he wasn’t around anymore,” Marci told “He said to her, ‘I’m just going to kill myself, I’m just going to end it all.’”

Frightening words from Jon, who is weeks away from finalizing his divorce with wife Kate Gosselin. But the 32-year-old has been displaying erratic behavior at times, venting his rage at wife Kate on national TV and telling the world he “despises” her and dating a string of younger women and then denying most of the relationships.

Despite Jon’s public loyalty to current girlfriend Hailey Glassman, 22, other women (remember Kate Major?) have stepped out claiming they too dated Jon during his separation from his wife. And now Santoro confirms to that Stephanie also had a sexual relationship with Jon, which began right after he returned from France with Hailey.

“She told me that besides watching the children, they also started a relationship, and of course being a mother my first question was, ‘are you sleeping with him, did you have sex?’ and she said, ‘yeah.’”

According to Santoro, Stephanie quit her jobs to babysit the Gosselin children in July.

Val said...

That's all Jon needs is to impregnate Hailey or Stephanie and support another child.

MamaCat said...

Jon's just been phoning it in for a year now. Please, someone at TLC, put the man out of his misery. Let him out of his contract so he can disappear down the reality TV hole along with Aunt Jodi.

Jon is such a loser said...

I'm with you MamaCat. Let Jon fade away into obscurity so we can stop watching him embarrass his friends and family. I've had more than enough of Jon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Exclusive: Lawyer Drops Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin’s divorce lawyer has dropped the reality TV dad as a client, according to local court records.

Jon and Kate Gosselin were reportedly set to finalize their divorce by October. The move should delay that process.

Charles J. Meyer filed a petition with the Montgomery County, Pa., court system to withdraw as the counsel for Jon Gosselin in his divorce case with Kate Gosselin.

Meyer is an attorney with the Elliot Greenleaf firm in Blue Bell, Pa.

He represented Jon Gosselin on June 24 when the couple filed divorce papers outside Philadelphia.

Legally, the Gosselins live in Berks County, Pa., but they filed in neighboring Montgomery County, which has different privacy laws for divorcing couples.

Kate Gosselin filed for divorce in June, saying in papers that her 10-year marriage was "irretrievably broken."