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Kate's fans reward all her hard work and she moves on to Week 4.
Iwhyawli couldn't be happier.

Meanwhile, Len is shocked and dismayed that we Americans didn't save Buzz Aldrin. Really Len? The primary focus of the show is 101 different ways to exaggerate a woman's chest. Half the viewers don't even know Earth has a moon. The other half are parked over there on GWOP hatching plots to have eight little kids taken away from their mother.

Last week, we watch Shannon Doherty get the boot after hearing such loving sentiments about her Dad. Tonite, it's Buzz Aldrin. From where I sit, getting booted off the show as soon as possible just might mean you're doing something right in your life.

It was a real treat to see you, Mr. Aldrin. You're totally awesome.


mdew said...

I am askeered to disagree but I am pretty certain the half that doesn't know Earth has a moom is the same half that parks at GWOP wanting to take Kate's kids away.

Simon_Baker_is_Hot said...

So glad you are back blogging, Iwhy.

Sorry to see Buzz and Shannen go, but it annoys me to no end to see people claim that DWTS is different or fixed (yeah, right) this season because Kate is there. B.S.!

Why have the viewing audience participate at all if it is really all about keeping the best dancer there? We could just go off of the judges scores. At least DWTS incorporates the judges scores (vs. AI) into the outcome.

I know it burns some that Kate has enough fans to make up for her less than fantastic dancing. To that I say - that is what DWTS is about and I can name you several celebrities from previous seasons who went farther then they should have based if the contest was based on talent alone.

Sorry, wish I could be funny or whimiscial, but this insanity annoys me so much I can't find the humor.