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Meet a new GWOPPER

If you were a long-time reader and first-time poster of anything, would this be your first post?


Dana said...
Loong time reader, first time poster....Just wanted to say, I totally TOTALLY just threw up in my mouth when Tom said that they were safe, just sayin.
3/30/2010 5:57 PM


My. What a substantive contribution.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Those people aren't right in the head.


Anonymous said...

Are we to believe Dana?

Deborah said...

Anyone else ever notice how many times they spit they're coffee and other drinks all over their monitors and it never ruins them.

Anonymous said...

read her profile. Gotta be a troll.

Deborah said...

Oh I find Dana to be totally believable as a first time poster. She has found a home.

Anonymous said...

Snort, snort did Dana swallow just a little, just sayin

Yeah, She's Nuts said...

I checked her blog. Amazingly, her first comment at gwop was one of her better attempts at writing something coherent in English. Too bad it's totally TOTALLY her only ONLY language.

My 35 Cats said...

Maybe she threw up in her mouth because her caregiver went to Costco and brought home the family size packs of Zingers and HoHos again. The new GWOPPER likes to eat several in one sitting while leaving disgusting comments on US Weekly, Radar and all the other gossip sites that discuss Kate.

Wait, actually, she's managed to be banned from those sites, so she has to resort to GWOP.

That's sad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if gwop bestows gift baskets on their brave new posters? I would think anyone attempting something as horrific as posting at gwop for the first time would have some empathy for Kate dancing in front of millions for the first time.
I hope Dana can improve before shes voted off, they could sure use Bruno as a judge over there ! snark snark...just saying.

Amy said...

illywillyhihi or whatever your name is,
This "GWOPPER" named Dana is a child, she doesn't have her drivers license yet. If you took the time to look at her blog BEFORE you post trash about her, you would have known that. Illywilly shouldn't teach her people to talk trash about kids.

Why are you reading GWOP posts anyway? You must spend a lot of time over at GWOP to have found that post buried in hundreds of GWOP posts. I'm glad to know you spend so much time over there, it helps them with their income if nothing else ;)

iwhyawli said...

Dear Amy:

Oh, I see. Dana is the spawn of a GWOPPER and her mother (you, probably) is doing a wonderful wonderful job, teaching her to spend her time in positive and productive endeavors. Got it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and youre family iwhyawli.

Deborah said...

Dear Amy,
Does it bother you that your sick gwop site is spotlighted for its stupidity?
And speaking of children. Read those posts over there and think of the Gosselin children reading them.
You sick bit@h

Amy said...

Dear Illywilly,
She's not my kid, I have no idea who she is, but reading her blog makes it obvious she is a child.
Find another GWOPPER your own size to pick on.

iwhyawli said...

Dear Amy,

Make me.


mkb77 said...

Amy is clearly damaged. I also think she is Dana's "mom."

That's a LOT of Food said...

Find another GWOPPER your own size to pick on.


It would take a year of Easter Sunday feasts to be the same size as a GWOPPER.

:-( said...

Wait just a minute...

GWOP has children posting there?

Sharla, that's just sad.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at Dana's blog, she turned 19 in October. She's no child, just a childish young woman.