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Did Kate Get the Boot?

grrrrrr.... I'm having to work late tonight and cannot watch DWTS. Did Kate get the boot?
Who got the boot? I GOTTA KNOW DAMMIT!

Some colleagues and I were chit-chatting about DWTS today. I must say it was interesting to hear peeps who aren't tuned into the whole GWOP-hates-Kate thing chitchat about the show. Reading the GWOPPER comments, you'd think Kate had some sort of grand mal seizure last night. Normal people, however, don't have any sort of vehement reaction to Kate's dancing or for that matter any star's dancing. They commented about everything and everyone ---- Pamela's boobs, are Max and Erin dating?, are Cheryl and OchoCinco dating?, is Bruno dating Elton John?, Edyta's total hotness, Kate's nervousness, Buzz's age, Julianne's whereabouts, etc, etc. --- but definitely the conversation was NOT locked on Kate. Go figure. It just may be that Kate is not an embarassment to the nation and thefore the reason why Iran refuses to give up nuclear weaponry.

Katie Irene, I voted for you, with all 35,843 of my cell phones that I specifically purchased for the show. Hope you get another go at it next week.

And another thing.

Anytime I hear something like "I teach the teachers", it takes everything I have to keep from giving one of those beating off hand gestures that Michael Jackson makes in his Thiller video. We've all met students, employees, relatives and friends with Kate's controlling personality. So if by now you -- the self-professed teacher of teachers -- don't know how to deal with those peeps, perhaps it's time to go see "the teacher that teaches the teachers who teach the teacher". And that's all I'm gonna say about that, Tony Donoloni, or whatever your name is.

On the other hand, if that whole incident was staged just to get the GWOPPERS going, nevermind.


iwhyawli said...

okay, I'm finally home and I figured out the bootee all by myself. Well actually, I asked my kids who for some inexplicable reason were not yet in bed. Apparently, spring break is a reason to stay up past your normal bed time. Excuse me for a moment while I glare at my husband.

Was Shannon Doherty even on the show? I swere I have zero recollection of her dances. She must have been on early in both episodes for which I was late tuning in to both. I suppose its true..... Shannon Doherty was really on the show, but wouldn't that be a big ol' kick in some GWOPPER's teeth if the viewing audience had booted someone who wasn't even on the show in order to save Kate. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Shannon Doherty got the boot

shawn said...

Oh my God....very, very funny post and very, very, very funny comment.

SheeplesRUS said...

Katie Irene, I voted for you, with all 35,843 of my cell phones that I specifically purchased for the show. Hope you get another go at it next week.

LMAO me too!