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More Legal Action Threatened!

Another favorite class of GWoPper is the "rabid legal beagle." You know, they're the ones who aren't attorneys (or we can only hope) but who are always confident that someone somewhere is due a legal course of action for torts by Jon & Kate.

It very well could be Maggie Schatzie posting this crap, using pseudonyms. Isn't Maggie the one who likes to pretend she's a lawyer? Third Tier, natch.

I should have copied the weeks-old comment of one GWoPper who felt certain that the previous owners of J&K's home could sue for defamation over the stink that Kate made about their dirty refrigerator. This particular legal-savant felt soooo strongly that Kate injured this guy's professional reputation, she even suggested (out loud) that someone in the Reading area contact him.

Poor 'iwhyawli' has also received two comments from someone (probably Serena) threatening copyright infringement. Yeah, best wishes to ya.

But the most recent post that bought all this legal stuff to mind again was today's legal smackdown by "you sure?" at

Thanks to Troll Hunter for the link:

you sure? says:

"She has BBB people modding the forum and they datamine, steal and use all your personal info for nefarious means."

I'm no attorney but that seems like a borderline libelous statement. Especially since the only info blogs collect are screen name, email, and IP address -- the first two the poster enters so can't be "stolen", and the third is not considered "personal" information by law.
June 17, 8:53 AM


This is classic, classic textbook legal beagle dreck. Ugh. I almost alway find that stuff like this comes from someone who works at a law firm but who isn't an attorney. Some guy in the records department or mailroom. An overzealous paralegal perhaps.

This particular commenter is probably the chipper, "tries-to-be-helpful-but-never-is-all-that-helpful " secretary/IT gal at her firm, since she clearly knows what an IP address is. While it's true, dumbass, that an "IP Address" isn't personal property that can be stolen, per se, everything on the computer belonging to that IP Address absolutely can.

Which further reminds me... if you've missed the GWoP's June 15th deadline for mailing cards (and hopefully money) to Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin, you can still send your IP address and words to encouragement of the GWoP moderators via e-mail.


iwhyawli said...

One more thought ... if my blog is collecting IP addresses, I haven't found them yet.

I intentionally, don't have a site meter.

Marissa said...

I want to commend you on having the funniest, most true, and really most adult forum regarding the Gosselin world.

Thank you for this blog. Just when I think you can't get any funnier or cooler, you prove me wrong.

thanks my new friend!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog in the last day or so....

Thank you for pointing out the idiocy that is shit-for-brains Ground Zero, GWOP.

Your blog and the Princess GWOP Board are the only things left that are remotely entertaining in the Gosselin Blogworld.

Keep up the good work!

Ms. Grapefruit said...

Your blog and the Princess GWOP Board are the only things left that are remotely entertaining in the Gosselin Blogworld.

Here here.

Lawbaw said...

Gwop has threatened copyright infringement? If anything comes of that, could you let us know? Moon copies whole posts from other sites because she's too fat and lazy to write her own and that pig blog loves to copy and paste. Ask the poster here called Erin. She's had it out with the swine. The gwop mods live in the pig trough, how can they be complaining?

Makes me want to mock them even more. Typical advocate hypocrites.

Troll Hunter said...

hey iwhyawli:

Incase you missed seeing it, Jessica Carlson responded to your comment. Are you up for a part 2? :

Jessica Carlson says:
Sorry, iwhyawli, has a 1000 character limit on the comments so the system automatically cut it off. It wasn't me!
June 17, 11:16 AM

iwhyawli says:
Hey! You cut me off! I wasn't done!
June 17, 11:00 AM

Anonymous said...

is this the same Jess/Jessica who is the supposed journalist who did the piece that Serena talked about about 6 months ago? The one who was going to break the lid off the Gosselin house?

She works for the national examiner? That's a true journalist! :)

erin said...

There was talk a while back about viewers getting together a class action lawsuit against Jon and Kate for fraud. Now, you don't have to go to law school to know that just isn't going to happen.

Every single L1 will tell you the first thing you do when someone pisses you off is threaten to sue. You also see a lot of people throw around the "I work for lawyers" BS. I cannot count the number of people who have called and asked to sue their boss, brother or former best friend for petty shit. You know what gets me most about GWOP? NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. When the posts calling Hannah fat and Joel gay showed up no one was crying foul, claiming it was all in the name of good clean fun (Julie, I'm looking in your general direction). Man up and take responsibility for your shitty actions. Maybe be an adult and really advocate for children--or admit that you are really just a bully who picks on kids and hating on their mom for being slim and fashionable.

AlexisFan said...

No, Anon @ 1:16 p.m.

This a different Jessica. I don't know much about her, but I have a LOT more respect for the Jessica who wrote this article than Reporter Jess! (she can be reached at gmail by the way). Let's remember that 99% of Reporter Jess! article was ghostwritten by Serena...

Anonymous said...

Did GWOP threaten with a cease and desist letter on fake letter head with a fake lawyer?

planey_janey said...

Anonymous said...

Your blog and the Princess GWOP Board are the only things left that are remotely entertaining in the Gosselin Blogworld.


I agree! There are also lots of other great threads at the Crown Princess forums.

Quiltart said...

The Jessica who wrote for Philly magazine used GWOP and Moon as her main sources..She posted ads on both sites asking for people to come forward with their scandalous tales about the G's. Curious that she didn't post on any positive sites, isn't it? That article was the reason GWOP suddenly cleaned house (for a short while) and put up that stupid list of rules... so when visitors came calling after reading about them in Philly mag, they would see the kinder, gentler GWOP... GAG ME! A wolf in sheep's clothing, IMHO.

I cannot begin to say how thrilled I am to have found this blog! It's about time someone told it like it really is when it comes to GWOP!!

planey_janey said...

Quiltart said...

so when visitors came calling after reading about them in Philly mag, they would see the kinder, gentler GWOP...


Good gravy, I'm glad I was late on the Gosselin train, because if this is the kinder, gentler GWoP, I can't imagine how smarmy the previous incarnation must've been.

SillyWithoutPutty said...

So Serena wants to threaten you with copyright infringement? Interesting, coming from a site that intentionally took their blog name ...along with all their little splinter groups... directly from Television Without Pity, insinuating that the two might be linked.