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Yikes. I only kept a few pictures and a pocket watch.

Laura Linger-er wrote to advise that she's proudly wearing the nose of her deceased father on her face.

Okay. I never really heard of doing something like that before, but whatever.

I'm sure he's just as proud to know that his nose is now being used to mind everybody's business except her own.


What's my name? said...

No she didn't! What a whacko! They really don't get it!

WorryAboutYourOwnKids said...

You are so funny.

Did you suggest she get a job? Or maybe a volunteer gig? Or something other than being on the internet 24/7?

On a related note, I saw the princesses are convinced Laura is in love with Jon!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Laura's deceased father would be proud to know that Laura's jamming his nose as far as she can into the ass of some Asian man and his family she's obsessed with but who couldn't give two licks about her? He must look with pride on her as she makes such a difference in the world -- a world with small Asian children who simply break her heart because their mother wears pink underwear and has big boobs.

Does anyone but me wish Kate would start wearing Lucite heels and spandex dresses with no bra so that maybe that would bring all of GWOP to a head and they'd just explode and vaporize?

Ishatziedmyself said...

Wearing the nose of your deceased father on your face is a great way to recycle.
Wear did she lose her birth nose? Is it still stuck up Aunt Jodi's ass?

Anonymous said...

Puh-leez tell us what gwop thread has the LL nose-on-nose goodness on it. I can't be expected to look through the 800 posts about K8 and her sexy feet and her bodacious boobs. I like the show but I am not into her that gwoppy way (NTTAWWI.)

mkb77 said...

Is this for real, or are you pulling my nose, er leg? Where the heck is it on the GWOP site?

GWoPWoPFan said...

I hope Laura Linger's dead father was already dead when she stole his nose.

iwhyawli said...

to mkb77:

One of the hate mail messages I received yesterday was from the great Laura Linger-er herself (allegedly).

I think she wanted me to feel very badly by explaining that her beloved deceased father had the same giant nose that is pictured in the 'Well Well Well' thread here and for sentimental reasons she just couldn't bare to part with it.

Oddly, I felt as badly for mocking Laura's nose as Laura must feel when she's hacking on someone else's physical appearance -- i.e., not at all.

As I suspected, Laura doesn't like it when the tables are turned on her. We'll see if she has learned a lesson.

mkb77 said...

Ahhhhhhhhh I see.

Actually, you were only pointing out the obvious, she has a large hook nose and we all knew that when looking at it. So why is she getting all upset? It's not like it's a big family secret or anything.

LL said...

Looks like she changed her profile picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh, she did. The bangs from 1986 are gone so now we can see more of her face. Wow, dad left her a great big legacy, didn't he? She also looks far more wrinkled. Was that other photo a few decades old? Is that why it looked like 1986? Kate has a boob job (fabulous,) Jon gets a hair transplant, and LL uses a 20 year old photo to present herself to the gwoppers. C'mon, Laura, show us your current wrinkly self, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

SeeMyFingerLauraLinger? said...

Her new blog is called "It May Look Like a Walnut." LMAO. It don't look like a walnut, LL. You wish!

Relieved2FindSanePeople said...

Laura Linger and her fathers nose can also be followed on Twitter!

If only she put as much time/effort into finding a job as she puts into her boring blogs/Twitter.

Lori said...

Laura Linger Gag Me With a Finger!

Why the hell would anyone want to waste time following that big nose around?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the level of disgust leveled at Linger Weiss, including her own family, on the net, she would be smart enough not to start a witchhunt against a family.

She hops from topic to topic, bailing when people call her out on her nonsense by throwing her real life back into her face. So, it may be close to bye-byes for Linger Weiss at GWOP. She can erase away whatever she wants, but what she puts up on other sites stays forever.
There is no way for her to explain away what she has done in her life.

Anonymous said...

Laura Beth Weiss Linger's family is ALSO disgusted with her??? Does this have anything to do with her wearing her dead father's nose on her face? Hmmm?