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Just another day in Normalville

From a tipster:

Apparently one of the babysitters got to do something a little fun and different (ie., hanging out on the set with the OCC guys when they filmed the J&K episode) and in her excitement, she foolishly posted a few pics from the day on her family blog.

I was asked not to post the blog link (whatever), but here we have the charming comments from GWoP special agents who seek to make this poor gal (and her family) pay for their role in "the exploitation".

Yep, all perfectly normal stuff. Serena (not her real name) must be a proud, proud woman today!


edited to remove all the charming comments. They made this post too long and weren't anything you can't already read at GWop or the other umpteen Gosselins boards. It's also been bought to my attention that I wound up posting the full link in another comment, and that upset people. Sorry about that, anonymous poster. You're upset but try best to remember that torch-carrying, mob commentary from anonymous people on the Internet is one thing and one thing only ---- funny!

Keep up the good work, Serena (not your real name).



Anonymous said...

Fiona keeps complaining that she can't log into her blogger screen name anymore. She's asking anyone with an understanding of why to please help her.

Fiona, I think the problem is either
1. Blogger wants to ban you , or
2. You are over your permitted number of sockpuppet screen names and they are booting you out of their system. You have to keep it to <100.

Now would be a good time to check out that rehab center the hubby keeps talking about.

What's my name? said...

That is so typical GWoP. Hate! Crazy!Hate! They are also posting crazy at the Crooked House site.

Quiltart said...

IMHO, it's reprehensible that the haters will go to such lengths as to harass someone simply because they are friends with the Gosselins. Cyberstalking is not funny. The owner of this blog has done nothing to warrant such harassment, except to continue to help Kate Gosselin, just like she did BEFORE there was a TV series. The hate blogs are completely out of control... How these hateful people can call themselves good Christians is beyond me....

Anonymous said...

This is how you know it's gwopper(in addition to a post just being insane:
"If this was in California, it wouldn't happen. Why? Because CA has LAWS against exploiting children in television. It is sad that PA and every other state is behind in this regard but that doesn't make it any less of exploitation."

They have the Paul Peterson article memorized. Of, course they did not REALLY read the articles; otherwise they would see it was aimed at them.

Quiltart said...

I just went over and looked at the Crooked House site. The GWOPPERs are OUT OF CONTROL! They are asking to see a RECEIPT showing that the Gosselins paid for the kids' Crooked Houses! I feel so sorry for the company! They had no idea they would have to deal with the crazies!! ... and these are the people who claim to care so much about the Gosselin children. Yeah.. Right. If this is caring, I'd hate to see how they would act if they didn't care.

gwopwopper said...

Ahh! That looks much better without all that nasty lunacy. Keep up the good work, Iwhy. You're doing a fine job here.

Are you ready for Monday night? We're getting so excited for the Serena's reaction to the big announcement. You know she isn't sleeping just thinking 24/7 about Kate's big news.

Anonymous said...

I read the comments on the Crooked House site, and... Wow, these insane people don't cease to amaze me. They are psychos!!!

Loveit said...

Sooooo, "Jeff" writes a NASTY blog post, and the retards POST it. I say Jeff is a hero. Here it is for your enjoyment:

You haven't deleted a single anonymous comment that I have seen...there are at least 30 up right now.

First of all, Kate and Jon have nothing to do with TLC's trying to gain ratings.

Thinking that the subjects of the show run it is foolish.

And now, to the three that run this post: Hello Busy Bodies with Nothing Better To Do But Judge: I read your blog. What a piece of crap that is. Not content with your own lives, you decide to meddle in the lives of TV reality characters under the auspices that you are helping the children?

Yet, you do not allow posts on your blog to ensure fair representation? You make me sick. So, I have to send an email to you so that it will be moderated. Go for it. You "ladies" (an extremely loose term for you) are nothing more than old women that spread rumors, lies and deceit. Worse than gossip sites like Perez Hilton because you hide behind your blog, you allow no negative feedback, and no way to truly interact. Where is your twitter, your Facebook, your LinkedIn? You don't have accounts, or they are hidden. At least I know that you twitter updates are locked. Oh, the cowardice.

You state that you present an unbiased view, but your blog is socialist to say the least. Criminal at best. And Lord willing, I pray that Jon and Kate come after you for slander, character assisination, and overall misrepresentation. Bloggers, by the way, can be sued now for their misrepresentation of others. Look it up. Can you spell P R I S O N?

You had two choices in the Gosselin matter: Stay clear, or stick your fat noses deep into their business. Choosing the latter, you have now opened yourselves up for reprisal. You three are vultures, sucking on the marrow of other's sorrow, and whatever else you can find to feed your bloated, fat, and disgusting egos. When you die, and are met by the Almighty (I realize that you are not believers...your fruit is poison) to answer for this, I hope that The Lord is lenient. Unfortunately, it will be too late for leniency. What goes around comes around, and in the end, we all pay for our sins. Yours, however, are reprehensible. Not only do you cowardly hide, but you've decided to attack someone (a family) because of your PERCEIVED take on the situation which has not been presented by your personal investigation, but rather by tabloid journalism.

As bloggers, you three snarling piggies have a responsibility: present the TRUTH. Show a certain amount of journalistic INTEGRITY, MORALITY, and RESPONSIBILITY. Neither you, nor your pack of bored housewife readers, have lived up to any of these standards.

I would pity you, but since pity is not part of you, I do not. Oh, by the way, you stated that ANONYMOUS comments would not be allowed, but that's all that are on your site. MORE cowardice.

Here is what Google Says about issues related to defamation"

Defamation Definition
What is Defamation?
False and untrue communication published with the specific intent of injuring another person’s reputation
Injured person must be identifiable
Libel—written form of defamation; Slander—oral form of defamation

And here is what the US Government says:

...defamatory remarks made with actual malice that cause "considerable mental and emotional distress," tortious interference with the plaintiff's business relationships or cause a loss of income have a recompence responsibility up to $10 million in damages for defamation, emotional distress, and loss of reputation, and where applicable, incarceration.

I am sure that Jon or Kate could state that they were mentally and emotionally distressed...

WorryAboutYourOwnKids said...

Haranguing another company to demand proof that the Gosselins paid full retail value for a given item. Just another hard day in the child advocacy work being done by Serena and her minions.

No wonder Paul Peterson disappears for months at a time and only shows up when there are TV cameras. Whatever his shortcomings, he seems to realize GWoP is not what they claim to be.

Kris said...

I love your site, so glad you're doing this!!

I read the GWOP site every couple of days lately, don't know why I do- guess it's my guilty pleasure to read what crazy people post there. Sometimes I'd try and get an innocent question through, such as "why are you such idiots, get a life", etc. but never got me anywhere but frustrated at the lunacy that is GWOP. Maybe you need a hobby if your lifes fixation is looking up legal records to see if a person on a reality t.v. show has filed for divorce or when their nursing license is up for renewal and what the number is. Uh, obsessed much?

I can just see the mod's at that site- they've lost their jobs, marriages crumbling, children crying and hungry, no friends anymore, never leave the house- because they have this all important job to do-- I can imagine them at their keyboard typing away, "I must soldier on, I must protect the children at all costs, even if it costs me my family and friends, even if I have no morals and ethics left now- I must overcome the she-devil that is Kate Gosselin! I must find out who paid for those crooked houses and let the world know!"

erin said...

I'm terrible at the whole bold thing, so I'm just going to cut and paste this comment from Crooked House blog:

"June 20. 2009 06:52

Its unfortunate your playhouses are not a bit bigger so my family could move into one, since we are on the verge of losing our certainly makes my heart swell to know that the Gosselin's get the free goodies though..I suppose if I were an ungrateful grifter like Jon and Kate, I would be able to get a free playhouse? Well, at least I have my dignity and I work for a living. I am truly embarrassed for you that you would associate yourself with the likes of these beggars..are you that desperate for attention that you would hop on the child exploitation bandwagon as well?

Kate Neild"

There is so much crazy in this post I can barely stand it. Is it a coincidence that the signers name is "Kate Neild"? Isn't the bodyguard's last name Neild, that they have been accusing Kate of having an affair with?

erin said...

I have now finished all the Crooked House comments. There are SEVERAL Mrs. Neilds, as well as some of the best of GWOP, momof5, Serena, etc. There is even someone mocking Baby Momma. Like I really believe any of those people are Mrs. Neilds, or that any of them have any money to buy a 3k playhouse. I do believe most of them are the same GWOP poster posting over and over again. Their spamming is now reaching disturbing levels. Loons.

VeronicaMartian said...

wow, they posted that?
i'm sure Serena wants her minions to bash this post.

i wonder what the responses were after that comment. i wouldn't wanna go to GWOP, i can't handle the stupidity.

Paula said...

Maggie is a piece of crap, as is Fiona and lisak. I saw on Lisak's blog they were complaining about this blog and said it was two or three people. HA! Jealous much lisak?

You, Nina, Jen, and illiterate sammy can post all you want. at least two of those names are madeup. I should know-ha ha!

Anon 9:40am--yes, too many sockpuppets for Fiona. Of course blogger would eventually block her out.

Anonymous said...

I figured Lisa K was obese because she types obese. Now It's confirmed:

Lisa should be allowed to drink herself into a coma:
Lisa K is fat; Lisa K is ugly; Lisa K lives in Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a big announcement:
The First Annual GWOP Beauty Pageant. Enough posters put up IRL picks of those nuts.

erin said...

Let's take a little walk back in time to 10th Grade Government class (or the quick and dirty version of Torts and Con Law since GWOP doesn't seem to get it). (This got long and preachy, sorry, I promise some snark at the end.)

1. Free speech--This one really gets me. You can't just scream "FREE SPEECH" every time someone calls you on shitty behavior. Free speech has absolutely nothing to do with an internet blog site unless the government is putting regulations on what can be said. Free speech has to do with government restrictions on content of speech. Now, the first amendment specifically says (in part, because they shoved a whole bunch of things in that amendment) that Congress can't abridge the right of free speech, but these rights have been applied to the states as well giving the Supreme Court the right to step in if a state/local government is infringing on the right of free speech. 1st amendment is not unlimited (fighting words, obscenity, time/place/manner restrictions have all been held to be valid).

2. Defamation (Slander/Libel): These are torts, not criminal actions; meaning these causes of action are civil matters not criminal. In a civil case you cannot be found guilty. There is liable and not liable. Slander is spoken defamation, libel is written defamation. These are usually common law torts and not regulated torts. They are considered torts not because there is a written law but because they were causes of action that were traditionally brought in the courts (i.e. common law comes down from English court law, not the Constitution or a written law). Now, a blind squirrel did find a nut, and if you are a public figure you do have a higher burden to reach (you have to prove falsity and malice), and there are a couple types of public figure including limited public figures.

"I love it when people like Jeff try to make an argument mentioning subjects such as defamation and libel without any knowledge of them whatsoever" and "I have a degree in Political Science "

Now, Jen K of Gwop, please go back to whatever clown college gave you a Political Science degree and demand your money back, they did you a disservice.


If taxpayers want to pay for a bunch of blogger to be in jail. For defamatory remarks than so be it. They will have to arrest over 100 blogs. TMZ, X17, Prez, Radar etc.. The list could go on."

Ava's Mommy please buy a clue. You are not sent to jail for defamation. A "bunch of" implies more than one "blogger." I'm not a grammar nazi, I have a degree in English, and I was known to write papers for anything slightly related about being a grammar rebel but your grammar makes me itch. Don't start a sentence with a preposition. Serial commas are not used how you have it, so don't fucking use them until you grasp the concept.

"My CV would bloiw you away, in terms of honors I have received."

Dear, wonderful, blamingoftheshrew, you who saved so many lives and worked as a Federal consultant (but can't seem to understand that you should capitalize things like "federal government"). Please, please stop being pretentious and just call it a resume, like normal people. Given your grasp of typing and grammar, I'm pretty sure it won't "bloiw me away."

Jean said...

GWOP and Beauty pageant have no right being next to each other. LOL!

Erin, the people of GWOP and other hate sites such as lisak's, Fiona's, the pig blog are all just jealous, immature people. They say that's a standard response to them. But you know what? It's the only truthful sentence that describes those haters. That's the bottom line and who cares if they don't like that response.

Like the Crooked House people are going to take it seriously when they post fake names like Kate Nield. And, how disgusting for them to do that against the real Mrs. Neild. How dare they assume anything is happenening or happened with Kate and her bodyguard. Those assumptions and accusations are very hurtful to his wife. She is a true innocent in all this media circus, purpotrated by the haters.

Pam said...

I figured Lisa K was obese because she types obese. Now It's confirmed:

Please, lets not stoop to GWOP levels. Personal attacks are not helpful or needed. (And that girl AIN'T fat!)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to be on your side. Thanks for the info! :-)

erin said...

One more and I promise I'm done for the day. This is what happens when I finally get a day all to myself--I clean, cook, and apparently obsessively post about loons on the internet.

I have to apologize to the Princess board in advance, because I read their site and they are hilarious. I got this one from their board, and thought it might be stupid to sign up and post just because I loved this post, so I kind of appropriated it.

Itsawackyworld said: Quote:
ratherbkayaking said...

I'm seeing a pattern here. Fertility treatments after 6 months of trying to get pregnant. Having 6 beautiful, healthy babies a little more than 6 months of gestation after going against medical advice. Divorce after 6 months of marital discord. 6-6-6. These two people are truly of the devil and not of God...

I have to hand it to GWOPpers, they do possess some mighty fine imaginations. I wonder if ratherbkayaking sees the same pattern when she remembers to take her meds?"

I wonder is ratherbkayaking realizes that is four sixes not three.

Loveit said...

I saw that 6-6-6-6, too! I was so confused! :)

I just want to know what people are thinking when they type stuff like that....

What's my name? said...

Erin, I thought the exact same thing when I read that comment on the Princess board! lol

YoursTrulyIBe said...

I find some thing RIDICULOUSLY hilarious. LisaK, watch her rant away on Jared's sites Re: any J&K gossip. She chats to herself on there under names, applauds her wit and mindless jabber, laughs at her own posts in other posts (many altar egos.) Is it the voices in her head? Conversing with one's self is a red flag alert that some thing is wrong in COO COO Land LisaK. She has come on here under names promoting herself, trying to prove she does not have a wide load sign on her rear or back up noises, same with on's gossip site. So, you go lurk on her site (which is better then comedy tv to literally watch some one's insanity), as she posts to herself, laughs at herself, swears like a sailor to herself, rants like a 12 year old about 12 year old gossip and is so proud of herself for who she has grown up to be. Just so you all know too, LisaK goes under the name 10doll. LisaK, talks to herself in the mirror, chats to herself, blogs to herself, loves herself, she is her own BFF. Awww, LisaK, the wing nut at her best, rocking back and forth at her computer as she drools out her mouth and slurps on her little Chocolate Jello Pudding containers and Juice Boxes. LisaK lives in her own little world, in her own little CROOKED house, and is so content spending time with herself. I wonder if she plays ping pong by herself too. She spends more time online then she does raising her own child, yet finds fault with how some one else is raising theirs. Some thing really went wrong in LisaK's La La Land as a child, was she perhaps locked up alone in a room, forced to find ways to entertain herself with sock puppets? Now she's been able to re-tire her sock puppets and find altar egos on the net to communicate with. I can almost see her making these funny hand gestures while she rocks back and forth, spazz-a-ma-tazz-ing out, laughing hysterically almost peeing herself at her own quacked wit in her posts all the while making little clickity noises with her tongue against the roof of her mouth and licking her lips and smelling sticks of flavored chap-sticks in between her posts to herself. Oh the world of LisaK, an animated cartoon is in the works on this one, by yours truly! *grinz* Child neglect is a sad thing when she ignores her own child because of her wack-a-doo obsessions and addictions online.

LisaKYJelly said...

Was it LisaK and her altar egos, 10doll, Nina, Connie, (and all of her other voices in her head), sending posts to Carla's blog or the GWOP gals, or both? Both Blogs post Carla's blog's url. LisaK's site even brags about going there (so she could talk to herself yet at another site.) She needs a straight jacket. She'll eventually get what is coming to her, what goes around, comes around. Hi LisaK, how's life in coo coo land? Having fun munching on your oreo cookies and watching re-runs of gilmore girls while dreaming of your own lost child hood (truly it's re-runs of J&K playing in the background, but shhhh, she's a child advocate.)

Lovey said...

Regarding LisaK, Moon, GWOP, other Gosslin Hate Blogs or the Like...

What I honestly see, people in their own troubled world, with a huge desire to belong some where and to have their feelings validated, so they have conformed to these hateful groups online, to fill a void in themselves. My concern for all of them though, they will never feel the VOID of feeling loved, if they don't learn to give love, provide love, love themselves enough to stop the hate that has become their only friend. Love feels so much better then hate and I'm even tired of disliking them, I actually feed sorry for people like them, it screams, HELP ME! Misery truly does LOVE company and that is the only extent of love their teach one another, if they left those sites for a week, they'd see they don't miss posting at them, reading up on the latest gossip, they may actually see a little of the life that is sadly passing them by with such a sad addiction to hate and gossip day in and day out. Does anyone else look deeper as to why they hate, why they are miserable and why they display such insane, immature, disconnected to the world like behavior? All kidding aside, there are some people really hurting to be like this!! IMO and perhaps it's how I need to explain to myself why people would stalk, harass, netbully, hate people so much to say the things they are typing out on sites. Something is missing in their own lives and wish if posting this and just one reads this who relates to anything I wrote, that they start taking their own inventory first, clean their own house first! Take care! Seriously, take care of yourself better then you are GWOPpers and LisaK. Anyone who spews out such hatred of anyone, cannot honestly and peacefully be happy with themselves. If they are, they are just evil and insane. I had a bipolar friend who loved hurting others, making fun of people, pretending to care and be nice, to only behind the backs of those who loved her, she'd say the most horrible mean things or abusive things verbally and even physically having fits to lash out. I also had a father in law in early dementia, who over time became more and more irritable, mean and angry and he was the most loving teddy bear I knew when he did not have alcohol induced dementia. It honestly tears at my heart strings that people would want to be intentionally mean and hateful and play into others misery as what I read on those hate blogs. Thanks for reading this post and putting up with it's War and Peace length. Just trying to make a point, even if it touches just one person from any of those hate sites. Choose love, choose happy, over hate and spreading intentional unhappy, and the saying is true...what you give, you receive. What you believe, YOU ARE! This is what happens to people disconnected from God!

Rebecca said...

I think this is great how Carla's husband is handling the mean comments from GWOP or LisaK cowards. I bet only a handful if any will email and provide who they REALLY are or an email address in emailing him. Plus what a guy to support and protect his wife like this. They must have received great legal advise to, to provide an email address to snag in the people harassing them. It is a federal offense to harass online, I wonder how many of those hateful, harassing so called Child Advocates will take him up on this post he posted to his wife's site.

This was on Carla's blog, if it is her husband, I think this is great! I doubt many of the cowardly people from whatever hate on the Gosselins site they may have come from to negatively harass and comment, will contact him at his email address, but I think this is worth posting on here too. I think it is a great way to snag some of these mean, hateful stalkers and obsessed GWOPpers or LisaK, whomever. Because they will not be able to remain anonymous with IP address and an email address in order to email her husband. Plus the emails can be used legally in personal contact. I'd say they got advise from a lawyer and I think it is great how Carla and her husband (what a supportive guy!) are handling them!

Here was his post to the hate comments placed on her page by people in hiding.

Posted by Alpha Male

Hello my name is Mark and I’m Carla’s husband . It is unfortunate that I have to take time to comment on this subject matter . I will not hide behind a made up name or none at all. Some of the comments that are being made about my wife to no surprise to some of you are inappropriate and uncalled for . We first decided to leave the post up for some of you that don’t know Carla to see what people that do know her speak to give you a real idea what kind of a person she really is . But that doesn’t seen to have mattered so this is why as of the 5th of July this post will be taken down and if you choose to give comment on or to Carla please fell free to E-mail me @ and I will be glad to pass on any appropriate responses to Carla and Thank you to those people that have given Carla your support and to the rest of you “What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your mouth”

Lovey said...

So sorry for my imperfect post, run on sentences, grammar and spell check. I had the worst teacher in high school, she did not even have an English degree. (being honest, so I most certainly am not stupid, I just am not the greatest at spelling and I should have re-read my post and put it in a word document to grab the poor spelling errors and grammar) My apologies to those it may offend and I send this before negative comments may be implied to my post. Other then in the English department, I am pretty intelligent in the heart!

Anonymous said...

no sweat, lovey.

erin said...

Don't worry Lovey, we won't hold that against you. Honestly, the only reason I even brought it up is the posters at GWOP act all holier than thou while showing true ignorance. Here was a genuine opportunity for them to snark, because Jeff didn't get everything straight. They ruined it by being stupid, and picking on things like claiming Jeff is really Kate instead of pointing out that GWOP is closer to Fascism than Socialism (again, Jen K from where did you graduate?).

I'll be honest, I've seen law students who couldn't write their way out of a paper bag. I watched Journalism students whose writing style would have set a teenager's teeth on edge (seriously, some of them wrote like fourth graders). Education doesn't mean you are smart, smart does not mean you have common sense.

LisaKs Jeckyll and Hyde said...

I was not sure where to place this.

Does anyone else see the contradiction in her post? She speaks on evil, then performs evil herself in her next comment on her blog.

LisaK at her finest Jeckyll and Hyde moment (like so many GWOPpers)! Spoken from the same vile mouth on her blog, she has a borderline personality....decide for yourself, how nurturing at one moment and the next on her blog, vile, mean, evil, intentionally hurtful on gossip sites and her own blog about Kate, and anyone tired of her hate. BTW, LisaK on her blog also announced she will be excited to tune in to watch the J&K show Monday night, as did some of her puppets. For those advocating they are child advocates and sending around a petition that the Gosselin children are being exploited, they are tuning into TLC to watch. (I think it is fitting to call them all over at her blog, light switches and followers, now they find it fun to watch the show, yet preach how it exploits the children, boycott the show, blah blah.)

On June 21, 2009 at 1:30 pm lisakn16 Said:

You do what is best for you Jen, but don’t let them push you around. I will be thinking about you :) I hate to think about your cat going to the pound. If I could I would take him, but it would be to hard to get him all the way to my house. It makes my blood boil to think of all the uprooting you and your pets are having to do because of that woman. Some people are evil, but the best thing is…those types of people usually end up the losers anyway, so that is one consolation.
On June 21, 2009 at 2:21 pm lisakn16 Said:

One more thing Jen…you could ‘off’ her and be rid of her, no probably not a good idea, but it is a good thought.

LisaK's Coat of Many Colors said...

LisaK AGAIN at her finest, so I ask you, is her voice really credible? She'd go lie in court, (the following, in her words.)

On June 21, 2009 at 1:04 pm lisakn16 Said:

I would probably go and get a restraining order on the greedy wife and that way she couldn’t be there anyway. I would make something up if I had to, but I would do it. All you have to do is go to the court house and fill out a incident report that she becomes violent with you. I would not leave that house…they would!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of this LisaK before, but I've heard of Fiona. A bunch of sockpuppets, over-sensitive, real nice one momnet and batshit crazy the next, highly invested in the Gosselins. Are they the same?

Who Is Fiona said...

I don't know anything about this Fiona person. Anyone give me a heads up on her now too, does she really have 100 screen names on blogger?

WackADoodleNoodlesInfo said...

Yes, they are batshit crazy and claim to be child advocates, they hate Kate for sure. Here is her sites, she moved to worldpress after some drama or issues or some thing, but here are her three blogs, the one she had with her sister too. Knew nothing of the hateful turd until one night reading a few comments in Jared, she posted her site url to someone she was arguing with, unless she was arguing with herself on there *shrugs* WHO THE HELL KNOWS ANYMORE about some of these people, two weeks ago was the first I ever heard or saw a url about GWOP, had NO clue there were so many wackadoodle noodles!!! LisaK and her many other names mastered the science of W.N. Take a look for yourself. Kind of got a kick out of learning her first two blogs were Reality Without Apologies, her Reality Needs a HUGE Sympathy Card! Yikes!

Pinch said...

I love this site. Crazy-ass GWOPers get a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

So basically Jodi wanted a fan club too, so she had her sister help build one and to do so meant sister Julie had to slowly start making it juicy to pick up more fans. Then Jon and Kate discovered their blog/blogs/facebook forum, whatever and saw Jodi was no longer loyal or upholding to her privacy contract and so now Julie and Jodi want to look good again and still get fans, so they take to the air waves and blogs once again.

Girls, get your own show! A spin off showing you both SKYPing as you exchange the progress you both are making with your shrinks and details on your most recent med cocktail lists prescribed to help you with some personality issues and cope with REJECTION and stop being a victim when you created your own circumstances JODI!

Anonymous said...

I checked out retroblog, out of curiousity because LisaK's ring of mean girls used to chat there, it got so bad they shut them down, they were scaring away anyone who would not HATE with them or if some one said anything of common sense value or positive, God forbid! Some even commented on just that (not knowing GWOP existed and these gals built up their consumed hatred and aggression from that site) as they permeate so many online sites now, you can almost tell who came from GWOP or Lisa's or Moon's site when it happens and slowly they take over and then rush back to their blogs all proud of their accomplishments. All it does is scare people away, it doesn't as they think in their pinheads change others opinions or control them into submission. I some times wonder what these ladies husbands are like after watching their chatter. Their hubby comes home from work and the reason they all hate Kate is because they know they treat their spouse just as bad or worse. So Kate is a reminder to them of how they depend on their own husbands so much, use them and nag at them. Mommy's had a hard day hating, so you go take care of the kids, I still have some more people to bully around online, bwwaaaaaa (as the GWOPpers post). Does anyone else find amusement in their behavior? It's almost animated in my mind after watching it on and off a few days here out of curiosity. Little ants building their little community, busy busy bodies. I better quit, now I am hating on all of them, HELP!!