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Open Discussion: 10/31 to tbd

Good Morning and Happy Halloween. Time to start another Open Discussion thread.

Sigh, I couldn't help but wonder what costumes the Gosselin kids will wear for trick-or-treating this year.

And what scary, new thing will Jon do today?

I hear that Sharla plans to dress up as a giant 7' tall female lumberjack wearing a flannel shirt. painter's pants and carpenter boots. To keep people from asking "how come you're not wearing a costume?", she plans to shave her beard.


Anonymous said...

'she plans to shave her beard'


Anonymous said...

Which beard would that be? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Well, it really is Halloween. I see that spooky 10doll has her computer back and is ranting about nothing into thin air over at RWA.

I think in real life she's a mud wrestler. One thing's for sure, she's not a lady--I wonder if her husband or children see her posts. She's an embarrassment to her family yet she thinks Kate has no class! She can make fun of Kate's animal by relating it to an animal, but she can be classified as a pig with her filthy mouth. My kids would cringe if I ever wrote the things she writes.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't you know it. No one in my family would ever speak or have anything to do with someone as filthy mouthed and well, just filthy in general as 10doll.

She's not someone I would ever associate with in real life, nor on the internet. Eww.

Tool said...

Jon went as a douche dressed up like a tool.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jon will make money off his public apology? im sure he will get half the money. I guess he needs money bad to do something like this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kate has stated that they don't celebrate Halloween due to their religion. (I wonder how they get past celebrating at school?)
I used to work with a lady who would not let her kids celebrate Halloween or go trick-or-treating, either. She was adamently opposed to it. She and her family made their own Christmas presents every year, too.
OT, but, Moon is getting weirder and weirder on her site every week.
Who is Web-Boy, and why does she keep calling him that??

Anonymous said...

November 1, 2009 1:52 PM Web Boy is looney moons Son.

Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin: Hailey Thinks It's a Good Idea We Focus on Our Individual Lives

Copyright 2009 Angela Weiss / Getty Images
In a revealing new statement to ET, Jon Gosselin candidly shares his feelings for Hailey Glassman, the stress and anger he says he feels and what the status of his relationship with Hailey is at the moment.

Jon declares, "I will forever love Hailey." His entire statement to ET reads:

"I have been overly stressed, distraught and angry with everything going on in my life. It has been overwhelming, and at times I have taken it all out on Hailey. She has been unfairly treated by the world. She has always been there for me and with no judgment. She has been the one to tell me how I need to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. When we first met she has said to me 'Jon, actions speak louder then words' and she has continuously told me that, which she is right. She has been my best friend and I admire her as a person. I need to be honest not only for myself, but also for my children. I will forever love Hailey. I see how all this has truly hurt her. She has not been happy and hates the media light that she has been put in. She is in no way a home wrecker. That's absolutely ridiculous and false when the world calls her that! She has given up her happiness the last 7 months and taken the brunt of my anger and the world's disappointment of Kate and I separating for my well-being. She has been selfless and never ever asked me for anything or anything of me. She's been the best friend I have ever had and I only wish the world could get to know her and see what an amazing person she is, instead of constantly judging her of lies and things that are NOT true. Hailey says she thinks it's a good idea that we both take some time right now and focus on each of our individual lives. It is important for me to go back to Pennsylvania and be with my children and get through this divorce and decide what I truly want out of life. I do love her and care deeply. She has made me realize I can love myself and just need to be more honest. I am taking things day by day. She tells me 'honesty is the best policy' and I started to embrace that saying and want to live by it. I thank Hailey her family and my fans for support and always being there."

ET has learned that Jon has cancelled his panel appearance tonight with Rabbi Shmuley.

Posted November 01, 2009 2:02:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Jon cancelled the even with Rabbi Shumley. I wonder why? Or I guess the tickets didnt sell.

iwhyawli said...

I love how he (a 32-year-old man) repeats the life advice given him by Hailey as if they're these ground-breaking revelations that she carried down on stone tablets from the mount.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Jon Gosselin Changes Mind On Appearance; Sparse Crowd Shows UpBREAKING NEWS: Jon Gosselin Changes Mind On Appearance; Sparse Crowd Shows Up
Posted on Nov 01, 2009 @ 02:28PM print it send it
INFJon Gosselin had a last minute change of heart and showed up for his confessional with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at the West Side Jewish Center in New York Sunday night.

Gosselin's appearance was announced days ago but the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star got cold feet as the 7 PM Sunday start time approached and he almost didn't make it. He eventually did, looking nervous and more than 30 minutes late. He blamed the NYC Marathon traffic for his delay.

Maybe he shouldn't have bothered. The hall that had been booked for the event was only about one-quarter full, one eyewitness told "And of that, there were about 75 media people there and only about 50 members of the paying public."

Tickets were advertised for $25 in advance or at the door, but with so few fans attending, they didn't even bother to collect at the door, the source said.

Gosselin spoke for more than an hour.

Story Developing....

Anonymous said...

Does the drama ever end???

Julie said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of days now. I have to say its the best blog around its not like the Kate hate blogs.

Anonymous said...

Jon just started embracing "honest is the best policy" this week?

OK, that's funny. That's a HUGE admission right there. Time to go for full custody Kate.

Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin Apologizes To Kate, Says It Is Not Over With HaileyJon Gosselin Apologizes To Kate, Says It Is Not Over With Hailey
Posted on Nov 01, 2009 @ 02:28PM print it send it
TLCAn emotional Jon Gosselin told a small audience in New York City Sunday night that he plans to ask his estranged wife Kate to forgive him for his actions of the last several months, and he promised girlfriend Hailey Glassman that they'll reconcile. Broke The News Of Jon & Hailey's Over-For-Now Romance

"It is hard for me to ask to be forgiven from someone who might never forgive me. I am saying this now to Kate, 'I am sorry for doing the things that I did'," Jon said.

Gosselin spoke to only about 50 paying customers and another 75 media at an event sponsored by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's organization, This World.

Held at the West Side Jewish Center in Manhattan, Jon's confessional began 30 minutes late but he and the Rabbi then spoke for almost two hours.

Fame, Jon said, had been his downfall. ""I didn't grow up this way. It is hard for me," he said. "But I have to keep on going, keep on working and providing."

Knowing that his children could one day Google him and read about his recent behavior is an embarrassing thought, he added. "I know I'll have to explain my actions."

VIDEO: Kate Says Jon Is Behaving Like A 15-Year-Old

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star hooked up with the Rabbi a few months ago "just to talk," he said. He wasn't initially looking for spiritual guidance. But he indicated he is now taking Rabbi Shmuley's advice.

In an exchange near the end of the event, the Rabbi told the small crowd, "My advice is, both spouses should not date because the kids are going through a hard time." He also suggeseted Jon put his relationship with Hailey Glassman "on ice."

Hailey Tweets About Her Relationship With Jon

Jon said that's exactly what he's doing. "Hailey and I decided to calm things down until the divorce, just until the divorce," he said.

"I don't want to ruin things with Hailey like I did with Kate. We just need to slow things down."

Quiltart said...

In the end, Jon canceled the cancellation and appeared, albeit late and after people had left, with Rabbi Schmuley after all...

Dee said...

NO WAY Jon wrote that letter to Hailey. If he did he forgot to add moral compass/anchor also needed to throw in altruistic, endeavored and severed.
Gee Wiz Jon, it almost sounds like one of the kids wrote the Hailey letter. You are not quite your eloquent self.

doubter said...

Did you notice that Jon does not really blame himself for the problems with Hailey? (Not that I have much sympathy for her -- I'm just saying.)

It's the media's fault.
It's the glare of the spotlight's fault.
It's the pressure of the divorce.

Still. A. Turd.

mkb77 said...

You must read what he has said to Us Magazine.

He states that he doesn't want the fame and never asked for it. Ok then. If he never asked for it, why the hell would the man be so public about his counseling sessions with the Rabbi? And charge for it???

Everyone has problems in their lives whether it be relationship issues, kid issues, money woes, etc. Thing of it is, Jon, no one finds it necessary to bring it to the public for scrutiny and review. If you are truly sorry for your past mistakes, then tell your counselor these things in private rather than charge the public to show up and then bitch cause you don't want the fame.

His public apology to Kate makes me ill. He has said over and over that he wants to privately apologize to her. THEN DO IT YOU TOOL.


Yahoo Emailer said...

They won't ever shut up. They can't. They don't know how to be themselves anymore without the media attention.

And Jon is still following his same pattern... He chooses to surround himself with people who will tell him what to do, say, think. That guy doesn't have his own thoughts!

Yahoo Emailer said...

FOX is saying that the abuse stories were made up... by JON! If that is true, this guy is TWISTED and no wonder his marriage to Kate ended.

iwhyawli said...

Yeah, that reminds me of something Hailey said during her appearance on The Insider. She immediately got all finger-wagging when someone (the guy panelist) asked if Jon was physically abusive, stating something like "that's not funny/true to even talk about that", "I'll walk off the show" and "that's a serious matter."

So, I guess the emotional abuse she "suffered" is not as serious as any physical abuse, or definitely not serious enough to walk off the show!

Silly us, the fact that he's not smacking her around is an indirect expression of Jon's love for her! Don't we know that?

I loathe women like this.

I now blame the parents for this girl's utter stupidity. If the Dad is as stupid as the daughter, I wouldn't be letting him cut into anything.

Yahoo Emailer said...

jongosselin1 Came home to my kinds,got big HUGS! Made Dinner, and cleaning up so we can then all watch a movie.Read Hailey's tweet, Still miss her though
3 minutes ago from web

GIVE IT UP!!! I'm sick of hearing from this douche bag!! If he's so damn happy to be with his kids, why is he tweeting about Hailey?!?!?!

Val said...

I now blame the parents for this girl's utter stupidity. If the Dad is as stupid as the daughter, I wouldn't be letting him cut into anything.

November 2, 2009 2:16 PM
The parents should've told her to leave Jon alone as he's a married man. THEY knew it! Considering all their history with the tummy tuck, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why is he tweeting at all? If he is living the happy life with his children, he would be living the happy life with his children, not tweeting.

My guess is the douche bag got home, ransacked the place for food, and plopped his fat ass down in front of the computer or TV and yelled at the kids to shut up so he could bloviate on the phone.

Anonymous said...

Hailey has decided to take on Perez Hilton via Twitter.

Not exactly the path I would have chosen to fade into obscurity. ;)

Anonymous said...

It blows my mind that the person who made the comment, below, can in the same breath call this or any other site classless. These are the people who call themselves child advocates. Would you leave your child alone in a room with this person?

"Meissa2112 said...
But wait!! My shit don't stink. I have backup to prove that. My husband walked through the bathroom after I took a dump and he said that it didn't stink, he couldn't tell I had taken a shit. So there. MY shit don't stink.

NOVEMBER 3, 2009 8:54 PM"

Anonymous said...

11:14 - If I decided to take that path, I would have attempted to avoid writing on the level of a 2nd grader.

Heather said...

Their comments are getting dumber by the day.

From GWOP ..."Kate goes to kinkos every day for the sole reason that she needs to have the paparrazii take pictures of her latest tight jeans, high heels and globbed on makeup. Otherwise, why get dressed up if there is no one to see you in your home? Seriously, what other reason does this woman leave her house daily to advertise her wares in front of the paps. She makes me sick, sick sick!"

This is so dumb. I seriously doubt Kate has nothing better to do than go to Kinkos. She wears clothes from Ann Taylor Loft. It's not like she's going out in Saks 5th Ave. clothing every day. This is NORMAL clothing for a 34-year-old. I do not consider her dressed up at all. And, I never leave my house without makeup. Doesn't matter what I'm doing.

Jen Doll said...

The GWOPPERS love Jon. If it was proven that Jon was emotionally or even physically abusive to Kate the GWOPPERS would justify his actions because Kate dared to yell at him at Toys R Us. That is how twisted their reasoning is.

scerticat said...

Any word on TVBark's, I mean TVSnark's take on the Hailey Glassman interviews?

Does inHailey even return her tweets?

Please help me. I would go to her blog but I'm scert because people say they have gotten rabies.


Anonymous said...

November 6, 2009 1:58 PM TV idiot put her tweets on private.