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Ain't this is a Hoot?

So I'm watching the blithering Kreiders on Early Show today. Who would have thunk it? They're the only two folks left who continue to "exploit" the Gosselins kids! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

I'm all for Jodi and Kevin and their on-going interviews. Sooner or later, one of these bonehead "journalists" will have the cojones to ask Jodi exactly how she squares giving that radaronline interview in which she publicly "whispers" that Kate is an adulteress. Maybe Gloria Alred can answer that question on Jodi's behalf. I hear she's lovely to work with. Maybe ol' Glor can also explain how the Kreider's giant lump-sum mortgage payment immediately following those radaronline interviews isn't "child exploitation" but everything everybody else does is.

I roll my eyes at Jodi and Kevin's attempt to tie everything to the Balloon Boy saga. It's a good thing Mr. Balloon Boy wasn't just trying to sell his Balloon invention or call attention to global warming. Good thing he didn't do what he did because he's just plain nuts. Cause something like that would really throw a kink in Jodi's master plan to plant her mug on every TV show she can. As we all know, parents only "exploit" their kids when they're trying to get on a Reality TV show. (eyeroll).

Yes, Reality TV is the root of all evil. If Reality TV didn't exist, we would never see parents exploit their kids. We would have no child prostitution. The sweat shops in Thailand? They'd be closed. Welfare parents wouldn't spend their checks on cigarettes, booze, drugs and lottery tickets. No parent (especially not saints like the Kreiders) would ever tell their kids age to lie about their ages for cheaper fares at Disney World. We'd never see parents exploiting their parenthood to weasel out of overtime or working weekends. And when mom's and dad's cancel out of going over to Auntie Julie's house for pumpkin carving, it'll only be because their kids really truly are sick (cough, cough).

I shouldn't say this out loud because I do know Jodi reads here, but I sure hope none of those Gosselin kids want to become an Olympian. All those little Michael Phelps' and Tonya Hardings of tomorrow aren't even paid for practicing everyday, all day since age 3. Talk about a stolen childhood! If Jodi gets wind of that Olympics con, there will be complete hell to pay. It could mean the end of the Olympics as we know it.

But maybe as long as the Kreider kids don't show any interest in the Olympics or get themselves booted off an Olympic team, we're safe. Fortunately, they don't seem very athletic. Or all that healthy.

It must be all the gum.


Yahoo Emailer said...

It must be all the gum.


Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of jealous sell outs and when they finally caught on, as to how bad they looked, they decided to spin their sell out and launch into "their cause". Because wasn't the whole RO interview about how Kate doesn't cook, she doesn't do this, and she doesn't do that. Like all that garbage is so critical to "their cause". And the media still gives them a platform for their garbage. The world is full of stupid and they top the list along with Jon.

Yahoo Emailer said...

If Kevin and Jodi really want to do some good, then they should actually DO something. Sitting on a TV talk show couch, talking trash, isn't going to get anything done... but it might pay their bills. ;)

... how does Iwhy know Jodi reads here? ...

Hi, Jodi! You claim the kids are being "exploited" and yet.. who else is talking about them to the media - YOU!!! Get a clue. Shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi, out of all the losers in the world of Jon and Kate, you and your piece of crap husband take the cake. Just like the Gosselin children will some day have access to the internet to read up, so will little Benny and he will be able to see what his parents really are. So what if Jon and Kate had a reality television show by a respected cable channel? You and your loser husband sold out your family to a trashy online website. And after one day with your nieces and nephews, there you are again, trying to make money off of them.
Why don't you go get a JOB Jodi? And quit sucking off your extended family.

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe Jon showed Jodi how to use "Google Alert"...

**Hey Jodi...Time to get a life**

Long time reader first time poster said...

Karma is a beyotch and when it catches up to Jodi, and it will, I'm going to laugh my butt off.

She is nothing more than a money hungry hypocrit. So fierce in her battle to destroy Kate (which I read an article that they are teaming up with Jon to do just that). What's wrong Jodi? Guilty conscience making you act out so much toward one of your family members?

Anonymous said...

Fuck that bitch! I don't give a damn if she reads here. How much lowere can you go? I mean come on. Are people really like his? Selling out your brothers family? All the while in the same breath claiming to be just trying to help? I can't believe grown adults are so disgusting with no conscience and that greedy for money to do that. Jon, Jodi and Kevin are the ones that need to be blasted for exploitation. Flip flopping their stories and yapping to anyone who will listen. No wonder Kate wanted them all out of her life.

Yahoo Emailer said...

from People Mag online:
Jon Gosselin has more relationship drama on his hands.

Hailey Glassman says her reality star boyfriend is emotionally abusive – and she's sick of it. "He'll call me and take his anger out on me," Glassman, 22, says in a two-part interview scheduled to air on The Insider beginning Thursday. "He has 'mantrums.' I shouldn't have to put up with being emotionally abused. I cry and say, 'Why are you so mean to me?' "

But she may not get a straight answer. "Sometimes he has trouble with the truth," she says, "and he will dance and dance around his lies. He's like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him."

Ever since she started dating Gosselin, Glassman says her life has changed – and not necessarily for the better. "I met Jon in a bubble," she says. "I'd never seen the show. I had no idea." After their trip to France in July, she says she's faced harsh criticism. "People judge me before they meet me. I get threats everyday. I get called a home wrecker and a fat whore. People will stare or point. It gets worse everyday."

She admits their relationship is "not normal," but Glassman says she can't imagine leaving Gosselin. "I don't want to leave him all alone," she says. "At the end of the day, I love him but I dislike him at times. When I love someone I would never hurt them."

Jon just got called out!

ugh said...

Can you imagine putting up with Jon's shit for 10 years and then having 8 kids to take care of on top of that?

Anonymous said...

Jodi and Kevin are the worst ever.
I would not want anything to do with either one, relative or not.

What do we know about Saint Jodi Kamauf Kreider? Oh, and the evil make believe sister Julie? Christian School for Jodi in Cresapton, Md. Graduated in 1994. Many extended relatives in the area. But, does Jodi even have a sister? I think the whole thing is a hoax. They hide behind some computer spewing hate while the girl wolfpack continues on with the hate agenda.
I would like to see more information on Jodi and Julie. They need to be exposed. Let's hope everyone can help stop this train wreck.

Anonymous said...

I think Hailey is finally getting the picture that Jon is a loser.

And Hailey, if you don't wish to be judged, don't allow your picture to be taken the next time your doing drugs and tangle yourself up in a fake hotel ficus tree. Be smart girl....get a room and stay there! (Because goodness knows not doing drugs and drinking isnt even an option for a highly successful and motivated girl like yourself)