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Deep Analysis of Jon's ParentDish Manifesto: Question #19

It's Jon's word against Kate's as to whether the kids still want to film. It'll be easy enough for the custody Judge to determine which parent is putting false words in their children's mouths. Tsk. Tsk.

The thing I enjoyed most about this answer is Jon's slam against his own homeland, which apparently is a completely backwards, third-world nation run only by four-cylinder buses. Blech, guess I'll cross that country off my travel list.

PD: How do the kids feel about it?

JG: The kids are unanimous. They don't want to film. We filmed 152 episodes. What more can you possibly still film? You want us to go to the moon? You want us to take the kids and go to Korea? Are you crazy? They don't want to be on a four-cylinder bus in Korea. They want to be home in the pool. [Editor's note: TLC says they taped a total of 112 episodes.]


Anonymous said...

Jon Gosselin: The Spirit Moves Me
Posted Oct 30th 2009 9:43AM by TMZ Staff

Jon Gosselin is not going to hook up with Octomom for a TV special, because his "spiritual advisors" had a bad feeling about the project. Who knew we were spiritual advisors?

We got a statement that Jon's "talent" agent sent to the producers of the "Jon - Kate = Jon + Octomom" .... saying, "While Jon appreciates the consideration and the potential revenues that it offers, after reviewing with both the management team and his spiritual advisors Jon has decided it is not in his best interest to pursue a show of this nature."

The "Dear Jon" letter continues, " is important to Jon to focus on his family and repairing the relationship that Jon and Kate need to have, both for themselves and for the sake of their children."

That's Jon Gosselin for you -- always doing the Lord's work.

Read more:

Marissa said...

Jon should then be happy if the kids are not filmed on whatever lameass reality show he gets (if he gets one).

iwhyawli said...

A trip to Korea would be a terrific idea, for the show or not for the show. This whole ParentDish interview just really shows how horribly narrow-minded Jon is. Here's hoping Rabbi Schmuley gets him to start reading books, solving crossword puzzles or visiting museums. Something, anything to stimulate that mind. It's scary to see how shallow Jon's thinking is. He's a keeper, Hailey! Definitely don't let this lame fish off the hook.

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: Read The Emails That Prove Jon Gosselin Was Involved in Octo-Mom Reality Show EXCLUSIVE: Read The Emails That Prove Jon Gosselin Was Involved in Octo-Mom Reality Show
Posted on Oct 30, 2009 @ 03:56PM print it send it
INF DailyJon Gosselin’s camp WAS involved in discussion about a reality TV show project with Octo-Mom.

Despite a strong denial from Jon’s manager, has obtained email proof that shows Jon’s people were discussing the project and how much money he would be paid.

On Wednesday, Jon denied any involvement with the TV show project. His manager said: “This is the first I’ve even heard of [the project]. It isn’t happening.”

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Nanny Says Jon Threatened To End It All If Hailey Dumped Him

But has exclusively obtained emails that show Jon’s reps were fully involved in discussions regarding the project.

Read Jon Gosselin Octo-Mom Pitch, Emails and Financial Deal Memo here

In one email, dated Tuesday, October 27th, Jon’s camp acknowledges receipt of the show pitch and asks for more details to be provided regarding the shooting, location, content and even what Hailey Glassman’s role would be in the show!

PHOTOS: Jon And Hailey Kissing

They go on to request more details on what Jon’s financial compensation will be, and in a financial deal memo also obtained by Elevator Productions state that they are willing to offer Gosselin a whopping $1million plus all expenses paid.

PHOTOS: Jon And Hailey Take Carriage Ride In NYC

In another email to Jon’s camp the production company state that they envision shooting Jon back east, getting him ready to go to LA for his date with Octo-Mom. They say that they would love to have Hailey in the show upset and unsure about this “whole blind date thing”. They say that once Jon makes it to LA they’ll shoot them finally meeting up at her house and going out to “a local restaurant and movie or something”. They say they envision the shooting taking 1-2 weeks and go on to say “Pretty easy work for a million dollars”.

Not kidding!

Former Cheaters producer, Bobby Goldstein, was the mastermind behind the show, whose premise was to document Jon Gosselin and Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman, dating.

VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Says No Way To Octo Mom

PHOTOS: Jon Picks Up The Twins

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: The Gosselin Dogs - Jon And The Kids Miss Them

Its over said...

Jon Gosselin And Hailey Glassman Over...For NowJon Gosselin And Hailey Glassman Over...For Now
Posted on Oct 30, 2009 @ 07:08PM print it send it
INF has learned that it’s over between Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman, or at least it’s over for now.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin And Hailey Glassman Kissing

A source tells that Hailey is a fame seeker and that if Jon manages to secure a future career in TV she could be persuaded for a rematch, however, if Jon loses it all in the lawsuit TLC have against him look for Hailey to be nothing but a distant memory.

PHOTOS: Jon And Hailey Take A Carriage Ride In NYC

The source goes on to say that the couple’s relationship is volatile and although they have split for now, don’t be surprised if they pop again together sometime soon.

A tearful Hailey went public with their relationship woes Thursday when she joined the panel of the TV show The Insider, claiming Jon was emotionally abusive to her and that she felt he sucked her emotionally dry “like a vampire”.

VIDEO: Hailey Glassman Claims Jon Is Emotionally Abusing Her

Anonymous said...

Per Radar, Jon and Hailey are over.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli said...

Oh brother. Schmuley sells tickets to a public apology, whatever that is? Good grief. What a total circus.

I can't get over this. Who would buy the tickets? Apparently, you can make a dime doing anything in this country. What makes it great, also makes it a complete joke.

Lauren said...

You would think that in a recession, people would find better ways to spend their money. Of course, listening to Jon the loser might make them feel much better about themselves. Does anyone think that the NY GWOP'ers have bought their tickets? This just gets more pathetic and staged by the day.

Sixxlet said...

How does Jon know the kids wouldn't like Korea? I think it's Jon that doesn't want to leave his new lap of luxury. It's all about Jon now, right? Regardless of what he says, I don't think he considers the kids when he makes any decision. It's all about him.