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Hailey Glassman Interview

Several folks have asked for a thread dedicated to Hailey's upcoming 'tell-all' interview on The Insider.


Best I can tell from the previews, Hailey is auditioning for some sort of role on a daytime TV soap opera. Her eye make-up looks just like Laura Spencer's make-up when she worked at the disco with Luke. It's also the special kind of make-up that doesn't run all over your face when you turn on the waterworks. What a coincidence!

If I have any advice for Hailey's acting coach, it would be to teach Hailey how to enunciate more clearly while fake crying and to completely lose the New Yawka axecent.

Love means never having to say you're sorry, Hailey.

Doncha know that ?

What time does this thing come on? Do I have time to run out for some tissues?


iwhyawli said...

Also, where does this thing come on? I've never heard of "The Insider"

Lauren said...

Well, maybe Hailey's interviews is causing Jon to rethink his spiritual path....NOT. I'm offended by this as a Jew.

Hailey talking to insider said...

Nanny talks said...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they gave Hailey a whole half hour. Just like Jon, it was all me, me, me!!! Lets see, Jon doesn't have much money so lets get Hailey on T.V. to say a bunch of nonsense for twenty grand.

Anonymous said...

There is no what that Jon could have written that spiritual path bit in US magazine... His vocabulary doesn't reach that far.

As a Jew, I, too am offended by all of this... Does he choose his religion by whatever his current woman happens to be? It's not that easy.

Anonymous said...

This is so hysterical! Kathy Griffin is giving Hailey a "talking to" tonight on "The Insider."

Anonymous said...

Who goes on Trash Talk TV, like The Insider (such a credible platform), to do a public therapy session? What is they pay off? MONEY! She says Jon abused her, yet Inhailey has abused Kate on her tweets and in interviews trash talking Kate, calling her Khatezilla, and on board with Jon to hurt Kate however they can. Inhailey is ABUSIVE just as JON is guilty.

Inhailey, point a finger, and count how many are pointed back at you. That fake crying bit was lame. She made fun of Kate crying on TV, and look, here's Inhailey melting down on TV in her falseness. Cruella at least ditched the fur for the interview.

Inhailey, save it, you will never be Kate.

iwhyawli said...

Looks like I'll never see any of this. For shame. Apparently this Insider Show is so moronic they intentionally air it when thinking people (ie., people with jobs) have zero chance of watching it.

Yahoo Emailer said...

I haven't gotten to see it yet, but heard a clip on my morning radio show. The DJ's tore her apart for being an idiot. They also questioned why she's going on TV if she wants to be left alone.

Hello, Hailey, anyone home? Common sense should previal, if she had any.

mdew said...

I wonder if she was that nasal-sounding before her nose job.

iwhyawli said...

So I managed to find and watch (what seemed to be) the whole Hailey Glassman interview on the Insider. "Thanks" youtube, you bastards.

What a large load of steaming crap. As I suspected, the whole thing was so completely, obviously and painfully contrived and transparent. I'm glad I watched it if only to hear Hailey's "concern" about her eye make-up running. Hearing that was downright spooky. I always knew my bullshit detector was exceptionaly good but now I almost feel like it has x-ray vision. Now I know why I keep getting kicked off jury duty.

I'm also glad I watched to learn that Hailey isn't a fifth year graduate from Indiana University afterall. She's actually a fifth year *flunkee* from Indiana University. Thanks for settingthe record straight, Hailey. I've been giving you far too much credit. Five years at the nation's biggest joke of a university and you still flunk out. No wonder you feel you must date Jon Gosselin. You really *are* out of other options.

So I get what Hailey hoped accomplish (ie., money, not vindication), but I have no explanation for the other people appearing on (or working for) that show. I mean how do they manage to live with themselves knowing full well that their job is to create 30 minutes of sintky inspid horse doodie everyday. I have the same basic question for people who work for cell phone companies. What does it feel like to provide the worst possble customer service day after day, call after call? To knowingly spend at least 8 hours everyday pissing people off? It has to be hellish.

I suppose Hailey Glassman, Star Jones and whoever those other panel members were could be laughing (at me) all the way to the bank, but I don't think so. It's just not human nature to wallow in crap and mediocrity all day long so I have to believe they're either imbeciles or they're self-medicating.