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Deep Analysis of Jon Gosselin's ParentDish Manifesto: Question #4

Here's Question #4 and Jon's response. We are reminded that the Glassmans are so nice. Good to know Hailey thinks the divorce is funny. I mean, hello? It's funny, y'all.


PD: Are you two going to get married?

JG: We don't talk about getting married. She's seen how messy my divorce has been and she says it makes her not want to get married. She laughs about it. It's so different than it was with Kate. It's so comfortable with Hailey and her family. They are so nice. They gave Kate a free tummy tuck, worth $20 grand. I mean, hello? It's free surgery.


Anonymous said...

Does Hailey have a job? oh shes a skank gold digger thats her job.

Jon owes Kate $$$ said...

Free tummy tuck? Hellooo? So were the hairplugs, the teeth whitening, the golfing, the ski trips (3), & the motorcycle Jon, and you didn't have to give birth to sextuplets to get your stuff free, jackass.

Anonymous said...

Q: Are you two going to get married?

A: Hell no, but don't tell Hailey. Instead let me distract you by complimenting her family. She won't be able to see through this transparent attempt to avoid answering that question. She's in a fog a lot.

TMZ POLL said...

Yay for Kate?
Yes 72%
No 28%
Total Votes: 88,579

Anonymous said...

He and Hailey will sell their wedding rights to a paparazzi for a live streaming feed and photos to the highest bidder like Spencer and Heidi. They'll make sure they get their trip paid for, the expensive gown and duds (for the dud himself), etc.

He'll have all of his 8 kids in the wedding too, of course for a big price as well in the negotiations. He'll be asking 4 million at least.

It will be one of those Jewish ceremonies of course with Jon wearing the little Jewish hat (covering up his bald head, but shhhh, between you and me, I think he is going that route for this reason only).

So yeah, they both will get a deal with the paparazzi for a wedding deal, and then Jon will turn it all into a reality show, like Jessica Simpson did with the Newlyweds. Only it will be called Jon's Flavor of the Month.

mkb77 said...

The divorce is messy and Hailey thinks it is funny. How cute she is. The tummy tuck was free, so I guess Jon feels if these people could be that generous, Kate needs to lighten up. It's a trade off. Free surgery = husband leaves for surgeon's skanky daughter.

Anonymous said...

I hear Kevin Kreider will be on Inside Editon today.

Anonymous said...

One of Kate Gosselin's Biggest Critics is Her Own Brother!
Airdate: 10/14/2009 A judge has ordered Jon Gosselin to put back $180,000 he took from a joint bank account he shares with Kate.

Kate was photographed heading to a bank right after court, apparently to verify whether her estranged husband had replenished the account.

Just last week Kate broke down on the Today show because she said her bank account was empty.

The war of the Gosselins shows no sign of letting up, and neither does the intense media coverage. The new issue of celebrity magazine Life & Style even calls Jon "America's Worst Dad," a headline that must hurt.

But Kate is also facing criticism...from her own brother!

Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi are continuing their campaign of attacking Kate; they recently said spoke out against Kate in an appearance on The Early Show:

"They’ve chosen this path with disregard to their children's safety, [and] security," said Kevin; his wife added, "They say their children are their priority, but clearly it is not."

iwhyawli said...

Lots to pick apart here:

First of all, what in the world does a free tummy tuck have to do with the original question? I mean, hello?

Secondly, there's no such thing as a free lunch or free tummy tuck.

Thirdly, Jon says the whole "she's sees how messy my divorce has been and it makes her not want to get married" slmost as if he's had no role in the messiness. To any other person the in universe with an IQ above 3, Hailey's alleged comments about marriage would translate to "my soon-to-be ex-wife and I are acting like such a doofuses during this divorce that not only does my girlfriend NOT want to marry ME but she doesn't want to get married at ALL!" Yep, Jon, that there is something to be REAL proud of. Not that anyone believes Hailey, but I'm sure his kids may someday feel the way Hailey's allegedly feeling. Minus the thinking this divorce is all so funny, of course.

Anonymous said...

VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Admits To Taking $155k From joint AccountVIDEO: Jon Gosselin Admits To Taking $155k From joint Account
Posted on Oct 14, 2009 @ 07:54PM print it send it
After many, many denials to the contrary Jon Gosselin is finally admitting to ripping off funds from his and Kate's joint bank account.

Jon And Kate Plus 8 Will End Officially In November

Kate had accused Jon of removing more than $230,000, and Tuesday in a Pennsylvania court a judge ordered Jon to pay back $180,000 by their next court date of October 26th.

PHOTOS: Jon Picks The Kids Up from School

Now, in an interview with ET's Diane Dimond Gosselin fesses up to pilfering $155,000, but still insists that he did nothing wrong, and also claims he only did what Kate herself did.

Inside Jon And Kate's Hearing

"Well, it was just after arbitration, we weren't supposed to take money out of the restrictive account and we both did," he tells Diane. "I was found in contempt for doing so, I didn't realize, I was just like taking my paycheck out."

And when it comes to how much he claims Kate has taken?

"It's unaccounted for," he says. "So by Friday, we'll know her complete accounting, which might reduce my accounting, so I don't know what's going on."

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Running Errands

According to the judgment from Wednesday's hearing Kate has to provide accounting records for $55,000 that she claims she withdrew for "household expenses".

When asked by Dimond if Jon wanted to approach Kate in court Wednesday and tell her they could work it all out together, Jon replied, "I thought about doing that, but you know, in a public setting as a public figure you have to watch what you say and do."

Jon And Kate Can't Sell First Home

Well, with their lives continuing to be ever more played out in public it looks like there wont be any end to the drama anytime soon in the near future.

Anonymous said...

The hate sites are attacking people that twitter Hailey. She needs them to protect her hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Jon needs to learn the difference between famous and infamous.

Now he believes he's a public figure, isn't that usually reserved for heads of state and such?