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Deep Analysis of Jon Gosselin's ParentDish Manifesto: Question #5

Here's Question #5. It's another one of those that causes me to wonder if a website called 'parentdish' is legitimate. Why is she/he even asking this question? Why would anyone leave alone other parents care how well (or poorly) the mistress is adjusting? Silly me. I just sort of imagined that being the mistress to a father of 8 could be a tad stressful. Poor thing.

PD: How is Hailey adjusting?

JG: I apologized to Hailey that I shouldn't have been hanging out with anyone else. I love her to death and she could've walked away.


iwhyawli said...

Oh. I get it now. I just went back to It's an AOL piece of crap. When I think of "journalism" or "parenting", the name "AOL" definitely doesn't come to mind. Actually, when I think of AOL, the word GWOPPER comes to mind.

mkb77 said...

The question is ridiculous.

His answer, even more so.

I love her death. I apologized to her for hanging out with other people.

We all know what was hanging out, Jon.

How about apologizing to your WIFE for "hanging out" with Hailey?

Anonymous said...

Jon & Kate Ratings Rise As TLC Puts Final Touches On Last Episodes Jon & Kate Ratings Rise As TLC Puts Final Touches On Last Episodes
Posted on Oct 15, 2009 @ 02:45PM print it send it
Zuma PressIt looks like Jon & Kate Plus 8 is going out with a ratings bang, not a whimper.

The show pulled in 2.5 million viewers for Monday's original episode, continuing a recent upward trend.

The week before 1.7 million viewers tuned in and prior to that 1.3 million people watched.

TLC is trying to squeeze out a few more episodes. broke the story Wednesday that the show will end in mid to late November.

Jon Gosselin is no longer letting the network film his children so TLC is using footage that has already been shot as they put they put together the final episodes. has also exclusively learned that the network has done some extra filming only with Kate to help fill out those final episodes.

"They're trying to get as much as they can, in terms of number of episodes," a source told "They're stretching it out."

The network had planned to change the name of the show to Kate Plus 8 but that's now on hold because they will not film the kids without Jon's permission.

One possible explanation for the ratings rise in the past few weeks is the enormous publicity surrounding the dueling couple who have accused each other of violating a court order by removing money from a bank account. Jon was ordered this week to return $180,000 to a joint bank account.

Even though the ratings have improved in recent weeks, they are still far off the numbers recorded for the season premiere.

Hennessey said...

...and she could've walked away...

...except she kept running into a plant.

Anonymous said...

Kate Gosselin Considering Legal Options Against Jon After Reading Radar ReportKate Gosselin Considering Legal Options Against Jon After Reading Radar Report
Posted on Oct 15, 2009 @ 04:38PM print it send it
WENN.comA bombshell exclusive report that Jon Gosselin hacked into his wife’s emails has prompted Kate Gosselin to release a public statement saying she is now considering legal action.

Stephanie Santoro told in a video interview that Jon bragged he hacked into Kate’s email, phone and online banking accounts. Santoro had a brief romantic relationship with Jon and also babysat his kids.

Now, after learning of’s bombshell report, Kate released the following statement:

“Kate Gosselin has heard the allegations made by Stephanie Santoro that Jon Gosselin “hacked” into her e-mails, phone, and online accounts, and she is profoundly disturbed by them. Under the circumstances, Ms. Gosselin is carefully considering all of her legal options regarding this matter, and she will pursue them if and when the time is right.”

Jon And Kate Can't Sell First Home

Yes, that could mean legal action against Jon.

Kate released her statement through the law firm of SCHNADER HARRISON SEGAL & LEWIS.

Santoro said that Jon bragged he got a copy of every one of Kate’s emails and would use everything against her.

Looks like he bragged to the wrong person!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So agree mkb77...He is a dope.

Anonymous said...

Jon Hacks Babysitter's Story: I Didn't Do It!Jon Hacks Babysitter's Story: I Didn't Do It!
Posted on Oct 15, 2009 @ 07:46PM print it send it
INF DailyJon Gosselin says a former lover's story that he hacked into Kate Gosselin's email simply doesn't compute.

Stephanie Santoro, who had a short romance with Jon when he hired her to babysit his kids, told in an exclusive and explosive video interview that Jon bragged he hacked into Kate's email, telephone, and banking accounts.

Santoro's claims prompted Kate Gosselin to issue a statement Thursday that she is "profoundly disturbed" by the allegations and carefully considering her legal options. learned that Kate is absolutely furious and the public statement doesn't begin to express the depth of how upset she is by the possibility of Jon hacking into her accounts.

Jon fired back later Thursday, through his lawyer Mark Heller, saying Santoro is lying. Heller told that Jon, "unequivocally told me that he's never illegally invaded Kate's electronic privacy in any way. He also finds it a little disappointing that Kate would give credence to an uncorroborated statement made by an individual who clearly has a motivation to tell stories about Jon that might result in financial [compensation]."

Jon has denied dating Santoro even though he was caught taking her home from a Pennsylvania bar. Photographs showed her peeking out of a doorway of his house early in the morning wearing the same clothes she had on the night before

This is the latest crisis for Jon, who has also denied dating former Star reporter Kate Major (despite confirmation of the romance from many other sources) and Deanna Humel, whose brother revealed the romance, complete with video of Jon leaving Deanna's house early in the morning.

Meanwhile Jon has given several interviews to magazines and elsewhere during the past few months and Kate's lawyer has said he believes Jon has income he has not disclosed.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!!!! Isn't this the truth! oh that photo was classic!! Great Step Mommy material!! The girl has great fashon sense, she accessorizes GREEN!


Hennessey said...

...and she could've walked away...

...except she kept running into a plant.

October 15, 2009 3:45 PM

Anonymous said...

a dope on a rope, soon to be Bubba's soap on a rope behind a jail cell.

And as for Hailey leaving him after his cheating, ha, she has too much on him and her fashion career is trying to ride on his coat tails of his so called self proclaimed fame. But I call it SHAME.