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Deep Analysis of Jon Gosselin's ParentDish Manifesto: Question #2

It's Question #2 that somewhat raises iwhyawli's bs-attenna. I dunno, the question seems a tad too innocent/staged, as in "Bad Moves, Jon? Whatever could you be talking about? "
:: whistling innocently ::

Question 2:


PD: Why? What did you do that you consider bad moves.

JG: Meeting Kate Major [former reporter for Star magazine] and Stephanie [Santoro], the nanny. Those were two things.



mkb77 said...

He doesn't consider anyone but himself with this particular question. His bad moves include the two women he says he didn't bed, but obviously did. He is considering Hailey's feelings with this question instead of the feelings of his family.

Um Jon? Last time I looked you were still married. I know they are seperated and he can come and go as he pleases but don't you think someone with this high profile would try and keep his private life more private? What an attention hog.

Also, he could have answered that question a million ways. Bad moves could have included the things he said about his wife.


Nesse said...

He "apologized" to Kate, but no one ever before asked "Why? What is it that you are sorry about?"

He should be sorry for:
cheating with several women
inviting paparazzi to hound all of them
feeding crap to Julie-Jodi-gwop
stealing the liquid assets
spending family money on his advisers
not working

Here's what Jon is sorry for:
getting caught
Kate M and Stephanie talk to rags that Hailey actually might read

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Says Jon & Kate -- 'So Insignificant'
Posted Oct 12th 2009 9:34AM by TMZ Staff

Under the category, "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" ... the lawyer who stepped in to vouch for Jon Gosselin's attorney has some deep regrets today, over a case he says is "so insignificant to me."

As we first reported, attorney Michael Marino was contacted by Jon's lawyer, Mark Heller, asking for help to get admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar on a one-time-only basis. Marino tells TMZ he had never met or spoken with Heller before and thinks Heller randomly pulled his name out of a legal directory.

Marino says he agreed to do a solid for Heller and sponsor him so Heller could get permission from the judge to rep Jon.

Marino says at the time, he had no idea who Jon and Kate Gosselin were -- "The names didn't mean anything to me," Marino said, adding, "I thought it was some simple divorce case where some lawyer wanted to be introduced to the court."

Marino, who is semi-retired, says "I don't watch that kind of junk on TV. It was so insignificant to me." Marino told us when he realized the divorce was a contested mess, he wanted out, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Heller had been suspended by the New York State Bar for a variety of misdeeds.

Heller withdrew his sponsorship this past Thursday. The ball's in your court, Mark.

Anonymous said...

He's such an idiot. I think that this "confessional" is as much for Haley as it is for Kate and the supposed fan base.

iwhyawli said...

yeah, I love that the whole Deanna thing and taking Hailey Glassman to St Tropez just days days after filing for divorce aren't considered "bad moves."

Apparently, trash-talking your wife to her brother also isn't considered a "bad move".

I could go on and on, but here's one that I don't think has been duly cross-examined: Moving in with the family of your wife's plastic surgeon as a 32-years-old married man is neither considered a bad move or plain old creepy. Pitiful on Jon's part and creepy on part of the Glassmans.

From all appearances, Jon has been carried all the way to age 32 simply by riding other people's drafts. He calls it "passive." I call it professional "free-loading".

Anonymous said...

Gosselins Vow to Shut Their Mouths...for Now
Today 10:50 AM PDT by Gina Serpe and Ken Baker

Lisa Berg/NBC, Adam Rose/CNN

We'll believe it when we see it—or rather, when we don't see it, hear it or read about it—but after what we can only imagine was a contentious weekend for anyone bearing the surname Gosselin, something of a d├ętente has been called, at least temporarily, between Jon and Kate.

"We have a truce," Jon's attorney, Mark Heller, told E! News. "Neither side will be commenting until after the hearing."

A noble if exceedingly tardy gesture, to be sure, but all won't be quiet on the Gosselin front for too long: The silence-breaking hearing of which Heller speaks is taking place tomorrow.

The arbitrator's conference will be held in Pennsylvania at an as-yet undisclosed location (in other words, not the courthouse) most likely at an attorney's office.

Over the weekend, Kate's attorney, Mark Momjian, told E! News that the duo will attempt to hash out agreements on "economic issues"—all 235,000 of them, we're guessing—during the hearing. Last week, Kate filed for temporary spousal and child support from Jon.

But while the duo may be doing their best to keep a low profile today, the same can't be said for their hangers-on. Chief among them, Michael Lohan.

While Jon spent the weekend on parental duty, getting tagged out by Kate last night, the reality dad isn't hurting for company thanks to the unexpected and no doubt unsolicited arrival of his fellow tabloid-baiting papa.

"Jon didn't know he was coming into town and Michael already left to go home to Long Island," a source told E! News of Lohan's visit.

"I think he came into town to discuss the single dads reality show they have been thinking about for some time."

While the outcome of tomorrow's hearing remains a mystery, either way, Jon is scheduled to be back on dad duty by Wednesday.

(Originally published Oct. 12, 2009, at 6:50 a.m. PT)

Jon left his wife and kids said...

Anonymous said...

I used to post here all the time; but now I am so gobsmacked by all his nonsense, I cannot wrap my brain around what to post.

I'm going to consult some of the Jews that live around me. East Coast Jews, as I'm sure Jon will attest, are real Jews.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the above link that shows Jon and a couple of fans at the fence with a ridiculous sign : Please, please, please tell me that is not the famed blogger Pioneer Woman in the pic. It looks a lot like her.

yahoo emailer said...

regarding the OK magazine photo. The lady on the left has saggy boobs. Jon probably likes that.