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Deep Analysis of Jon Gosselin's ParentDish Manifesto: Question #7

Question #7 reveals Jon's deep delusional psychosis. The guy is cuckoo.

PD: That must be difficult after all the negative attention coming your way.

JG: I never said anything demeaning about Kate, just that once on Good Morning America about a month ago or so, I lose track of time. I said I despised her; maybe I despised the things she does. That was the first interview in 4 ½ years by myself.


iwhyawli said...

Let's see. I'd like to comment first on Jon's verbal list of smacktalk and then assuming the blog doesn't blow up due to excessive commenting, we can move on to his demeaning acts.

Here are a few comments (paraphrases)(and many times repeated) that I can immediately remember off the top of my head:

- she abused me
- she's playing the sympathy card
- she turns the tears on
- I wasn't allowed to have any friends
- I was a slave
- I'm here for my kids (as in, not for her )
- She's having an affair with her body guard (whispered to Jodi)
- She's out selling books and I'm at home taking care of the kids
- She kept me away from my family

iwhyawli said...

how could I forget the very recent:

- she doesn't vote, which is disgusting

what's especially funny about this one is that I believe he said it later on in this very parentdish interview!

iwhyawli said...

- she wouldn't go to counseling

B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a said...

She wouldn't go to counseling, except to Dr. Phil and Jon walked out. (Doesn't that mean that HE wouldn't go to counseling with HER, too?)

She only cared about "the brand."

She doesn't know anything about the world (same interview, jackass Jon.)

She tried to change custody (birthday email.)

Anonymous said...

1.Jon said Kate ended their relationship in October and he still doesn't know why.
2.Didn't the secret marriage contract idea come from Jon according to Jodi?
3.Kate doesn't cook. She uses a craft services chef, which means Jon, who was supposedly home taking care of the kids, didn't cook either.
4.She called him lame fish.

He's such a lame fish, isn't he?

Nesse said...

LIES, LIES, LIES t-shirt

Anonymous said...

Jon said she stole her ring.

Anonymous said...

He said he THOUGHT she was having an affair with the bodyguard. He had not proof... it was just a feeling. (Enough of a feeling to blab it to Aunt Fairy Dust who spread it around on national TV...)

Anonymous said...

He didn't like going on the speaking gigs, so he and Kate decided that he'd stay home while she did them alone and then he trashed her for being gone so much while he was home with the kids! What logic! Whatta moron!

Anonymous said...

Ok he buries the needle on the lie lie lie scale, this is when he should have worn his LIE T-shirt from the lemonade stand.

Anonymous said...

more lies...
Jon says. “She probably worded it in a way that’s a violation to them, or their sense of security.”

This was regarding Kate's interview saying that the children cried and wailed when she had to tell them that the show was over. So Prince Charming Charmin *cough* spoke the above.

Anonymous said...

Why does Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman" quote fit here?

Ooooooooooh I know, because now the law firm representing TLC also represented CLINTON


is it because Clinton lied and well Jon is trying to pull a Clinton out of his hat?

Anonymous said...

this photo should be posted every time he LIES! Or could be a thread by itself.

iwhyawli said...


iwhyawli said...

It was such an appropriate shirt for a charity function too. I bet all the charities are now lining up to hire Jon.

I don't think Jon could make money if you gave him a money-making machine. Porn is just about his only remaining option and while there seems to be a fetish for everything, I can't imagine too many have a "naked bloated Elvis Presley/Don Ho/SNL Copy Guy" fetish.