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Big Gosselin News! Totally Shocking!!

Get this, everyone. Yesterday, Jon took the twins to Starbucks for some iced coffee drinks. ICED COFFEE DRINKS! Had I not read it or saw it for myself at radaronline, I wouldn't have believed it.

Jebus xmas on a cracker. Can that man not do anything right?

Apparently Starbucks is some sort of hip, new place that serves gourmet coffee concoctions. Expensive ones, I bet. Personally, I've never heard of the place but wouldn't you just know that Jon would HAVE to go there and be seen. Dragging the kids along, natch.

Just be real, Jon.

Must you feed this stuff to GWOP like candy? Aren't the girls a little too young for coffee? Where'd you go next on your little round of errands ? To some trendy new pharmacy for their first pair of panty hose?

Jon, you make me sick.


Anonymous said...

"Personally, I've never heard of the place"

Really no sarcasim I've never heard of the place where a drink costs more than a gallon of gasoline. But then again I have never heard of Jon Gosselin either. Did he leave a stain on Monica Lewinsky's dress too?

Jordan said...

Ha! So funny. How could they possibly know what is in the drinks? Starbucks (it's called 'bucks' for a reason) sells many different beverages - plenty that have no caffeine or coffee in them. They aren't stupid - they know when Mom or Dad step in for their afternoon pick-me-up, the kids are going to want something too.

I knew the Gwop crazies would bring it back around to the day that I am finally defending Jon Gosselin again!!!

iwhyawli said...

hee hee I think I have a new poll idea --- Guess how many GWOP idiots actually believe I've never heard of Starbucks.

That GWOP crowd doesn't do well with sarcasm do they?

analicia said...

Iwhyawli - Not just the GWOPer's... Lisak and her sheeple as well. What a bunch of idiots! ROFLMAO.

Barns and Noble said...

IWHY you and Kate have a best seller on your hands! I can’t wait for Jodie and Julie to realize that the destruction of Kate Gosselin was a complete failure. In fact, with IWHY’s help Kate goes from being crucified by an internet army to fame and fortune with a BEST SELLER about her experience. Thanks to IWHY Kate comes out smellin’ like a rose, rises to fame as a Cyberbully Advocate and kicks Nancy Grace outa here and takes over her time slot on CNN with her hit show. Her fist show is about the 20 year prison term for her bullys!!

IWHY were you in LA to shop screen plays? Hope so ‘cause I think Camron Diaz should play Kate in the movie, she was great in “My sisters keeper.” Kevin Federline should play Jon, nf said, maybe Kevin Costner for the bodyguard. Who plays IWHY? Julia Roberts!, she kicked ass in Erin Brockovich!! Lindsey Lohan is Aunt Jodi!

OMG, they are dumbasses said...

Omg, you have got to be kidding me. They seriously are dumbasses if they didnt get it. Well, they seriously are dumbasses even if they did. LMAO

You have to work at being that stupid said...

Those women have got to be THE STUPIDEST dumbasses, I have ever ran across. THey just can't trip over themselves fast enough to throw shit at Iwhy and the joke is on them. Well, isn't it always?

Thanks for the laugh Lisa Kmart and the Kwipes.

Anonymous said...

You have to work at being that stupid said...
Those women have got to be THE STUPIDEST dumbasses, I have ever ran across. THey just can't trip over themselves fast enough to throw shit at Iwhy and the joke is on them. Well, isn't it always?

Thanks for the laugh Lisa Kmart and the Kwipes.

September 26, 2009 6:12 AM
new name for the nut jobs. Lisa Kmart and the kwipes. hahaha

Too Stupid is a Gwopper said...

For "ANy IDeas":
I agree with the other poster's Q: this was a Joke, right?? A joke post. Yeah.
IF not, wow. Just Wow.
And I thought I was letting MY kids get away with too much...!
And since you asked: no, my kids have never had any interest in J&K+8--the only TLC show they have ever watched is LPBW.
The day my kid(s) throw FOOD AT me, is the day their behinds are introduced to a new stinging sensation that is gonna be lasting oh...bout a week or so...

Okay, first she thinks it's a joke but she responds anyway.

1. they watch LPBW.. HELLOOOO children on TV. Umm I thought GWOPPERS say that is Child Abuse.

2. She will spank her kids so that feel it for a week. Ummm in GWOPPER world this Child Abuse.

Oh yea! I get it it's only abuse if Kate is doing it. Sounds like we need rule #45 it's only abuse if Kate does it. Nice effen Aholes to think a family member stated this crap.

There's no other explanation said...

Something disturbs me in the picture. The way Mady is to the right and two steps behind. You can feel the resentment radiating towards her father and her longing for someone just to stop and give her a kind word and a drop of water not crazy coffee drinks.

The ground somehow seems off and slanted. I see a girl that looks like Cara in the distance..stare into the sun and squint real hard. You'll see it plain as day. I think they're using body doubles for when the twins don't want to be on camera.

You can tell by Jon's interested look he is giving the "P" person that she must be a 22yo dimwit with tits. This has Kate's PR people written all over it. I hear them in my radio saying "IlikeKate".

I know it means Kate is an alcoholic, the children are covering for her as children of alcholics do in these situations. How else can you explain it? They are buying Starbucks so that when Kate has has her startbukcs and puts her alcohol in it appears normal. Those poor children. Will no one obsessively hate on their mother day and night? That's the only way to save them.

:) :) snicker

Anonymous said...

analicia said...

Please, let's give Lisa Kmart and the Kwipes (love the name)some slack, they do not understand sarcasm unless it includes the words 'HATE KATE'.

Let's see if I can explain it to them: Girls, Jon taking the twins to get a frozen beverage from an overprice establishment that specializes in coffees:

1) IS NOT News Worthy
2) IS NOT Totally shocking
3) DOES NOT Mean that the girls had an actual caffeinated drink.
4) IS NOT A good enough reason to criticize Jon (HE'S DONE MUCH WORST).

Really, even my 99 yr. old grandmother knows what Starbucks is.

Callie said...

Lindsey Lohan is Aunt Jodi!

I don't know which one is more messed up!

Jodi is trash said...

I do, lol! Poor Lindsey. The only thing the girl hasnt done is dish on her siblings. Too bad dirtbag Jodi can't say the same thing.