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GWOPWOP Proclamation #1

Once upon a time during GWOP's very important and poignant analysis of the Birthday Party episode, some GWOPPER penned her disgust that the just-turned-5-years-old sextuplets were too old to be holding hands with each other (and their mother) while walking through the Party Store parking lot.
For me, that comment was and remains the single, dumbest post ever made in the history of GWOP and that's really saying something since there are nothing but really dumb comments over there.
The second dumbest conversation ever held in GWOP's history occurred just last week in the very important and poignant analysis of the Camping episode. There are at least 3 different comments over there by presumably different woman who bragged how they each put up their own tent in the pitch black darkness of the Australian Outback while their husbands were fighting for our freedom in Iraq. They didn't grimace, grunt or grit their teeth once, which of course means something very grave about Kate and her tent struggle, but God only knows what.


Let it never be said that reading GWOP is a complete waste of time. How else would we have possibly known that even backyard camping is controversial?
Well, sorry to say you GWOPPERS, backyard camping is not controversial. It's just plain fun! And to end all further confusion on this topic, I make an official, first gwopwop proclamation.


Official GWOPWOP Proclamation
No. 1

A woman's ability to pitch a camping tent all by herself even in the most adverse circumstances is not a measure of anything all that valuable unless you happen to be camping with a deaf, mute quadriplegic far, far away from any other means of shelter and it's threatening to rain really, really hard.

It is not a measure of character. It is not a measure of self-worth. It's not a measure of intelligence.

It's not even interesting.

This proclamation applies to all women, even if you are a military wife.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. It is now so written and entered into the official record.




What's My Name? said...

Too funny!

Agent 99 said...

Here's another ridiculous coversation had in regards to analyzing every.thing.Kate.does = the use of paper plates! On the Facebook discussion board, which has fallen into hater hands, this topic drew 9 pages of debate!!
The argument being that you shouldn't say you are a "green" person and then use paper plates all the time - which might be a fair point - but then again I have to say "Way to protect those kids there Kate haters!" Their inability to stay on point speaks volumes to their true motives.

These people are a joke. I love coming here to laugh at them. :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! I know!!! Who really cares if you can pitch a tent? And I want it said here and now that I consider it the man's responsibility to pitch the tent and all subsequent dirty work involved with camping. This is also something that I teach my daughters. It is the man's job to kill bugs and do dirty stuff. Honestly, why have a man in your life if he's not going to do the heavy lifting? If you have not choice, like Kate, you gotta do. Otherwise, dump the wimp.

Gigolo Joe said...

When I saw Kate Gosselin bend over at the beach...I pitched a tent.

mkb77 said...

I just peed my pants over this proclamation. LMAO

Anonymous said...

I can't pitch a tent and I am awesome!