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Why is this Woman Barking at Me?

Here are a bunch of dog-themed comments that came in back-to-back this morning. If I published them then I would be able to see what time they came in (not that it matters 'except I envision this poster to be one of those 3am insomniacs who just got off her shift at the 7-11). I also received a batch of dog-themed comments yesterday morning but foolishly deleted them. I'll go ahead and publish today's batch but they'll land in different threads.

Why is this person barking at me?

The lies have such a Giddy taint. New material please. 1 million unique hits a month is not a few mods and some socks. In fact the mods rarely comment. You really should find out the facts. Woof, woof.

Keep it up. You're stupidity is showing.

Pathetic. The bowser and the other two of you can't make a go of it, huh? Your socks need to pick it up honey.



iwhyawli said...

Ha Ha Ha ... that first dog-themed comment is showing up almost immediately to the left of the GWOPPER-of-the Month picture, as if GWOPPER-of-the-Month is actually saying it. If I were GWOPPER-of-the-Month I wouldn't be ending anything I said or wrote with "woof. woof". It's too realistic.

Darla said...

If they were't worried about it, they wouldn't waste their time coming over here. And of course the mods rarely post at gwop. They have their own blogs were they lie about who they are so that people won't know that the people who claim "ADVOCACY!" are actually bored, lonely, angry pigs themselves.

The more attention you draw to it Iwhy, the more new people will begin to see that if they really are concerned about the Gosselin children, gwop, a place that exploits the entire Gosselin family, is not the place to go.

Alpo anyone? said...

Hey Iwhy, tell us what state they're barking from.

Wasnt there a recent large dog fighting bust? Perhaps the humane society gave them computer time in their kennels.

anna said...

The fact that they comment here at all speaks volumes. They hate what is said here and it bothers them no end. If they didn't care, why come here? Keep it up Iwhy!

Bitchologist said...

They are barking because they are BITCHES and that's their nature!

Who let the dogs out??? said...

I suspect that the barking is being done by some bitch in Kentucky.

What's My Name? said...

Wow the mods don't post Right! not as themselves, but as their vast variety of sock puppets. It really isn't that hard to figure out. When they do post as themseves it is to chastise the sheeple! Sheesh

fat finger said...

They are oh so cleverly saying you are Black Dog from the super secreeeet site. According to the pig blog, Black Dog= More Cowbell on the pity site.

I'd like to claim some super sleuthing powers but I accidently hit some saved web blog on my iPhone and found myself on the March 5 of the pig blog. I have no recollection of saving that, shrug. Apparently computers (and phones) work in mysterious ways.

iwhyawli said...

ah yes, most (but sadly not all) of my most regretted comment moderation boo-boos have been committed on an iPhone. Thank you for the Black Dog insights, fat finger. Thanks to everyone! We're coming up on 50,000 hits fast!

Anonymous said...


I think it is high time you get an advertisement or two on this blog. I think it would really piss off some of the hate blog owners since they believe that to have ads is wrong. Wouldn't it be great if you made a few bucks off of these GWoPers?


I B Me said...

Just a thought....

Maybe the dootie comment dropper is the umm scary person up on this month's poll and she is just not very happy about it? So she is going incognito on your blog?

Iwhy, I like your blog, but the photos to the right that get put up, give me the willies. To even think they may have their own kids, concerns me!

Marissa said...

Ah, has to be Peri, um Sharla, and her pigheads. They use the word Giddy (in reference to the old GDNNOP/now Imperfect Women site.

The Pigs are freakin' losers hands down.

Val said...

They are oh so cleverly saying you are Black Dog from the super secreeeet site. According to the pig blog, Black Dog= More Cowbell on the pity site.

Alright, I'm can you get into the seecret site and what is the pity site?

Anonymous said...

Did you do it??? Did you crack the Sooperr Seekrit Bored? Are you in?

Can't you give a real obvious hint who the Gwopper of the Month is? Like, "Oink-Oink" would mean Sharla.

yahoo emailer said...

Does the gwopper of the month have a 3 and the letter F in her name?