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In Celebration of 50K Hits

To my total and complete amazement, this blog is fast approaching 50,000 hits (if we haven't already passed it because I am an idiot).

We've come so far in this oddyssey (whatever it is) and I'm still sitting on a stockpile of comments or emails that have been coming in. I so hope no one is discouraged about their various tips and sleuthing comments. Just because you don't see them posted immediately doesn't mean iwhyalwi isn't savoring every word. As an example, I've been sitting on that GWOPPER-of-the-Month photo for weeks, waiting for some way to knit it into the fabric of our lives. Have you figured out who it is yet? Some of you have. If I confirm the identify of that photo, maybe gwopwop would have to go bye-bye involuntarily and so I'm reluctant to do it. The novelty and fun of gwopwopping has yet to wear off.

Moons ago, someone suggested via comment that I should plan something extra special for the Big 50K. It's just another one of the manyy fabulous ideas that have rolled through here.

I definitely plan to summarize all the major events in this blog's short history, but what else ? Will an 'iwhyawli' T-shirt make an unexpected appearance on next week's episode????? (crosses fingers) (Mwa-haaa-haaa). I'd need to work quickly but perhaps also iwhyawli could plan a celebratory chat session of some sort. Would anyone show up? This chat idea is under investigation .... I need to make certain any such chat session would be easy-to-do and secure (ie., no one would have to surrender any real world information, especially me). All the super seekrit blog people seem to do that PCPalTalk stuff (I might have the actual name wrong) so maybe I'll look into that.

50K Hits Coming UP, y'all!


iwhyawli said...

Holy Cow! The new princess thread has 24,000+ hits and it's only been in existence since
July 17th. Sure, most of the hits are probably mine but still. That's a whole lot of hits very quickly.

At least I got more hits than the Pig Blog, right?

Anonymous said...

You need almost 1000 more hits according to your counter. How soon do you think you'll hit it?

Anonymous said...

Love you, iwhy!

Linda said...

Well, of course you'd get more hits than the Pig Blog Iwhy. YOUR blog is fabulous! THEY are nothing but boring fatasses.

I'd show up for a conversation.

Marissa said...

Iwhy I'd join in on the conversation, too.

This blog is ten times any other because it has personality, definitely something the pigs don't have any of.

Team Iwhy all the way!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for 50K Day:

Start the Cafe Press store to sell the IWHYAWLI T-shirts. You know Kate is dying to wear it.


A better idea:

Send her a FREEBIE!

Agent 99 said...

The word on the street is that a little bird is spreadin' the word.

Tweet Tweet!

iwhyawli said...

wink wink


Troll Hunter said...

50,000! @ 9:40 a.m.

VeronicaMartian said...

iwhyawli said...

Moons ago,

please tell me this is a hint as to who the gwopper-of-the-month is!

congratulations on nearing 50k hits!

iwhyawli said...

Dangit! I wasn't here for the big 50,000th hit.

: cries :

Work screws me over yet again.

: cries:

Congratulations to Troll Hunter if you were the lucky 50,000 visitor! Thank you. It's been a real pleasure to make your totally anonymous aquaintance.

Since I missed the big moment and I have yet to complete any of my celebratory assignments, I may have to spread the momentous ocassion out for a several days. Sorta like I do my birfday. I did look at Paltalk yesterday and there's a "SuperIM" feature where you don't have to be a member of PalTalk or give your email address or anything in order to enter the chat room, but only 10 people can join at a time. That's plenty, right? Do I even have 10 different visitors to this blog, lol? What if it winds up just me in there chatting all by myself... and then a GWOPPER shows up. Oh the humiliation! Maybe I can get Mr. iwhyawli in the chatroom. Pfft, I'll MAKE him do it. He owes me.

yahoo emailer said...

Veronica, if you google image bohemian moon, you get a totally different picture...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wrong again. Only two or three of the super seekrits do Paltalk. One of them is no longer active. Whoever your spy is, she's really lousy or deliberately misleading you. Hm....

You want to compete with the Piggies? Are you crazy? Don't know where the new seekrit blog is do you?

Anonymous said...


how does one email you?

Agent 99 said...

I'd probably show up for a chat, if I'm not out on assignment.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, it appears that GWOP P.O. Box 16222 St. Louis, MO 63105 is not listed as NonProfit Organization

Taking charity money when not registered as a non profit is a no no. Unless one of the organization listed at the URL is the non-profit. Suspious that that no organization has PO Box 16222 listed, and organization may have multiple PO Boxes I guess.

Anonymous said...


Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organization Search By Name GWOP
Enter the Name of a Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organization:

(TIP: partial names can be entered; for example, searching on the word trust will return all organizations that contain the word trust)

No Records Found

Anonymous said...

Hm1mm 1 fricken po box number off

Birthright Counseling Service Ruth Bradbury 2206 South Brentwood Blvd. St. Louis, MO
63144 (314) 962-5300 PO Box 16221 Clayton, MO 63105 (314) 255-1823

Or maybe they have multiple PO boxes

GWOP P.O. Box 16222 St. Louis, MO 63105

Troll Hunter said...

Yay I witnessed a milestone!
I remember when this blog had about 3,000 plus hits.

Iwhyawli the pleasure is mine. You are the bestest anonymous internet friend that I have ever had.

Here's to 50,000 blog hits and I hope 1 million more.

Here's to kicking GWOPPER butts like no one has kicked before!

iwhyawli said...

anon on 8/7 at 3-something:

Sorry to miss your question. You can email me at

Anonymous said...

On GWOP they are asking question to Kate. I have one to ask GWOPpers. Starting with, "What business is it of yours to know how much anyone else makes???!!" They so want to know how much the Gosselins make. How in the world is that anybody else's business??

iwhyawli said...

I couldn't agree more with ya. What anyone else makes is no one's business. Unfortunately, minding one's own business isn't a GWOPPER's strong suit. If Jon and Kate must reveal what their family makes for TV and various appearances, it seems only fair that Jodi and Kevin cough up the same information regarding their various videos and appearances on prime time. But yet, I can't get Julie-the-truth-seeker to tell us.