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Paparazzi Pigs

So I'm re-watching this video where Kate is taking the twins to the school bus on their birthday (there's a similar video with Jon picking up the twins from the school bus later that afternoon) and I just get madder, madder and madder all over again. I get mad at the paparazzi but mostly at Julie and Jodi for igniting this whole circus.

I get that adults are fair game (actually I don't agree with that but at least they're adults), but it is too much to ask that these paparazzi creeps not do their paparazzi crapola in front of the children? Running after them and chasing them down with 50 pound cameras? In darkness? Asking questions about the divorce within ear shot ? WTF.

Seems to me NOT doing this sort of stuff in front of kids would be common sense. A matter of human decency. But I suppose I must now badger my congressman for legislation to have this type of crap taken care of . Surely the child advocates at GWOP are on the case too, right? I gotta tell ya -- if the paparazzi were parked my front of my house 24x7 or chasing me around in my car or found anywhere within 200 yards of my kids, they'd be worrying about taking two things: my photograph and a stray bullet.

I also noticed that at least two of p-people didn't have American accents. THAT'S ALLOWED ??? We award work visas in this country so that foreigners can come over here and badger our children for fun and profit? Nice. I can't stand that Americans are exercising their "Freedom of Speech" in such a foul matter but we must also tolerate this crap from non-citizens? Bullshit.

I *might* wonder how p-people would like it if I constantly showed up with a pack of people to chase their kids around and terrify them. Emphasis on the word "might" because I'm relatively certain these cretins wouldn't have kids. The only person willing to sleep with them is Britney Spears and , let's face it, that's punishment enough for any man.

P-people are pigs and so is Jon for encouraging them. Knock it off.


Anonymous said...

But in Jon's case, I think Jon invites the paps, as I think that maybe he is getting a cut of whatever they are making. And him being on The Insider and ET all week, what the hell is that all about? They were in his car filming him driving from NY to PA and he was complaining about having to make the three hour drive. Who the hell told him to move all the way to NY. And when he picked up the girls, it was almost like he was making room for the paps to get pictures of the girls, sitting in his car. And the whole live ET feed??? The ET article about Jon paying for the cake, when the bakery said that the cake was ordered by "Entertainment Something". Why are they jumping into bed with him? Is it because his stupidity gives them ratings???

Is he just digging a hole for himself deeper and deeper? I know that Kate and her Attorneys have to be keeping track of all of this. They are just going to nail him to the wall. And TMZ is saying:

"TMZ has learned Jon Gosselin's lawyer may be aced out of the Jon and Kate case because the person who vouched for him in Pennsylvania has withdrawn his support.

"We've learned Pennsylvania lawyer Michael Marino sponsored Mark Heller -- Jon's lawyer -- to practice one time only in Pennsylvania court. Heller is licensed to practice in New York, though he had been suspended for 5 years for a variety of misdeeds.

Under Penn law, an out of state lawyer seeking to practice in a Pennsylvania court must obtain a sponsor who is licensed to practice in the state. Marino signed up as his sponsor, but yesterday, he wrote the court a letter in which he said, "My motion ... is hereby withdrawn."

It's interesting Marino sent the letter after revelations of Heller's legal misdeeds in NY.

Anonymous said...

Kate Gosselin Ditches Her Wedding RingKate Gosselin Ditches Her Wedding Ring
Posted on Oct 09, 2009 @ 07:47PM print it send it
Splash NewsIt's gone! After ten years of marriage to Jon Gosselin, and months after they announced their split, Kate has finally taken the ring off of her wedding finger.

See More Photos Of Kate Without Her Wedding Ring

Kate had swapped out her original wedding ring for a ring that Jon bought her in Hawaii in 2008 when they renewed their wedding vows, but when Kate was snapped Friday, picking up the twins from school, she was without a ring at all.

PHOTOS: Kate Picks Up The Twins From School

Maybe Kate has reached the end of her tether finally, after a stressful week where she accused Jon of emptying out their joint bank account, and a showdown over the twins' ninth birthday party.

Kate Files Motion To Get $230k Back From Jon

Or it could just be temporary - on the Today Show Monday she said she was in the process of getting a ring fitted that is representative of Kate and her children.

Kate's Today Show Interview

"We discussed a ring I might buy," she said. "It has eight little diamonds and a mother of pearl."

Anonymous said...

This is what the hate blogs say is pretty.

Anonymous said...

I wish the p-people would quit houding them when the kids are there. I'm waiting for one of the kids to tell them off. lol

Sheeple Rule said...

In the video of Jon picking up the girls on their birthdays, one of the girls got off the bus, saw her dad in his slobby , baggy pants, T-shirt, open grungy shirt, backwards ball cap and said, "I don't like your outfit".

Smart kid.

Anonymous said...

In addition to encouraging the P-people to stalk the G's, I have to wonder what role Julie and Jodi's participation in GWOP and some of the other hate blogs has helped to facilitate the destruction of this family. That's not to say that J&K didn't have problems to begin with, but the amount of venom that has been spewed at them for the past however many years has had to increased the stress level in that volatile household and most definitely has added fuel to the fire. (With Jon not being the brightest bulb, I've always wondered if he found out he was being abused because he read GWOP. He obviously didn't know it before, did he?) You have to wonder how these advocates feel about the children they purported to be saving,considering that they have helped create this sad situation. I most definitely hold GWOP and their ilk partly responsible for the destruction of this family.

Sheeple Rule said...

Now Jon says he is half Jewish, because he has a Jewish lawyer and a Jewish girlfriend.


I Miss Fiona said...

Jon's stylist = Hailey.
Jon's scheduler = Hailey.
Jon's adviser = Hailey.
Jon's BFF = Hailey.
Jon's NYC rommate = Hailey.

Does anybody wonder why Jon is crashing and burning?

Val said...

She laughs about it. It's so different than it was with Kate. It's so comfortable with Hailey and her family. They are so nice. They gave Kate a free tummy tuck, worth $20 grand. I mean, hello? It's free surgery.

Um Jackass, Dr. Glassman did that in exchange for the wonderful exposure he got for being on a top show. It was an endorsement deal with TLC, jackass.

ladeedah said...


Val said...

Of course, when I say "jackass" I'm talking to Jon.

Anonymous said...

This is really why people like Jon get exploited. In short, they're idiots.

Ihategwop said...

Anonymous said...

"In addition to encouraging the P-people to stalk the G's, I have to wonder what role Julie and Jodi's participation in GWOP and some of the other hate blogs has helped to facilitate the destruction of this family."

Personally, I think gwop made(and continues to make) Jon think it's okay to act the way he has been. He's eating up the fact that they hate Kate and is constantly using the poor, brow beaten husband excuse any chance he gets. Same for Kevin and Jodi. All of them are so caught up in putting Kate in her place that they've completely forgotten about the kids and how detrimental their actions have been for them. I personally wouldn't expect gwop to give a shit(no matter what they say), but I'd expect a little more from family.

Jon is the epitome of sheeple. He said in an interview recently that TLC made Kate look like an ogre before, and now they're doing it to him. Funny that's only his story when he needs to blame someone for his own actions. I've certainly never heard him say that Kate isn't as bad as tlc made her out to be. He's said before that he was "aware" of the blogs, and I'm sure he read gwop before they split. Did they manipulate him into thinking that he was an abused husband, even though, by his own admission, the image portrayed by Kate was one manufactured by tlc, and not her true character? Was Jon just tired of the responsibility and looking for an easy out?

I do believe that gwop played some role in how this marriage unraveled. The first time we saw the gosselins in a tabloid, gwop was responsible. They were constantly contacting star mag and giving "anonymous" quotes. That first article about them came directly from that blog and it's "sources". They are a pathetic bunch of losers and it is laughable that the helping the kids was every their objective. This is what they wanted, and they are loving every minute of watching this family self destruct. If I were Kate, when I was done with Jon I'd go after them.

The real ladeedah! said...

Ok... looks like someone else is using my ladeedah name.


I have never understood how, what the paparazzi do isn't considered harassment, not only that but they present a danger to other drivers on the road. Why are special allowances made for the "p-people?" Its crap!!