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Blogger Errors

Sorry to report this ...

Blogger being the crappiest web application known to man is currently throwing all sorts of errors whenever I attempt to moderate comments. Other blogs that aren't even half as wonderful as this one are also suffering the problem. Sure, I've reported the problem but I also feel like I could have created my own blogging software in the amount of time it took me to figure out how to report a Blogger problem. I say that without knowing jack-squat about web applications, or technology in general. That's not a compliment, you google dweebs.

I've now 45 some comments in the queue but I'm afraid to touch them. When I do, it's unclear whether I'll receive this goofy "bX-lhziiw" error. And when I do receive the error, it's not clear whether the comment is actually published. As we all know, I have enough trouble getting the stuff published without blogger contributing to the confusion. I hope this means Serena (NHRN) will lose her job at google.

Yeah, I realize this stuff is "free" but our (wasted) time certainly is not free. So f-you, blogger. F-you, serena. Get this fixed. PRONTO!

I have spoken.


Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: Read The Secret Gosselin Court Papers, Kate Demands Jon Sells His CarsEXCLUSIVE: Read The Secret Gosselin Court Papers, Kate Demands Jon Sells His Cars
Posted on Oct 06, 2009 @ 01:23PM print it send it
WENNIn papers filed secretly in a Pennsylvania court on Monday, Kate Gosselin not only demanded Jon Gosselin return $230,000 to their bank account but also that he sell his luxury cars, is reporting exclusively.

EXCLUSIVE: Read The Court Papers!

Only obtained the explosive court papers, which have triggered a public brawl between Jon and Kate, who have been attacking each other on national TV.

And now that Kate has hired high-powered Los Angeles attorney Marty Singer, she's also demanding that Jon disclose how much he's paying his attorney, Mark Heller, who was once suspended from practicing law in New York for five years due to a host of violations including fraud.

Read The Blistering Letter Sent By Kate’s Lawyer Regarding Missing Money

In court papers filed Monday at Montgomery County Court in Pennsylvania, Kate reveals that Jon wiped out $230,000 from their joint bank account, a charge first revealed by this past weekend. Jon left Kate with only $1,000 in that account.

And in the papers, Kate demands Jon sell his BMW and Mercedes!

According to the papers, Jon withdrew the money between August 8th 2009 and September 29th 2009, Kate discovered the missing funds on Friday October 2nd, right after Jon appeared on Larry King Live saying he wanted to be friends with Kate!

On August 8th, Jon withdrew a whopping $100,000, with various other lump sum withdrawals during the time period according to the papers.

A furious Kate is demanding the court hold Jon in contempt of their Interim Arbitration Award; order him to pay back the $230,000 within 24 hours of the court's order; order Jon to provide complete accounting of monies spent, from any source whatsoever, for the last 60 days; order Jon to sell both his BMW and his Mercedes and escrow the funds to cover any potential in his ability to repay the $230,000; order Jon to produce all of his lawyer Mark J. Heller's retainer agreements, documentation regarding payment of any fees or retainers, as well as copies of all invoices from Heller and order Jon to pay Kate's legal fees of $5,000.

In the papers Kate claims that without the funds she is "unable to pay any bills or expenses for her or the parties eight children, including the real estate taxes, individual taxes, quarterly taxes, tuition for the children, clothing for the children and repairs to the homes."

In the papers, she claims, "Husband's conduct is knowing, willful, malicious, in bad faith and outrageous".

Anonymous said...

ONLY ON RADAR: Legal Expert Weighs In Gosselin Divorce DramaONLY ON RADAR: Legal Expert Weighs In Gosselin Divorce Drama
Posted on Oct 06, 2009 @ 04:20PM print it send it As Jon and Kate Gosselin await a Pennsylvania judge’s ruling on what sanctions, if any, Jon will face after pilfering their joint bank account, spoken with Lisa Helfend Meyer, a Southern California family law expert that is accustomed to having high profile clients in the media - Khloe Kardashian hired the legal ace before she married Lamar Odom.

Meyer, whom doesn't represent either of the Gosselins, tells that it isn't uncommon for couples going through a divorce to maintain a joint bank account, however, it does cause potential problems. "It is not unusual for parties to maintain joint bank accounts. It is not advisable because the money that is usually deposited during separation is separate property and as a result it can become an accounting nightmare," Lisa says.

As for Jon Gosselin's motivations for ceasing production of the children participating in the reality show, Lisa warns that his motivations could harm him. " I am sure Jon pulled the plug because he was vindictive. Whether I agree or not, apparently he had no problem with the kids being filmed previously. I also think it is a bad move legally as the Judge will probably see it for what it is. Remember he was fired from his show so it was a way of getting back at her."

The advice Meyer would give the feuding Gosselins? "My advice to them would be to retreat to their separate corners, rethink the course they are each taking and then try to resolve all issues in their case. Unfortunately for them with 8 kids they will have to deal with each other until death do them part."

Sounds like great advice to us!

Anonymous said...

court docket said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

. Jon says TLC pays for everything.. electricity, clothes, landscaping, craft services. Jon stated that term really means a chef, dry cleaning, etc.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli said...

All looks pretty convincing to me. Radaronline really is a yellow rag. How exactly does "secretly file" a court motion, especially when they've gone on National TV and told everyone they plan to do it. I realize the court records are probably sealed but there is nothing secret about this divorce, unfortunately.

Jon Gosselin better be planning to prove "identity theft" or he's a complete asswipe. Most of us have heart palpitations when $20 goes missing (or is found unexpectedly), let alone $230,000.

I sincerely hope he gets jailtime for this. There needs to be a clear historical message to his children that no one thought his conduct was acceptable, and only made matters worse.

iwhyawli said...

In other news, I'm still getting the blogger errors when trying to publish or reject comments. I'll just keep trying to publish them but apologies for any comments that go missing.

Jonny Jailbird said...

Jail would be a nice little wake up call for Jon and probably whats best for him. At least if he's in jail, he won't be able to open his stupid mouth. Every time I see Jon on TV, this Mark Twain quote runs through my mind. I doubt Jon even knows who Mark Twain is.

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” -Mark Twain

iwhyawli said...

This blogger problem seems to be cleared up, thankfully. They so fear me.