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I'm back y'all.... just in time for the season premiere. Whew! I would have been back sooner but I forgot my password. But to my good fortune on the train tonight, I happened to catch site of this giant-size woman with big clownlike red hair, a beard and long yellow toenails and I remembered that my password is Sharla.

Hope you had great summers. I'm off to GWOP to catch up. I can't possibly imagine what they're whining about these days. To my knowledge, Kate et al haven't been on the air or in the news in ages.


RIP Gwop said...

Welcome back, Iwhyawli.

Have you met Jon's summer fling, Ellen? He accidentally had them ink ERIN on his back tatoo- ooops!
Ellen, Jon's girlfriend has her own blog now. She gives advice! I hope Hailey writes in asking how to get her $200,000 back.

PS- I think Gwop died in July.

Puff said...

Hello, hello, hello, so glad you have returned. All of us non Gwoppers and Kate supporters have a new mantra....
"Kate is going to the emmys, Kate is going to the emmys, yay! Those Gwoppers can't stand it and are grasping at any tidbit to hate on worse than ever. They have all gone rabid and toxic.

Betsy said...

What are they talking about? Same as always.....HATE KATE!!
That's about it!

Anonymous said...

Well good ol' Mickey McKean has been on the all important earth shattering must know now search for the missing scooter (I mean, the post is about 6 paragraphs, no lie) and talked about the plastic fence they had up. She went as far as to look up prices online and give us a quote on how much this must have cost.

Those women truly have no lives.

Anonymous said...

Talk about no lives. People talking about a blog. Truly YOU need something useful to do. Bunch of idiot twits here.

iwhyawli said...

Mickie, that you?

Anonymous said...

Someone is a tad defensive. Hey douche nozzle, I don't spend 23 hours a day googling Kate and her every move and getting off on her body and then posting how much I hate her. My total time here? Three minutes. Compare that to your hopping around the web trying to figure out how much her freaking fence costs.

Yeah, and I'm the idiot. *eyeroll*