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Things Too Personal

So I headed over to GWOP to share in all the enthusiam for Kate's new show that surely must be building, but I got sidetracked by something that I've been meaning to understand/make fun of for a long, long time.

Every time Sharla posts one of her Open Discussion threads, she posts the same set of instructions --- or, as I like to call them: rules. Because the 21 rules appearing at the very start of the blog clearly aren't enough, we also have rules of conduct for each the Open Discussion threads.

Yes, Sharla, as we know, is a complete rule freak. Which isn't too suprising. If you've bothered to draft the Official Rules and Code of Conduct for something that comes naturally to most species (ie., motherhood), it makes sense that you would devise a dizzying set of rules to govern every other aspect of life.

Dare I say that Sharla might be the only person who is more controlling than Kate? And yet, friends, what is the one rule that Shara so conveniently ignores? That's right, that pesky little Golden Rule.

But I've made fun of Herr Sharla's obsession with rules plenty of times before. No need to repeat myself. Today, I'd like to focus on this bewildering GWOP bewilderment:

"Remember or try the Facebook Group for things that would be off topic or too personal on the blog."


I guess I need an example of something that is "too personal on the blog" that would not be "too personal on Facebook".

I admit that I'm no facebook wiz, but I do know that most facebook members (except for the GWOP moderators) sign up on facebook using their real names and that member profiles commonly disclose stuff like hometown, current city, school, employer, kid's names, etc. Facebookers will also post pictures of everything you can possibly imagine: their kids, their homes, their vacation plans, their new flat screen TVs, their obvious problems with alcohol, their body parts, their collections of severed body parts -- you name it.

Last but not least, let's not also forget all the idiotic status postings.

TMI, people!

I also know that if you don't take specific action to privatize all that personal content, you're feeding it to friends, friends of friends, advertisers and god knows who else, INCLUDING SHARLA.

So um, facebook ain't exactly private. And for anything TOO PERSONAL, it's actually less private than posting anything anonymously at GWOP. And so perhaps here layeth Sharla's true motivations. Does Sharla want you GWOPPERS to post all the valua ... err, personal stuff on Facebook and not GWOP so that, you know, she has a face, a name, mailing address, and if you wouldn't mind, a social security number to attach to it?

No worries, Sharla's intentions can only be good. Afterall, who can possibly forget how very kind, giving and fiercely protective Sharla was toward PENNMOMMY when her imaginary son fell ill and then died so tragically.


Anonymous said...

The Facebook page is so someone can put up a bazillion pictures of herself dressed as Kate. If that person was trying to make fun of Kate well it backfired because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

Well, that just goes to prove my theory that Gwoppers really want to be Kate and/or get into her pants.

cady said...

Sharla is master of the Kate cult and is loving every minute of it. Her followers bow to her every whim. Talk about sheep! 'Baaaaaa Baaaaa Baaaaa,' said the little Gwoppers.

Facebook Detective said...


I found a couple of comments on a previous thread that would look a lot better on this one. Could you pretty please with sugar on top repost the following?

Be sure to check out fat Irene's latest facebook endeavor. I'm gonna have a good time with the info I get there. Pictures of the GWOP and RWA hags.!/group.php?gid=122745877738296&ref=ts

June 1, 2010 11:18 PM

And her facebook GWOP site. Odd, they don't post nearly as nasty there as they do on the blog. Maybe her Church PASTOR doesn't know how nasty she is?!/group.php?gid=76953060886&v=wall&ref=ts

June 1, 2010 11:20 PM

Blog Researcher said...
I found this on someone's facebook page (super secret page). I had to grab it and run before my IP was swiped. I'm not sure if the video is TVSnark singing Sharla Smith's favorite song or Sharla Smith singing TVSnark's favorite song. Either way works for me. All of these hate blog owners are beginning to look alike to me. Enjoy.

I’m So Beautiful

June 2, 2010 5:04 PM

Rut Ro said...
TvSnark's facebook page

TVSnark’s Facebook Page

June 2, 2010 9:09 AM

LMAO said...


You are awesome! You must have a pretty big pantry at home because you bring out a fresh can of whoop ass everyday!

Anonymous said...

God you people are so bitter, putting pictures of Kate haters up is pathetic. The hater blogs have more class than you!

iwhyawli said...

What you talkin' about, Willis? [RIP]

Anonymous said...

I love this blog,I read here everyday just so I can laugh my ass off. I was wwondering if you might be able to suggest to Z on Tv if he could get professional psychological statements on people who obsessively blog their extreme hatred and wish bodily injury on a mother of 8. Surely there must be a clinical diagnosis for this kind of disorder Or maybe as someone said on another blog they're all just bat-shit crazy!

No Worry, Beef Curry said...

Don't look on Facebook... as I am not there.

My name starts with a "K" (as in Kate). I was born in Redondo Beach, CA. I grew up in Torrance. I don't use any meds, or anything other than the average Californianvegan. Figure that one out- via Google. I was on the Dean's List... honor roll at NHS. Excelled in Spanish and English. I also love Depeche Mode and organic hummus. Um, I don't have any kids- for you to stalk either. Love my two dogs. Any more questions?

Oh... My SS# starts with 557...


Great POST IWHY!!!

And speaking of PennMommy, I would like to take a moment and offer my theory of "Kelly" the BL child advocate lead protester and why it did not move forward as planned and talked about for at least a thousand comments.

1. Why isn't anyone one BL site asking about the protest. They were all SOOOOO into it?

2. Why isn't anyone now DEMANDING an explanation from Kelly and his sudden and untimely departure?

3. Why has child advocate, in debt BL flat out addressed this to Kelly?

4. Does everyone remember where BL came from?

5. Can you say PennMommy?

I am know fool IWHY, and neither are you. I smell something rotten and those wackos can avoid an elephant in the room better than any group I have ever come across.

Thanks for allowing me to post THEOBVIOUS!!!!

gwopwop is the best said...

Oh yeah the kate hater sites are a real class act. The ladies that congregate there are so classy they say, "excuse me" before farting at the dinner table.

On a side note. I think Sharla eats her meals over the kitchen sink wearing a tattered bathrobe, underwear that says "tuesday" on it and flip flops she got from the the shoe bin at the drug store.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

God you people are so bitter, putting pictures of Kate haters up is pathetic. The hater blogs have more class than you!
Class and GWOP are two words that never belong in the same sentence.

Jowls of a Dog said...

I bet you fat Midwesterners do have a big 'ole pantry. Gobble gobble!

Blog Detective said...

Anonymous said...
God you people are so bitter, putting pictures of Kate haters up is pathetic. The hater blogs have more class than you!
June 3, 2010 6:14 PM


I will use my astute powers of deduction to deduce who the dastardly dimwit dookiehead who posted the above comment really is.

1. I will rule out anyone from RWA. The RWA women often like taking the Lord’s name in vain but, and this is a big butt, a Sharla Smith butt if you will, the ladies at RWA almost unanimously dislike TVSnark for her betrayal of LisaK to Matt Heckman. They also seem not to give a rat’s buttocks for Sharla Smith. So I doubt any of them would make that post. Also I doubt that anyone at RWA knows what the word “class” really means. Lastly, they really don’t like Irene or each other for that matter.

2. JenD would be someone who might come to TVSnark’s defense since they are blog bffs and obsessed with the smell of each other’s farts. However, JenD is a professed Christian and although she is arrogant, self righteous, she’ll bare false witness, not turn the other cheek etc etc, she won’t take the Lord’s name in vain.

3. Irene could have posted the comment but if anyone looked at her Facebook profile they would see that she is a proud Southern Baptist and although she never read the words “blessed are the merciful” gosh darn it she won’t take the Lord’s name in vain.

4. Another likely candidate is TVSnark. She doesn't like Kate, people who have more money than she does, people who have more than seven pairs of underwear, people who live in more than 500 sq. feet, fellow kate hater blog owners and above all a higher power. She also hates to be made fun of. However, although she has no qualms about taking the Lord’s name in vain she doesn’t like to admit that she has a “hater” website. TVSnark likes to think of herself as a social commentator of some sort. She thinks her insights into pop culture are going to make some big impact on some reader’s life. She wants to be the first blogger to get a Pulitzer. So I have to conclude that Snark didn’t post that comment.

5. The only likely candidate for posting that comment is Sharla Smith! Sharla Smith is delusional. She thinks GWOP is a temple of holiness. Sharla thinks she is doing the Lord’s work here on earth. Sharla is after all a self-appointed child advocate. Sharla is way up at the top of the morality totem pole and everyone else who blogs is at the bottom in the dirt. Make no mistake Sharla does not think she is a low class “hater” No no! She is above the fray. Thus Sharla Smith wrote that comment because every site but her precious GWOP is a “hater site.” Furthermore, Sharla likes to come over to gwopwop riding her high horse and try and instruct iwhyawli on how to be a good blog owner.

Sharla Smith did it!!!

Case solved!

Iwhy puts the S in bitchslap said...

Anonymous said...
God you people are so bitter, putting pictures of Kate haters up is pathetic. The hater blogs have more class than you!

June 3, 2010 6:14 PM


Correction Anonymous... the haters put pictures of themselves up. I love how the haters whine and complain about someone getting their personal information when they are the ones putting that personal information out into the cyber world. Some time ago there was some skanky looking housewife (SLH) that was crying because someone had the name of her kid. It turned out the skanky looking housewife (SLH) had put the kid's name on a website then told people about the website. Now is that dumb or what? I think that skanky looking housewife(SLH)said she taught college somewhere.

I also remember a few months ago when one of the "classy" haters tried to out Iwhyawli and put out a picture of someone who wasn't even Iwhyawli. Yep, real classy of the haters to first try and OUT someone, then to victimize someone who wasn't even their intended target.

gabby = wee tod said...

There is a poster on the Gosselin Blog Scene named Gabby. I'm not sure if she is new or not. What I am sure of is that she writes like she is wee taw ded (say the last three words outloud).

Gabby talks like this:

"Kate went store. She wear shoes. Highheel shoes. She dumb. Me gabby hate her. Me gabby like eat fried chicken. yum yum yum."

Gabby apparently is a poster on Radar Online (ROL).

Gabby or gabby or gabbie might be a source of much laughter in the future.

iwhyawli said...

Dear Beef Curry,

I hear Al Gore is available. If you're not his soul mate, no one is.

JenD/Jupiter said...

Hello Iwhy,
Please be assured that when I post on your blog I am happy to use my name. I don't post her anon and only a coward would do that.

I do see that you allowed a "JenD" post through on another thread. That was not me. I am not upset about it, just keeping the record straight.

I did not post the anon comment but I support and agree with it.

iwhyawli said...

Dear JenD/Jupiter,

I am sure of only one thing: you're a complete idiot.

CarlyBrown said...

Do you think JenD has herself on google alerts like Jon does?

Food4thought said...

Maybe this one claiming to be the real JenD is really the pretendy JenD and the orginal post by JenD was by the real JenD. It could be. You know?

iwhyawli said...

Well in my enthusiasm for tonite's world premiere of Kate Plus 8, I just accidentally deleted some comments that I meant to post. Some things just never change I guess.

One post was from "Anne S" about JenD being her own best friend and the repeated bitchslapping dealt to her by the Internet. I'm really sorry, Anne S.

The other was from anonymous who wrote that, much like me, she doesn't know who the hell JenD is.

Yeah, I don't know how JenD figures into the whole Gosselin hate club either. To me, she's like a mental patient, who probably wouldn't have to live in the nuthouse fulltime, except for her chronic need to pull her dress up over her head in public places.

Believe me, I don't post most of the comments I get about her and the other fake ant-Gosselin trolls but because there do appear to be a few valued readers here that do like poking the crazy, I do what I can to keep everyone happy.

Blogging ... it's such a delicate balance of art and science.

Anonymous said...

I commented that JenD/Jupiter seems to be her own biggest FAN and that must make if difficult for her to understand the bitch slapping she gets all over the net.
She writes that she is a college professor etc., etc. but it's very obvious that she has no clue to anything other than tooting her own horn.

No worries about the accidential delete Iwhy cuz my observations are just that...mine. But, but, but I sure would like to own some of yours.

Anne S

Answergirl said...

Iwhyawli said…

Yeah, I don't know how JenD figures into the whole Gosselin hate club either.

June 6, 2010 6:21 AM



To answer your question, JenD is:

1. Sharla's Smith's former chatroom moderator and No.1 asskisser.

2. a Bully, Arrogant, Self Righteous, a Mole, a Spy, a Gossip and a Nuisance. I forgot to add that she is pretty dumb too.

3. TVSnark's best friend and partner in crime in bullying, stalking, harrassing and slandering everyone and anyone that they can.

4. Perhaps the most disliked and annoying blogger to come into the Kate Hate Blogging World. She has pissed off, aggravated or simply worn out her welcome with almost every group she tries to blog with. In short, she is 10 times worse than FIONA!

People like to make fun of JenD because:

1. She deserves it.
2. Payback
3. It's so damn easy!

Tv Snark said...

Leave Jen D out of youre comments Iwhine. Im sick of this blog talking about her all day long.

AussieGurl said...

Then Tv Snark and JenD/Jupiter why do you come to this website and post on it? You are just putting yourself out there for opinions. If you can't handle it then don't come over here. Also to the anon poster, i had to laugh so hard at your post about peoples pictures, considering your whole website/blog/fugly women with no life hatesite is dedicated to solely hate on a woman who is doing everything she can to provide a good life for her children. You have pictures up of them, you have videos of you fuglys trying to be her and you come over here to bash on one picture LOL. Its not nice when it's back on you is it

No Worry, Beef Curry said...

Poking the crazy? You have no idea.

I will still open up on you stalkers, like Granny on "Every Which Way But Loose"

Google it, kids...
'Nuff said.

iwhyawli said...

Yeah right, like I'm going to be googling stupid Gosselin-hater-troll shit all day long. I'll get right on that.

MOI doesn't think you're crazy, a troll or a cyberbully. I think you're mentally retarded. You're a fool.