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I am a pathetic Gosselin blogger

So, um, I was messing around over there in the archives, looking for all those funny movies y'all once created. Remember those? They were FUNNY!

See, I'm fixin' to make another sidebar thing that include a list of those movie links. And whilst I was poking around to find the movies, I realized:

"Hey, this blog is probably coming up on its one year anniversary! I could do the movie link sidebar thing in celebration of gwopwop's one year anniversary! Because that's what real bloggers do: they celebrate stuff like their blog's birthday. OMG OMG OMG ... I want to be a real blogger too!"

Buzzer sound. Guess what?

Iwhyawli totally missed gwopwop's birthday. It was May 3rd. Whoopsie!

Sharla NEVER misses a GWOP milestone!

While, yes, I may be the world's most pathetic Gosselin blogger, it gives me great comfort to know that I will never be like Sharla, no matter how hard I try.


sara said...

Congrats Iwhyawli. Being not like Sharla is a cause for celebration.

DallasWhiter said...

Happy One year and 1 month and 3 days Birthday to you.

Happy One year and 1 month and 3 days Birthday to you.

Happy One year and 1 month and 3 days Birthday to Dear Iwhy.

Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Rules and Fools

#10 Along with not being rude don't tell other people how to think, act, or behave - don't try to tell other people what to do or not do including exhortations to stop watching or calls for don't watch.

Jenny said...
I agree with everyone, why don't we all make a pact not to watch the show tonight. If anyone is bound and determined to watch, why not check the listings to see when a repeat is going to be on, probably later in the week, and watch then if you somehow can't resist.

To me it's encouraging to think we can make a real difference on behalf of those precious children by simply not turning our tv to TLC tonight. C'mon...I know we all can be activists on their behalf, and it's not like we have to run in a marathon or participate in a telethon...just don't turn our tv's to TLC this evening, what could be easier than that? It's a simple way to put our money where our mouth is on behalf of the kids. I know you can do it.

grannyoftwo said...
I agree with everyone who is NOT watchng...I will not nor have I been watching anything Kate for at least a year and a half now. It feels so freeing and that I am really doing my part to help those children...lets just see how many can do the same..for the children..that should be our motto...not Kates..

NT said...
I will take the pledge not to watch Kate plus 8 tonite. I will watch the 2 hour premiere od Next Food network Star. On 9 till 11. Perfect. For those of you who want to watch Kate on a nite that won't reflect ratings,it will be on wed at 7pm and 8 pm.

6/06/2010 1:54 PM

Hard to Keep Loving Jon said...
Please get your Kate fix on YouTube. Do NOT watch TLC and give them a ratings #.

6/04/2010 11:08 PM

SwingsandRoundabouts said...
Won't be watching.

Will not watch.

Won't, will not, cannot, shall not watch.


6/06/2010 11:24 AM

Guess Who? said...

Hooray!!! We're nothing like THE GWOPS!!!

I celebrated by watching Kate Gosselin take her 8 adorable children to Florida for a free vacation at Discovery Cove. She's so frugal, efficient, and blessed. She's not like Sharla either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing a place for people everywhere to poke the crazies!

Karma's Coming, Kate. said...

Sharla is far better than you. Nobody cares about your stupid little blog, but everyone cares about GWOP.

Troll Hunter said...

A Haiku for Iwhyawli:

Hugs and Kisses

To the mighty One that Slaps

GWOP Bitches

momsby said...

Happy Birthday GWOPWP..since I found you, I have not gone to GWOP once! Not that they'll miss the hits. I only went the odd time anyway, way to much negative energy. Thanks for taking one for the team, so we can have our daily LOL's :0

mad props said...


You aren't pathetic. You have a life! The only reason why Sharla remembers all of the GWOP milestones is that frankly she only has GWOP and her "family" of posters.

Without GWOP Sharla was just another ordinary Kate hater, with no love, no life and no real friends. With GWOP Sharla has become the Jim Jones of the Kate Gosselin hate group. GWOP is the People's Temple for all the frumpy, fugly, no ambition, jealous, envious, easily agitated, ignorant women who think it is a great tragedy that Kate Gosselin is in almost all counts living better than they are.

So, Iwhyawli, I am very happy that you are nothing like Sharla.

iwhyawli said...

WHAT?!?!? Nobody cares about my stupid little blog???? HOW DARE YOU?

Oh yeah, that's right, we're gwopwoppers. We're normal. We have lives.

momsby said...

Karmas Coming......
Just practicing my response for when your Karma bites you in the ASS :)
By the way thanks for watching, every viewer counts. Even when there is a magic remote involved.