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Breaking News! DWTS Cheats

So I'm trying to vote for Evan and I get this message: "Sorry, we couldn't find that page"
Don't believe me? Here are some pics.

Pic #1: Here's me trying to place my first vote of 32,403 votes for Evan. I click the word "VOTE" in that little pink box.

Pic #2: Denied!

Good thing, ABC doesn't do heart transplants. Because website problems (wink, wink) when you're a Reality TV Show who has just told 23 million to vote must be kinda like when the heart slips from the surgeon's hands and lands on the floor.

I would also like to comment that is next to possible to post pictures on blogger.


stepaway said...

seems to be ok now. Voted 5 times for Evan

Anonymous said...

IWHY exposes yet another scam! Move over Sharla, Bruno & Co. get the headline tonight.

Please, though, please let's keep laughing about that stupid "Thngs We're Not" thread!

momsby said...

Oh that's to bad IWHY I forgot DWTS was even on anymore..but I would have preferred to see Evan or Erin win. Where you as shocked as I was to hear the winner was Nicole? lol Who would have ever guessed a professional dancer could win.

Pattypie said...

Hey Iwhy,

I thought I would come over and say HI since word on the street is I am you!

Since we supposidly are sistas' I though perhaps we should wear coordinating outfits and get our hair cut the same way!! Wouldnt that be fab?!

Oh and how do you feel about home perms?

just askin' ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is PattyPie and Iwhy the same person?
Grandma T raised this question and I happened to have been thinking along the same lines.


DetroitDani said...
I said it on another thread, I'll say it again:

PattiePIEHOLE = I wonder how you all will like it

I wonder how she likes being discovered?

Grandma T is pretty sharp. She's not the first person to make that observation.

[trifocal glasses observation]
Seeing Clearly said...
I did a little reading and came up with a few observations.

PattyPie praises Iwhy's blog.

Several Sageway posters also post at Iwhy's:
Probably a few others.
However PattyPie herself is not a poster at Iwhy's? I can't find a comment from her.

Another intersting observation is that the very first post at Sage's was authored by Iwhy. They have all been in bed together since the beginning.

[there goes the neighborhood]
Anonymous said...
Yep, I met IwhyI once and a more trashier person does not exist.
Wilbur said...
Oh, right. IwhyI is the trashiest of the trashy, but Sage is right behind.

[schools out for summer]
MommyInCanada said...
No I think I wrote it wrong. I meant to say that SAGE and IWHYI are FUCKING STUPID. Reading there lowers your iq.

Sorry for the mix up.

[accolades to boost ratings]
Anonymous said...
Well I think we need to proclaim Grandma T as today's Queen of the Blog for breaking this landmark scandal WIDE OPEN!

IloveWIDEass = pattyPORKEDout

They are indeed one and the same.

All hail GRANDMA T!!! WooHooHoo!!!

[poor ole little me, slut of the bloggersphere]
JenD/Jupiter said...
I have been reading here for a few days and waiting to comment. This thread made it impossible to resist.

Iwhy has been against ME for a long time. I had never heard of her or her site until one day in chat someone linked me. Lo and behold there were a lot of comments about me!! They hated me with a passion and I did not know any of them!

I started posting at Sage's and PattyPie developed this attitude with me. She attacked me several times and claimed she knew about me. I had never seen her before.

If Iwhy and PattyPie are the same person then it explains a lot. She hated me before we ever "met" and to this day has NO justification for that. She is one nasty wench.

[p or not to p]
Anonymous said...
Hi Gabby!

If PattyPie/IwHy set up this site I'm in BIG trouble!

They gots my ip!

iwhyawli said...

I weep again for our country and humanity.

Pattypie said...

Oh if we are the same person should I weep too?.... cuz I was LMAO!

Just Sayin said...

I weep for the children, the grandchildren, the spouses, the siblings,the neighbors, the mailmen, the grocery baggers and anyone else that have to interact with the gwoppers.

I'm cryin' a river over here cuz that's how I roll.

momsby said...

Oh NUTS...I just did something I vowed I would never from the BHH. Oh, well I can see I'm not missing much. Thanks for the giggles Anon. I guess they don't think there can be 2 kick ass funny Kate fans? If it keeps them from stinking up SWE or here, it's worth it. P.S. Creeples all the pro-katers heart the IWY. IWY ROX,
PP, so do U. Kudos Ladies!

SoBeachy said...

I love it when the haters think they have a thought!
Once every week the CIA returns their applications after stamping them with their biggest reddest REJECT STAMP.