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RIP: Meredith Viera

So yeah, I remembered what it was that I wanted to write before I got distracted by the extra delicious ridiculousness that is GWOP's emergency blog.

Did I hear that right last night, y'all?

Meredith Viera told the GWOPPERS to GET A LIFE ?

Oh no, Meredith, Meredith, Meredith.

I hardly knew ya.


ga_mom said...

Watch out, Meredith. The Cows will come stampeding!

Deborah said...

CocoPuff over at the sageway said...
I want a Meredith Vieira doll that says " GET A LIFE " when you pull the string.
LMAO, I want one too. Course I would want it to say " GWoPpers Kiss My Azz " also.

ZiggyFlo said...

It was such a pleasure to see people who know Kate speaking out on Kate's behalf. It's about time. It has been long over due.

I want one of those dolls, too!

Anonymous said...

OH my, puckered up Meredith, dith, dith, has tarnished the halo of some GWOPPERS while polishing her horns.

Fitzgerald said...
Meredith Viera needs to GET A LIFE if all she can do is snark about a dogs hair. Geesh.

( I'm being a smart arse, of course, in reference to her saying that people who yap about Kate's hair need to get a life. )

How moderators get out of trouble not following Sharla's posting rules, they pass the message

Maggie said...
6/08/2010 7:44 AM
[keep the herd together Maggie Moo]

Just who's pulling the strings?

Shribbled GWOPPERs you need to reach in with your fingers to find the string. It may take a minute to do because the string might be a bit hard to grab. don't worry! Chatty Cathy will see you'all on Chatzy lets get too personal.

Anonymous said...

The flustered shribbed one(Sharla), is talking nonsense again.......

Z's Take
"That it was Kate has become isn't it a shill for TLC to simply push the show and whatever they are giving us an ad for that week? "
Posted by Sharla on 6/07/2010
[That it is]

"Sunday, June 6, Kate Plus 8, Inside Kate's World"
Sharla said...
Thank you PA mom. It's handled now. I've spent most of the weekend on family issues/business.
6/06/2010 8:14 PM
[there is no comment from PA Mom in the thread]

momsby said...

I knew the majority of them would cave & watch. They are just so predictable, I'm sure Ms.G & TLC thank them all the same...every viewer helps.

fatDaveDontloveme said...

Who is this Kelly guy I keep hearing about? Is he the new Heckman? It seems to me that the haters are lining up around the block to kiss this guy's hairy balls.

Please fill me in.

iwhyawli said...

I don't have the foggiest clue who Kelly is. But I am willing to wager that Fat Dave doesn't care for such a vulgar mouth.

Anonymous said...

LMAO Iwhyawli! LMAO!

another sharla sighting said...

There is a new hate blooger that goes by the name "Devil Queen". Could she be Sharla Smith? After all Sharla is "Satan's Bitch".

just sayin'

Quiltart said...

Kelly is the GWOP hero who was to organize the non-boycott-demonstration at TLC headquarters. He was a no show with no explanation, although I could have told them he didn't know what he was talking about when he announced he was going to picket at TLC's headquarters in Bethesda, MD... You see, TLC is not in Bethesda, it is in Silver Spring. He has resurfaced and they are once again bowing at his feet. He claims to be a former cop and is therefore critiquing Steve Neild position and interview. Some have hinted that he is Matt Heckmann, but I don't think so...

Kelly Has the Yoghurt said...

Some people call Kelly "Pennbrother" because he is a figment of someone's imagination designed to scam the Khaters again. Notice he is most at home with one of Pennmommy's former backers, Dew the lawyer AKA BL. Notice BL has attempted a few scams herself in an attempt to retire her school debt. She collected donations for Paul Peterson "in support of Aunt Jodi" then she attempted to run an EBay auction of her signed copy of Kate's book. She posted up front that it would have to raise "several hundred dollars" and a sock puppet suggested she put that money in her own name then donate it to Paul later. She got called out on it and the whole idea went *POOF*!

Imagine that.

Stay tuned to Kelly's next idea. Will he need money to secure permits for and advertise his next protest? Will he hook up with Julie the blogging child advocate to form the Kids on TLC website, donations accepted? Will he collect money to send flowers to Aunt Jodi to reward her "bravery"?

Kelly tested his fans' loyalty to see what they would swallow. They swallowed a "protest" held without any photographic evidence, and nary a word of explanation for two and a half weeks. No one wants any pics. Not even the BL. He doesn't have a camera? He forgot it?


HolyToledo said...

Any chance, you could find the video of the Meredith Viera / Kate Gosselin interview?

Anonymous said...

Jen said...
I was a fan in the beginning. It was such a sweet show and they were a happy couple. As the show went on I started to get a little suspicious. Things were not exactly adding up and I could not put my finger on it.

A year ago I was pretty sick and had surgery. During my healing time I was unable to do much so I spent some time online. Out of curiousity I started to read more about the Gs online. I found GWOP and then Aunt Jodi's blog. I was pretty amazed and could not stop reading. When I read about them scamming the churches I got pretty mad for several reasons. First, I am a person of faithand second, I am a fundraiser. biggest issues has been the lies and the scamming. I don't hate Kate or Jon. I feel terrible for the children who no longer have two parents. Wasn't that supposed to be the goal? Now the kids have a part-time mom and a dad that gets to see them when Mom is in a giving mood.

June 12, 2010 7:56 AM


I remember reading that this woman, Jen, has 5 kids all by different men. Does she have an army of bitches judging her and critiqueing her mothering?

FatDave said...

iwhyawli said...
I don't have the foggiest clue who Kelly is. But I am willing to wager that Fat Dave doesn't care for such a vulgar mouth.

June 11, 2010 5:22 AM



You are so right. I like witty, intelligent, well mannered and good looking women like yourself. Your husband is a lucky man.

PeggyP said...

Try for the 6/4/2010 for the Meredith/Kate interview.

Neglected GWOP child said...


I went over to Timmy's home for a hot meal.




Anonymous said...

Post at your discretion. Sharla is Nailed

Here is a picture of Sharla Smith.
(Shelly left, Sharla Right)

and? with short hair in 2002

Another picture of Sharla with sister in the 1980's

How did I arrive at these pictures?

The picture is Shelly and their dad on a bench on fathers day at seal beach.

While reading the She King's Friends Comments there appears comments from Sharla.

Clicking on Sharla shows Sharla Smith Aug 5 2009 3:51 AM (notice the cat picture)

Reading through some of the comments of friends I was able to determine "SHE KING" is Shelly
Sharla's sister

The pictures above are found on SHE KING page under "pics" then under random and 1980's categories.

The connection to GWOP exists on SHARLA SMITH page.
The picture for Sharla Shaefer on facebook

I sent you a note Sharla Shaefer and Sharla Smith are the same person. That is the only link I have is that the same identical matching picture of the cat from the sharla shaefer myspace cache above and the current sharla smith myspace.

I wager that if you crop Sharla from the picture of her and Shelly and post it on the blog,(ask who it is) that the page will be made private immediately or pictures disappear.

Anonymous said...

Post at your discretion.

What I meant to say at the end of the last message was:

The cat from Sharla Shaefer from facebook and the Cat from Sharla Smith on facebook matched. (when she change it from the GWOP logo to the cat) it is a deleted account now.

Second the Guys jumping off the dock picture also matched Sharla Smith myspace and Sharla Smith facebook after on facebook she changed if from the GWOP logo to the cat to the guys on dock jumping to swim.

Since she has deleted her facebook account under sharla smith I do not have a link and cannot find a cache link.

Sharla Needs Kate's Trainer said...

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Wow Sharla is really pretty I think youre jealous Anonymous.

iwhyawli said...

All peoples are beautiful, you dope. What sort of petty, shallow-minded simpleton are you?

Sharla Needs Kate's Trainer said...

Anonymous, 10:23, Sharla is fat by everyone's standards. Fat people should not host blogs bashing the adorable figure of a tanned and toned Kate Gosselin. You know who hosts these blogs?

Serena (nhrn) and her Fanny Farmer ding dong braids + 85 extra pounds.

Fatso Irene whose IQ is 1/4 her body weight.

The 6 ft. 225 lb. small town cousellor with her out-of-control two-tone "hasn't been dyed in three months" graying mane.

The blogging lawyer who looks like she borrowed Laura Linger's dead father's nose after it was broken a few times.

Everyone of these hosts has Allowed nasty comments about Kate Gosselin's body and clothing. In Serena's (nhrn) and Sharla Shaefer's case, thier commenters called one of the Gosselin children fat and wished she got lice.

Sharla is not beautiful inside or out. She is wrinkled, flabby, whorish, and she smells like a litterbox. She needs to lose at least 50 lbs. Why would she ever tolerate negative comments on the lovely Ms. Gosselin's looks or those of her beautiful children?

Alligator said...

Just to clarify:

Is SheKing supposed to be Sharla's sister?

If yes, then why does Sharla say "sorry to hear about your dad" on the MySpace page.

The younger girl in the first pic looks nothing like the girl with the short hair.

Iwhy, what do you think?

iwhyawli said...

Beats me if SheKing is Sharla's sister. I didn't look at the links. But if I had to guess what Sharla's family reunions are like, I bet there are multiple sets of stepdads, stepmoms, stepbrothers, stepsisters and married 1st cousins involved.

HolyToledo said...

Ya know Iwhy . . . I think that this nugget of info borders on huge!

iwhyawli said...

Okay, you've now hooked me. I've now hear the loud clanging gong bell of the clue train.

Yeah, so looking at She King's myspace comments, someone that "Sharla" knows seems to be in a vegetative state on Jul 18 2009. Gee, I hope it wasn't the imaginary friend of her good friend and possible relative, PENNMOMMY. Aren't the dates are slightly off? Crap, now I have to go looking for those posts by PennMommy's other imaginary son (a link to them is here somwhere in the comments to a recent thread).

If we're (emphasis on y'all) gonna get to the bottom of this horsecrap, I gotta get better organized, don't I?

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Sharla Smith is not the person's real name and none of those accounts have a picture of her don't you?

Anonymous said...

LOL at this nugget being huge. You have the wrong person!!

iwhyawli said...

WHAT?????? Sharla doesn't have the balls to post her own picture on any of her umpteen million blogs? Inconceivable.

You're a liar.