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Wow, so defensive

Apparently Sharla has had ENOUGH with all the negative GWOP characterizations and has taken to creating a "Things We Are Called that We are Not" thread. GWOPPERS are invited to add to list.

In Item #5, Sharla writes that SHE is definitely not a child advocate and has never claimed to be one. Yeah. whatever. I noticed that it's gone now but for the first umpteen years of the blog's history, she hosted a a link to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. And the stupid What We Want section still says "We want child labor laws to recognize that children in reality shows deserve the same protection that children in scripted shows have."

Yeah, Sharla, we believe you. Just like we believed your "PennMommy is real." And just like we believe you had nothing to do with the Pig blog. I know you don't like hearing this, Sharla, but you and your pals ( Julie, Jodi and Serena (nhrn)) have a wee credibility issue.

I also especially loved Item #6. The GWOPPERS, or at least some of them apparently, are NOT bad mothers. Sharla writes, "Some of the us don't even have children. " So there. Take that, you sheeple!

Would it have been possible for Sharla to create a more stupid thread? Since when are you not what you are just because you say you're not? Has Annie Louise's poignant art history lecture on pointillism taught Sharla nothing? I thought we're all supposed to step back and connect the dots.

The trouble with threads titled "Things we are called that we are not" and then inviting people to build the list is the wonderful opportunity for omission. For example, if no one pipes up and says "Hey, we're not mortally stupid", I can only conclude that GWOPPERS must be mortally stupid.

So far, the list of what they are but are not isn't very long. But once they move past the word "shribbled" and officially decide whether they are or are not shribbled, I'm sure the posts will pick up.

Who will be the brave first GWOPPER to step forward to say "We're NOT judgmental."?

Because of all the things they are or aren't, that would be the only trait that matters.


Deborah said...

I can't wait to see who says " Hey, just because I blow up and compare all photo's of Kate and use my trusty magnifying glass doesn't mean I have a girl crush on her, It doesn't, IT DOESN'T !!!!!!!

Dr. Shawn said...

I got the greatest laugh...this from GWOP:

Sharla said...

Shribbled is what some Kate admirers have called us. Yes, we know that is not a correct word. Who do we know that makes up words?

Isn't that Sharla's word? Is she just stupid? su

This is too easy said...

She's been called Peri. Has she denied it yet? Nope? Didn't think so.

Melissa Chermak said...

Too funny! Love, love, love it!

Anonymous said...

And Sharla is not a perfect speller.
"Thngs We Are Called that We Are Not"

Obviously the queen bee GWOPPER is in denial (a good liar maybe) or is rewriting/destroying history for her ambitions.

5. Child advocates (At least I am not. Shocking but I have never claimed to be one.)

comment #33 by Sharla Smith
comment as below

7-03-2009 @ 2:50AM
Sharla Smith said...
I'm a stay at home mom and self appointed part time child advocate. I must say that your article was exhilerating. I loved reading it the first time and I reread it a second time. Amen. Halleluya! Great article!

Please feel free to visit a couple of sites that I really like. I'm sure that you find the posts very intellectually stimulating.

GWoP without Pity blog:
Princess Boards: Gosselins Without Pity:

now click on sharla smith for the profile.....
Profile nick name "Grandma"

#8 Bad mothers. Some of us don't even have children. (just step grandchildren)

Which is it?
"self appointed part time child advocate"
and not
5. Child advocates (At least I am not. Shocking but I have never claimed to be one.)

Posted by iluveeyore on 6/22/2008
The Truth Will Set You Free
(comment now deleted by author)
blah blah
"TRUTH" we're very happy to have you hear and glad to provide
a forum for Insight. if you want Items pLaced as posts on their
own, please put them as a comment in the pinned post for one
the administrators to make it a post or email one of us or to

For posperity and peace Sharla used to be known as Shaefer not Smith.

Sharla is a Shribbler said...

OMG, Sharla this is such a stupid idea. We could mock you for weeks for that post alone. My advice? Delete, delete, delete!

iwhyawli said...

Dear anon @ 3:27pm.


Stay at home Mom? Wha? What happened to "highly paid professional"?

iwhyawli said...

For good measure, we best also paste the non-child advocate comment Sharla made at ParentDish dating all the way back to Jul 2008. Yeesh, Sharla. You don't know that this crap lives forever on the Internet?

Jon and Kate - Are they good enough parents for TV? {ParentDish}
Jul 30th 2008 11:16AM
The show should have been cancelled already by the parents for what it is doing to the kids especially the twins. Don't worry about getting Mady under control. Get Kate under control and the kids off TV and Mady will start improving overnight.

As far as Kate doing as well as she can, hogwash. I have a neighbor with ten including quints and less help than Kate. She isn't a harpy and respects and loves her children and husband. You never hear her carry on like a banshee or a primadonna.


iwhyawli said...

Ha ha ha googling Sharla Shaefer turns up all sorts of funny stuff. Here's a play-by-play of the PennMommy crisis at

PennMommy's blog and GWOP crash on the same day.... what are the chances? I love all the women who are yelling at the other women who are freaking out about GWOP being down and flooding serena's mailbox. Heaven forfend that the GWOPPERS can't get to GWOP. It's like their heroin fix.

iwhyawli said...

One of my favorite posts might be the one from hersheygirl that shows her location as GrandBlanc, Michigan. Yeah, I suppose it's possible that someone from Hershey Pennsylvania could move to Michigan but I'd bet my left arm that's not what happened here. Whoops!

iwhyawli said...

Yeesh! that topix thread is comedy gold! Can't believe I hadn't seen it before (or quite possibly, I have and I've tried to repress it because it's so ridiculous).

Check out Comment #69. It's a re-paste of one of William Haas' infamous posts -- get this, re-pasted the Sharla's other blog GDNNOP (the Pig Blog)... the blog she claimed she had nothing to do with and then we find out months later it's HER blog!

I wonder if ohiomom realized what a great thing she was doing when she reposted that (yeah, probably not). William Haas, of course, is the fake brother to PennMommy's fake deceased son. How much did money they take you for, ohiomom?

iwhyawli said...

Comment #100

I just saw this..... Very Sad! God Bless PM and her family.

We are saddened by the sudden loss of PennMommy's son. We have been praying for the family, and we will continue to pray for them in these dark and painful times. We hope that everyone can put aside differences in opinion, be grateful for your loved ones, and give this family space to grieve in private.

posted by Sharla at 10:02 PM on Oct 2, 2008

iwhyawli said...

Upon further reading of the topci thread, it appears I've once again mixed up the "gdnnop blog" with the "gdnnop blog". Correct me if I'm wrong but the 'gosselinsdonotneedourpity' blog was the blog that busted the PennMommy scam. Sharla's gdnnop blog is the blog Peri/Sharla started in retaliation for the PennMommy bust. PennMommy and Sharla being pals and everything.

iwhyawli said...

jeez turns out ohiomom really invested herself in that topix thread. Fighting about PennMommy to the death (excuse the pun). What's ohiomom's GWOP name I wonder?

Karma's Coming, Kate. said...

Note to this blog: get over yourselves. Perhaps get a life? Because you lot are jealous of people who have one!

Deborah said...

That was some interesting reading @ topix iwhyawli,

Now I'm really confussed, what is GWoP about? Does Sharla have a new dream for her pit of posters? Will they buy it?

iwhyawli said...

Dear KCK,

Lemme guess. You first language is Italian. Your first name is Bruno and you're a overly overtly gay judge on DWTS.

iwhyawli said...

Here's a goodie from "Gin" ...

Gin said...
Bad Christians ('cuz of the whole "judge not lest ye be judged thing). Lol. I'm not a Christian at all. Never have been, never will be (not that I have anything against Christians - I'm just not one). I just think assuming everyone who posts here is Christian is a pretty big assumption.

5/23/2010 1:29 PM


Um ueah, Because not judging others is entirely a Christian/ religious thing. If you're not religious, there's no real reason to abide by stupid shit like that. You must be one swell, non-religous individual, Gin. Keep on with your bad self.

Anonymous said...

The first thing to go Sharla is your long term memory.

2. Shribbled old cat ladies (Doesn't shribbled mean we aren't fat?).

Not to be to critical of the great Sharla (creator of shribbled) but the official gwop LOGO says.

shribbled cat ladies

It used to be Sharla's picture on facebook. (Cache only)

or GWOP Logo, cache to
(tshirts, hats, bags and muggs)

Yes GWOPPWERS your logo says SHRIBBLED not old shribbled.

Anonymous said...

What brought on the
Thngs we're not in GWOPPWER Land

Re: GWOP II: More Gosselins Without Pity
« Reply #1958 Yesterday at 9:58am »

Apparently there was outrage, Outrage I Say!, at GWOP yesterday because some commenters at Radar Online accused them of wearing Crocs and gauchos (?) and being fat cows with udders and what not. I don't read the comments at ROL, but I can only assume these sorts of silly insults are made in jest with the intention of baiting the crazy. So what does Sharla do? Why, of course, she takes the bait.

If you read on you will learn that GWOPers are in reality thin, highly educated, fashionistas who do not have udders, so take that! Newflash to GWOPers: Nobody Cares!!! When someone on the internet who has no idea who you are or what you look like insults you by accusing you of wearing Crocs it's not meant to be taken literally and there is no reason to take it personally. Way to suck the humor out of the room you dopes.

That's right. I called you dopes. Now I expect a two page essay complete with references and photocopies of diplomas to prove to me you are NOT, indeed, a dope.
« Last Edit: Yesterday at 9:59am by highondegrassi »

Anonymous said...

Is this Sharla?

Anonymous said...

I wondered if the non child advocates are going to take credit for this? he he

Deborah said...

Check this out.

Guess Kevin's false claims got investigated and backfired on him and his wife.
To Bad, So Sad

Gracias! said...

Thanks for the cut and pastes. My computer is so smart, it hasn't been to GWoP in a year. It redirects me here instead so my head doesn't explode. I laugh, laugh, laugh at the shribblers by reading their stupidity through my magic IWHYAWLI glasses.


iwhyawli said...

Ha ha ha ha re GWOP's "shribbled" logo. I am REALLY enjoying this thread, y'all. Sharla is an idiot.

I was glad to learn the backstory re Sharla's thread. Thank you for sending the post from the princess board and I hope the princesses won't mind if I published it.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.

Sharla is such a tool. I love this thread.

When I think of Sharla I think of a semi morbidly obese woman, with multiple chins, black hair with lots of grey in it, wearing sweatpants with bleach stains, cheap flip flops (the ones sold at the drugstore), yellowing teeth, old black framed glasses with a pink tint and sagging large breasts. I also imagine that she smells like cat food and hot pockets.

Is that mean of me to say???

Sharla's Biographer said...

I found the following picture on a thrice deleted and hidden super secret facebook page. The picture is of Sharla Smith and the suit that she sometimes wears underneath her sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Note: The "A" on her chest stands for ADVOCATE.

Sharla Smith Advocate

Anonymous said...

GWOP GURLZ shribbled logo is here

URL for E-Mail & IM

Direct Link for Layouts

Anonymous said...

Shribbled Logo

Direct Link for Layouts

URL for E-Mail & IM

IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards

Anonymous said...

Before privacy and back when shribbed became a new word.

The great one's inside possie

Direct Link for Layouts

URL for E-Mail & IM

IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards


TMI..TMI..TMI..TMI said...

Another gem from GWoP.

Beagles4 said....

Hater: Well, I have to admit I hate my ex since finding out he likes little girls and is bisexual and I hate Kate Gosselin. Otherwise, I love people and they love me.

On Welfare: I had a tough time years ago and had to use welfare for a short period. Otherwise, I had various jobs since 17 years of age, went through a rough patch, and commenced working in a few factories in my 20's (the last factory was for 13 years in the same place until I was hurt at work and now have herniated discs in my neck and back). I work when I can at various part time jobs. My husband works full time at the factory I last worked at. In fact, that's where I met him over 10 years ago. The best thing that came out of that job.

Typical GwoPper. I am getting a mental picture of this one and isn't pretty.

Mia Dummie said...

1.Sharla (Spelling issues, Victim)
2.JenD (Spelling issues, Victim)
3.TVSnark (Spelling issues, Victim)

(They all have lots of time on their hands to blog all day).

Those girls who post at gWoPtard land sure do have a lot in common. Yep, they sure do.

self appointed bitch slapper said...

Sharla Shit, Jen Dummy and TVStupid are truly the Three Stooges of the Gosselin Blogosphere. I don't think they got the memo that almost everyone thinks that they are assclowns that need to get a life.

How many times does Professor Iwhyawli need to school them?

sharla smith is a total assclown said...

For those unfamiliar with the term "Ass Clown".

Assclown. Urbandictionary

sucks to be them said...

I totally agree that Sharla Scamartist, Jen Delusional and TVsmokertoker are a coalition of crazy. I don't believe one thing they say about themselves. I doubt that any of them have great lives. I suspect that all of them are uneducated. I am positive that they are all losers.

Just sayin.

Is that too mean? Well it might be but that's how I roll.....

ROFLMAO at Sharla,Jen and Snark said...

I have tried on numerous occasions to define "sharla smith" on the Urban Dictionary but after I included all the nasty things I know about what a "sharla smith" is, the editors at Urban Dictionary won't approve my definition. They said, and I quote, "your definition of a sharla smith is too profane for our website." To which I replied, "But it's all true!"

Oh well... I will just have to start using assclown to describe that $%^& $%%#$ $%#@#$!

My favorite definition of an "assclown" aka a "sharla smith".

3. assclown

A person who is laughable and detestable at the same time.Usually
pretends to be a know-it-all,often
enhancing their stories,knowledge,
experience,and every thing in between
with pure bullshit.


Sharla Smith is such an assclown. Bitch barely graduated high school but has lead everyone to believe that she is an expert in human development, education, family values and morality.

Anonymous said...

self appointed bitch slapper said...
Sharla Shit, Jen Dummy and TVStupid are truly the Three Stooges of the Gosselin Blogosphere.

Please, please, please, can you add Smucky Girl to your slap list?

Jen D said...

I have never done anything to you people. So stop bringing me up on this blog.

iwhyawli said...

Dear Jen D,

Relax. I'm pretty sure they're talking about another Jen D.

See? I'm a problem solver.

Just Sayin said...

iwhyawli said...
Dear Jen D,

Relax. I'm pretty sure they're talking about another Jen D.

See? I'm a problem solver.

May 27, 2010 11:50 AM


Hear ye! Hear ye! Someone just got SCHOOOOOOOOLED!

Now that's what I'm talkin bout! Iwhyawli was holding back too!

Mad props, mad props to Iwhy!

momsby said...

Word on the street is your services are needed on the BOO HOO HOO blog. I hear they would not know humour if it bit them in the butt! Oh those crazy little creeples they do try.

Troll Hunter said...


Word on the street is that Iwhyawli is a bad motherf---er bitch slapping blog ninja of the first degree.

If Iwhyawli had a business card it would read,

"Mess with the best, die like the rest."

momsby said...

Sorry this might be a culteral thing, but what the hell does shribbled mean? I'm thinking it is not something I would ever want to be considered. These silly creeples think it is a word?

LOL LOL LOL said...

Iwhy said Dear Jen D,

Relax. I'm pretty sure they're talking about another Jen D.

See? I'm a problem solver.


Yes you are Ms IWHY!

momsby said...

Troll Hunter,
LOL, I love a gal who uses her super powers to fight evil:-)

Truth Seeker said...


I think that the new blog "Sageway Without Pity" is owned and operated by JenD and TVSnark. They like to talk trash about you. I thought you and your supporters should now the truth.

iwhyawli said...

Thank you, truth seeker. I don't believe I'm familiar with these two troublemakers. They must be new.

Anonymous said...

momsby said...

Sorry this might be a culteral thing, but what the hell does shribbled mean? I'm thinking it is not something I would ever want to be considered. These silly creeples think it is a word?
I think the word they meant to use was "shriveled". Either way, it works.


Be sure to check out fat Irene's latest facebook endeavor. I'm gonna have a good time with the info I get there. Pictures of the GWOP and RWA hags.!/group.php?gid=122745877738296&ref=ts


And her facebook GWOP site. Odd, they don't post nearly as nasty there as they do on the blog. Maybe her Church PASTOR doesn't know how nasty she is?!/group.php?gid=76953060886&v=wall&ref=ts

Fugly Finder said...

Irene and her husband look creepy! Seriously…creee-peeee!

Irene’s lastname is Smith, any relation to St. Sharla?

I'm going to submit Sharla Smith (Peri), JenD (Jupiter), TVSnark and Irene(Zirene)'s photos into the website They are all fugly on in inside as well as the outside.

Rut Ro said...

TvSnark's facebook page

momsby said...

Ah, shriveled..makes sense! Although, your right shribbled works too.

Blog Researcher said...

I found this on someone's facebook page (super secret page). I had to grab it and run before my IP was swiped. I'm not sure if the video is TVSnark singing Sharla Smith's favorite song or Sharla Smith singing TVSnark's favorite song. Either way works for me. All of these hate blog owners are beginning to look alike to me. Enjoy.

I’m So Beautiful

Duchess of GWOP said...

Now for a network commercial break.

We as child advocates can bring access to the Gosselins for a small settlement.

It is our privilege as advocate wannabe's to welcome you to GWOP.

Make a donations to our unregistered charity at PO Box in St. Louis.

We have moles at TLC and Disney and have placed moles at various times as neighbors and household staff.

The three R's.
Aside from the etiquitte of the posting rules we are cooking to:
1) appear to inappropriately influence the use of TLC entertainment business best practice;
2) point out failure to comply with statutory requirements;
3) obscure the requirements of the workplace statutes for children;
4) create an environment that allows real and perceived conflicts of culture interest and personal lifestyle choices;
5) Ensure that every child's voice is heard in the GWOP blogging posts;
6) Try to do what the best advocates do by communicating concisely and with accuracy the facts;
7) Take all possible actions for self promotion while staying anonymous;
8) Make personal judgements based on relating comparison of self experience to the Gosselin situation;
9) Over 11 million posts and 220 million hours invested for the Gosselin advocacy;
10) You don't realize how much you care about someone until they don't care about you;
11) Not everyone has what it takes to be a duchess in the kingless GWOP kingdom so rely on us;
12) Success has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give — which is everything;
13) Peruse our board pictures and profiles only the best of the seasoned and talented.

And yes shribbled means shriveled penis get over it.

Marissa said...

Love this thread!

Irene Smith and Sherry Tellitocci are two of the UGLIEST women around. Irene is the epitome of a true looking GWOPPER. No wonder they are so jealous of Kate.