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Hello to Week 5

Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe this great country of ours just told GWOP (and Bruno) to kiss it.

Congratulations to Kate on your promotion to Week 5. Ca-ching!

I'm no James Carville, but it might behoove this latest hearing-holding Congressman (whoever he or she is) to watch this show. He would see that for every GWOP voter there appear to be 20 GWOPWOPPERS.


Anonymous said...

Take it Sharla!

Linda said...

OMG! Julie and Jodi must be about ready to have their heads pop off.


Linda said...

Now the Gwoppers are also whining about how "wrong" and it is to tell your children if your pregnancy with them was difficult.

Lordy be . . . we just talked about that in a car ride over spring break.

"Mom, what was it like when I was in your belly?"

"It was wonderful and it was hard. I was super happy and glad to be pregnant, but I was sick. I threw up for almost 6 months."

"Oh sorry Mom."

"Sorry? No need to apologize honey. It was a small price to pay to get you."


Can't you just hear his psyche crushing from that?


OhDearOhMy said...

It just has to be one rabid fan with 100,000,000. cell phones, right?

Anonymous said...

Kate gets a bonu$$$ every time we send her back for another week, right? And the hand$$$ome Tony too? And we keep getting to read about how wonderful Kate is from named sources on the set of DWTS?


momsby said...

TLC rules the world!!!Tee Hee Heee
Well North America anyway, greetings from a "rabid" Canadian fan.

Anonymous said...

Hey Iwhy,

I apologize in advance if I am breaking one of your posting rules. I just cannot help myself.
I hereby pass judgement on Kevin and Jodi Kreider. Their testimony today is not a revalation but a revulsion. Who died and made these 2 authorities on children. They are an insult to all of the real child advocates in the world.

Selling out family does not make them an authority on anything. I think they should both probably go suck on the STUB.

ZiggyFlo said...

I LOVE this comment!!!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe this great country of ours just told GWOP (and Bruno) to kiss it."

Anonymous said...

Is OhDearOhMy Sharla?

iwhyawli said...

Dear Anon@9:51am, hello!

Have no worries, I really only have one rule in life and that "just be excellent to each other". It's a rule I adopted while viewing Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

I pass judgement on Jodi and Kevin all the time. Normally, of course, I wouldn't judge any one but because GWOPWOP is a parody board, I'm almost REQUIRED to do it and I need all the help I can get. Thank you for your contribution.

Jodi and Kevin are two complete fools in a no-win situation, and we here at GWOPWOP and elsewhere can take full credit for the embarassing little pickle in which they perpetually find themselves (as long as I have breath in my body).

Let's face it, their child advocacy "lawyer" (cough) also happens to represents every gold-digging skank in the continental United States. So much for that tear-inducing schtick about family values, eh?

Had we not exposed those large lump sum mortgage payments that they made just days after Jodi was paid by radaronline to whisper "cheater" across the Internets, Jodi and Kevin could have quietly retired from their tireless crusade to have Kate's kids taken away from her.

But darnit, if they were to do that NOW, then it's DEFINITELY going to look like they weren't all that interested in child adovacy. Conversely, any additional publicity that they get will also look like what it is --- just another attempt to make some money of those kids. Not just Kate's kids anymore, any child star.

To all you parents who have children with remarkable or marketable stories, you should know that nobody plans to make more money off of them than Jodi does.

iwhyawli said...

Is 'OhDearOhMy' Sharla? I don't think so. I took OhDearOhMy's post as a confirmation of Kate's popularity since no one in their right mind (except a GWOPPER) would go to such extraordinary measures to support or crucify Kate.

But then again, I rarely interpret anything correctly and what the heck do I know?


When Sharla posts here, it's usually to correct a typo or complain that I'm not "playing fair". wah! wah! wah! She hasn't posted in a while to my knowledge.

iwhyawli said...

Greetings also to our Canadian allies. Such a beautiful country. Congratulations on your recent Olympics ... I loved them.

Re Sharla Smith said...

Does Sharla Smith have a conscience? I don't know how she can feel good about herself knowing that she created a blog for the sole purpose of talking trash about the mother of kids she is "supposedly" trying to protect from the "evils" of "exploitation."

The real evil that those kids will see is that a bunch of people spent a lot of time trying to hurt their mom. Is that something to be proud about Sharla?

iwhyawli said...

Does one's conscience reside somewhere in the brain? If yes, then no, Sharla doesn't have one.

Deborah said...

As I type the bloggen lawyer is setting up a paypal account for jodi and kevin so her posters will be able to send money to show them how proud they are for jodi and kevin to take a stand.
Dew is smarter than we/I gave her credit. She did learn something from Sharla.
Like how to fleece her posters.

Anonymous said...

Is this Sharla?


momsby said...

Glad you enjoyed our Olympic's glitches and all. Sorry about the lack of snow ;)
Didn't Sharla start GWOP and snark on the whole family JK+8? I stumbled across it no joke looking for the recipe for Monkey Munch 2yrs ago. They said vile things about the KIDS,and the parent's. Does anyone know when they decided to only hate Kate and become child advocates?

momsby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
momsby said...

Sorry if I posted twice, my DH got tired of the Hockey Game and distracted me.

Deborah said...

I'm sorry I jumped the gun about Dew, her posters decided to send their money to Paul Peterson instead.
Poor Dew

OhDearOhMy said...


Is certainly NOT Sharla or anyone of the batshitcrazyhatercrowd!

OhDearOhMy is most excellent and a lover of all things lovely.

OhDearOhMy posted quickly and was being sarcastic when she said Kate's sucess must be based on 1 fan with 100,000 cell phones!

Which leads OhDearOhMy to ask the question why am I speaking in the third party?