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Baby Steps

Well you may think this post's title is directed to Kate and has something to do with her really great improvement tonite on DWTS Episode #4, but you'd be wrong. No, I direct these gentle words of encouragement to the lamebrain judges on this dumb ass show.

Great job, judges, you stupid jackasses. You let up on Kate like I hoped you would but opted instead to lay into everyone else. You've taken baby steps in the right direction, I guess, but what is it with you morons? Your comments about Niecey Nash's dance were so especially infuriating that you forced me to say a bad word in front of my kids.

Here's a couple clues, you unfeeling pinheads.

1. When someone's dance is dedicated to their deceased brother, you don't find fault with it. I don't care if she tripped and knocked out her two front teeth during that dance, you don't find fault with it. Honestly. You have to learn something like this on the Internet? From me? Good grief. Is decency and tact something only Americans have?

2. I know you judges would like us to think you don't miss a step during any of these dances. Incredibly, you somehow missed that Niecey Nash is an overweight, black comedienne and her dance partner is a 30 pound, small-boned gay man. AND .... THEY WERE DANCING A RUMBA! For Len, of course, the dance was a [british whine]bit boring[british whine]. Len, you're an idiot. Those two couldn't be more opposite yet they managed to make me and the rest of the universe completely forget all that whilst watching their dance. Their dance was lovely.

I may now understand why my goofy husband watches sports with the sound off.


Anonymous said...

Doncha just love how so many named reliable sources are speaking out in defense of Kate?

Looks like the cannons are being prepared against Kate with brother Kevin, SIL Jodi, Gloria Allred (media whore) and Paul Petersen lined up to testify against children on TV. Who will stand for Kate and the kids?

Is this a conspiracy?

iwhyawli said...

Not sure what you're referring to ... has another beheading been scheduled?

Deborah said...

Not sure if someone didn't already give you this link but yes the beheading is alive and well.

The dude is up for reelection so it looks like he's taken up this most needing concern.

I think all of the evil aunts history should be know to this concerned politician maybe on his webpage perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Yes, seems the Republican party and the up for re-election candidate will be holding a child actor/advocacy Pa law forum and has called K&J Kreider, G. Allred, P.Petersen, and some professor of phycology to speak/testify.

iwhyawli said...

oh no, not a HEARING!
:: chews nails ::

Last I heard, the Gosselins kids were just about the few remaining people in Pennsylvania who actually WERE working. Hard to say, but if I were running for office, I'm not sure upping the unemployment numbers even more would be my platform.

Deborah said...

I don't believe for one minute that TLC has left one stone un-turned in regards to filming.
Like some small town politician and a small group of [famewhores] are are going to be able to stop the filming. They will probably get some media attention will be able to make a little more money off the backs of the Gosselins. But hey, jodi's family has to eat too.

Sharla is a hate monger said...

GWOP is so not about the kids. Never has been. Never will be.

Sharla Smith is evil plain and simple.