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Kate, before I comment on your Dancing with the Stars debut, I've gotta ask---what the hell is living in Pamela Anderson's hair? Holy crap ... what a frigging rat's nest. I also think she was high on something, but perhaps her perpetual blonde bimbo/middle-aged porn chick schtick just makes it seem that way. And the thorn tattoo armband thing? Just charming.

Okay, back to you.

Kate, chin up, YOU DID JUST FINE!

What I like best about this show -- what I think everyone likes most about this show ---- is watching folks from all different walks of life claw their way out of their discomfort zone. I've been watching for 10 seasons now and I still don't know what a "fleckle" is and it's become very clear that no one ever plans to demonstrate one. I actually don't know why the judge's even bother to comment on any particular moves or technique. I figure those comments are meant for all the other ballroom judges who watch the show. All 4 of them.

The judges need to lighten up, especially Bruno. Yeesh.

Chelsea-the-dancer said the show is about improvement. I disagree. I think the show is about hard work, bravery, humility, perserverance and personal triumph. Who really cares if any of those stars improve? It's not like they fancy themselves in new careers as professional dancers.

Truth be told, I went and put a load of laundry in during the pussy cat doll person's dance. If I wanted to watch the pussy cat doll dance, I would buy tickets to their professionally choreographed shows in Las Vegas. Which I've never done, btw, despite the fact that I'm in Las Vegas at least 5 times every year. I don't buy for a second that ballroom dancing is a stretch for her, whatever her name is.

I missed the first half hour, but I enjoyed watching. I enjoyed watching you, Kate. I enjoyed Niecey. I enjoyed Evan. Enjoyed Buzz. And while I was all prepared to loathe The Bachelor guy, I found that I enjoyed him too. Hope I didn't leave anyone out.. You're all very good sports. Thanks for sharing your vunerabilities.


Kate = Hardest Working Mom in USA said...

What Kate did there tonight? That's good mothering. Working her butt off to dance onstage in front of 9 million people so that she can keep the kids in a private school and in the home that suits them best is AWESOME. I hope she gets paid big money, because DWTS gained thousands of new viewers thanks to Kate.

mkb77 said...

When the audience applaused as Kate and her partner danced, I thought "everyone should hear that at least once in their life." That had to make her feel so fantastic about the choice she made to be outside her comfort zone.

I also liked the song choice. I certainly hope Jon sat at home and watched as another man held her gently and praised her efforts, looked into her eyes, and took command.

I don't even want to know what the Gwoptards are saying, I am sure they are being merciless to her.

Anonymous said...

Mad Props to Kate!

Mad Props to Iwhyawli!

Turd Sandwhiches to all the haters who need to just get a life already!

It's time to move on haters.

find a new hobby gwoptards said...

I just looked. The GWOPretards are almost all bald from plucking out their hair in rage.

They are so evil that they can't stand anything good happening to Kate.

Evil, ignorant, insane bitches. The whole lot of them.

yay kate! said...

she did very well! and she looked very good!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Are you going to be posting regularly again? If so I'll visit more often!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back.

Dancing in front of 24 million people I would be nervous too!!

Kate did just fine and I'm sure she'll be even better next week.

Remember to vote early and vote often!!

Barbara said...

WOW! Big whopping 3 commenters. WOW! Kate is a witch. Bruno was spot on. She looked pathetic in her strawberry milkshake explosion with fake hair, fake teeth, fake boobs, fake everything!

haha said...

Can you imagine how the gwoppers heads will explode if Kate brings her children to sit in the audience on DWTS?

And I've got to wonder if Jon will be there to as the ultimate coat-tailer??

Props to Kate. I know I couldn't do it.

Nina said...

I am one and so is the hubs and ALL our kids. We got here from our hardworking and wise families and continued the tradition of ambition and sensability for our kids. They in turn will pass it on to their own kids.

Kate, has NO idea of what, REAL, ambition is. She od'ed on fertility drugs, in order to breed her way to a point where she then cheated her own state out of funds to support and care for "PROPS" she couldn't afford. Then, she bitched and Ummmmm'ed her way through Reality TV, interviews, etc and ended up tripping over herself in another ill-fitting venue for her lack of skills.....I don't mean DWTS...Here, I am referring to her books...LOL my bad?
Now she is making a bigger fool of herself floundering around in miles of cheap, pink fabric, complete with "Bat Wings" fluttering over kicks that look more like some form of spasticity.

These "fans" are reacting to the same, deluded mentality of "easy wealth" that catalysted "Clomp" to do what she did to begin with. Why work, when you can cheat, lie, wreck your marriage, ruin your reputation and kids lives and come out of the deal with a big house in a field and weekly trips to a small town spa. All that misery for, small beans, as far as I'm concerned.

If the twit ever wakes up and realizes the mess she made, it'll be too late to ever go back and fix it.

Successful folks who earned their "funds & trust funds" have no respect or admiration for, "Trash," faking their way to something that ONLY looks like wealth to those who WANT wealth, but lack the ambition to achieve it through honorable means...

If J&K would have INVESTED the early proceeds from the show, and other returns, they might NOT be struggling now and STILL having to whore themselves for a house payment....

Anonymous said...

Nice comments! Can't wait for tomorrow nights show. I do hope she nails it! takes tremendous courage if you ask me .

iwhyawli said...

Dear Barbara, do you think Nina is as psychotic as I do?

Anonymous said...

The only person more stupid and more ridiculous than Jon is Barbara. Yes, here I go again stating the obvious.

Barbie, please do us all a favor and talk to your doctor about an increase in medication. I know it won't make the voices go away completely, but it should help some.

mkb77 said...

Let me guess, are bitter because: Kate has more money than you, is prettier than you, has nicer kids than you, can actually put one foot in front of the other without causing an entire room to shake AND knows that people like you are not worth her time.

Anonymous said...

Nina is that little troll from rwa.

UrAjOke said...

Yes Nina has passed on her "sensability" (not the correct sensibility) and tradition onto her kids, they too will someday be keeper of a hate blog. High aspirations Nina. Can't wait until Kai startings blogging or to meet your kids and "hubs". He so hot, me so horny.

Oh, and is that crazy Barb from Texas? What a wackjob she is. Have you read her rants at RWA? She thinks people are actually listening to her and caring about the ramblings of a lunatic.