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Good Luck Tomorrow, Kate!

Good Luck tomorrow, Kate! Hope you really enjoy yourself and have tons and tons of fun. No pressure but should you happen to dance great tommorrow, it will mean that we gwopwoppers get to watch the GWOPPERS spontaneously self-combust (again). Then again, if you dance awful, the GWOPPERS will still self-combust so heck, we gwopwoppers really can't lose on this deal no matter what. All you got to do, Kate, is show up. Or, hmm, come to think about it, you probably don't even have to show up. It's not like they'll be watching (cough). See Kate, we gwopwoppers are well aware that you could discover the cure for cancer, end world hunger and find Osama bin Ladin for us but you'll always be a dirty whore over there at GWOP.

I hope you'll be able to take your boys (ok, sure, the girls too) to meet Buzz Aldrin. What a totally fantastic opportunity that would be. The second guy to walk on the moon! Holy mackeral! Okay yeah, lots of peeps have since walked on the moon and it's always gonna be cool to meet any astronaut but to meet one of those Apollo 11 guys ? Awesome. Too bad Aunt Jodie had to whisper to the world that you're [whisper]a cheater[whisper] cause otherwise I bet you'd probably try to get her kids in to meet Buzz Aldrin too.

So sad, too bad for Aunt Jodie. I weep for her.


Joanna said...

Yeah, something tells me Monday night isn't going to be much fun at the Jodi Kreider home Monday. Who else thinks Jodi will be burning up the phone lines with sister Julie Brown dissecting Kate's every move while ignoring Benny and the other kids? Wonder if Kevin will watch at home or at the bar? Questions. Questions.....

LMAO@JeluzJodi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA! I love it! Poor Aunt Jodi is sitting at home with her badly cut, naturally frizzy hair, while Kate fulfills yet another one of her dreams and brings home the bacon at the same time.

Kate > Jodi said...

Aunt Jodi will be busy baking baked things and not making Kevin do her chores. She is not a (whisper) cheater (whisper) but a good motherly mother who knows when to sell out to the tabloids and when to leak the invented info instead. So what if she has frizzled hair? At least she dyes it herself instead of paying someone to fry it professionally. That's what a good motherly mother does. Bakes and fries and sells out and leaks.

in-laws suck yoghurt said...

Jodi sat on the couch gripping Kevin's arm, talking to Julie on the phone, wailing "It should be me on Dancing With the Stars! I'm the one who's naturally thin and graceful! I'm the best mom! I bake and do crafts! Why won't Gloria Allred return my calls? I'm going to sue TLC! If they had given me my own show, I'd be on all the magazine covers!"

Deborah said...

When thinking about the wicked Aunt it brings to mind the story of Why are Outlaws better than In-Laws ?

Well at least Out laws are Wanted.