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Dang You TLC!

I'm reading where Jon Gosselin reportedly turned down an offer to appear nude in Playgirl, and well, I only have TLC and that darn injunction to thank ... I mean, blame.

Unlike the GWOPPERS, we gals never get to see a naked fat guy, do we? Is that fair? No, it's absolutely not fair. It's not fair to fat guys and it's not fair to women with buff husbands and boyfriends. I don't know how much a copy Playgirl Magazine costs these days, but if by chance someone holds a gun to my head and makes me buy one then dammit there better well be a buck naked, middle-aged, balding fat guy in there.

Ta-ta for now. I'm off to google naked fat guys.


nasty said...

Oh man whats the world comeing to. When they ask a fat little bald guy to pose nude ewwww.

Anonymous said...

My guy is buff, too.

When J&K started I thought they were evenly matched physically. She was pretty but a bit dumpy, he was sloppy-cute. Now? Kate is a hottie, beautiful. Her clothes are fabulous. The divorce made her 10 years younger, but Jon looks 10 years older. He's fat, has acne, and somehow has managed to lose his plugs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Preesi would have scanned that article.

Anonymous said...

Look like Kate still has the house. I wonder how she can keep such an expensive house ?

iwhyawli said...

Funny, I've never wondered how Kate (or for that matter, anyone) can keep such an expensive (or inexpensive) house.

That's because (lightbulb!) it's none of my business. And because I never butt into other people's business, I assume they don't butt into mine and\or if they try, I don't care what they're wondering. Such a simple premise this MYOB premise is. Magically I find myself living a completely happy, unencumbered life with tons of time to think about other more important, rewarding and worthwhile things. You should try it.

Justanotherreader. said...

So funny that ANON posted all over the net the same question. They she posted at RWA to cry when she didn't like it.