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Was there another earthquake or did GWOP explode?

I had to sit through another episode of that stupid Bachelor show but it was well worth it.

Kate Gosselin is Contestant #10 on Dancing with the Stars!

Now please tell me that she's partnered with Max.

Congratulations to Kate. I'll look forward to watching.


justamom said...

wtg Kate!! I hope she does well. The longer she lasts on the show the more GWOP heads will explode with anger! They are already SEETHING about it. such fun wheeeeee!!

DanceKateDance said...

Oh they are all freaking out bigtime.

They have set up a facebook page to get her booted off the show and everything.

Poor dumb screwballs!

Anonymous said...

DanceKateDance said...
Oh they are all freaking out bigtime.

They have set up a facebook page to get her booted off the show and everything.

Poor dumb screwballs!

March 2, 2010 1:24 PM

I dont think it will work. What sad people they are.

Sandy said...

"In Tony Dovolani, Gosselin has a patient, mature match. How the typically controlling Kate will handle being controlled by Tony as the duo rehearses in the basement of her Pennsylvania home remains to be seen, but viewers will want to tune in to see. The promise of drama can make excellent TV."
I'm sure all the GWOPPERS will watch hoping for disaster at every turn. If she does a good job they'll just make something up. They are sooooooooo jealous of her.

Abby said...

They have set up a facebook page to get her booted off the show and everything.

Oh I am sure that will be hugely successful. Do they have any idea how DWTS works? Idiots.

Meanwhile, Kate is looking like a million bucks, her partner and fellow stars apparently love working with her and ABC is touting her as the BIG star on the show.

How sad is Sharla/Peri's life right now?

Lauren said...

I have to confess that I was LMAO when I heard Kate was on the show. I just knew that the GWOP collective was literally seething. Hoenstly, I think I will throw all my votes to Kate this season just to keep her on as long as possible. The entertainment value from GWOP is just way too priceless to pass up. Go Kate!!!

mkb77 said...

The Gwoptards are having a field day. I made it past four or five posts before I realized that they are never ever gonna let this woman alone.

I say, dance on Kate. I hope to God she wins it. Wouldn't it be worth it just to watch the Gwoptardians lose it completely?

iwhyawli said...

If only DWTS\TLC would have had the foresight to also put Hildi Santo Tomas on this season of DWTS, it just may have been enough to tip Sharla over the edge.

I haven't been over to GWOP yet but I'd be willing to bet that the child advocates are confident that the children will be left to eat lead paint chips while Kate carries on her torrid affair with Tony-the-Dancer in her Wernersville basement. I made a mental note to see if any of the other female contestants have kids and if GWOP is as concerned about their care throughout the new season.

I'm pretty sure Pammy Anderson has kids, right?

ANNA said...

Whats the connection between Hildi Santo Tomas and Sharla? Does Sharla have a hate-on for Hildi also?

Anonymous said...

Yes Pamela Anderson has kids, and here is how they feel about that...

Gimme Gimme said...
Well I had said I wouldn't be watching DWTS but I will because Pamela Anderson is going to be on. Even mean mommie can't stop me from that one. Pamela is a great mom and is a lunchroom monitor at her kids' school and participates in all of their activities with no cameras--imagine that. Being a great mom is the biggest claim to fame that any person could have in my opinion

Yes, she is a great mother indeed.

Turd (aka Sharla) in a punch bowl said...

First came TV celebrity with sextuplets and her kick'em to the curb Jon.

Next comes stardom with dancing as a star all the way to the bank.

The WOP everyready are going going to have to shit or get off the GWOP.

PS: The motto over at GWOP is why flush Kate's crap let Sharla and her rules moderate it. Pile it on Sharla GWOPPERS.

Lauren said...

I think that Pamela Anderson has two kids. I have to ask, what does Sharla have against Hildi?

DWTS said...

Let's all watch Kate on DWTS and watch you all wipe her face with your panties.....LOL

iwhyawli said...

Did you just laugh at your own post? :: shakes head ::