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Possible New Show for Kate

Sharla and Laura Linger frequently like to correct my spelling and grammar because they think it's a dig that bothers me. But actually, I find their efforts to be quite helpful. They save me lots of time.

I'm long overdue to repay the favor.


Anonymous said...

Sharla and Laura Linger cant spell worth a shit.

Anonymous said...

ooof, people who refer to their children as 'kiddo' drive me batty.

Frozen Tundra said...

Holy grammar/spelling police, why aren't people using spell check over there? Or an old fashioned dicionary?

Just read some of the posts on GWOP (I don't know why, maybe cuz I'm feeling constipated and reading GWop makes me feel like taking a dump?) and I noticed (gasp!) errors! Among them...

your instead of you're (there is a
noone (meaning no one I think!)

there (meaning their I believe!)

deosn't (perhaps doesn't?)

Many many more!!! Why does that darned kettle keep calling the pot black??

Also, can't understand why it's so important where Kate was when she got the extensions. Hotel room- salon- home. Who gives a sheeeet?

salty said...

"as interesting as watching paint dry". Ha. I bet Sharla has to change her panties every time she thinks about seeing Kate on tv again.

Rene said...

Too true. Witness this post from a Gwopper on Facebook. You can see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree:

"I don't care that Kate got extions it is just they look worse than what Britany Spears' did on her worse day. And why is it that when Kate tries to look younger and hipper she is trouted out as a strong person finder her youthful side, but when Jon started to dress younger he was just becoming more immature?"

PattyPie said...

You know that mistakes that they make don't count because it's child advocacy, dontchaknow??? - insert eyeroll here.

Anonymous said...

It's the darn effeminate Statue of Liberty!

Fishy Fish said...

"she is trouted out..."


Kate and the 8's neighborhood said...

TLC goes after the kids audience during prime time.

The ever durable and sometimes over the top Kate starts a new show in memmory of Captain Kangaroo and Mr Rodgers neighborhood and for the kids of course.

-the show opens with Kate singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor?". She puts on her heels, touches up her makeup in the mirror, and flips her hair, and smiles then cackles at the camera and takes her vitamins.

-She has puppets Sharla, Serena, Baby Mamma, LisaK, Churchmouse, Crabby Fatty, 10doll, MaggieMo, and others. She and kids play act out bits of Make-Believe with the puppets on a table doing schticks of stupid things people say about others.

-rut ro, the ever guessing Mr. Moose gives the kids hints on the magic drawing board.

-Then suddenly it rains Moose ping pong balls and Kate picks up a pair and answers the viewers questions who's name appears on the balls while on the couch with one of the kids

-Then the dancing bear (Eileen) and the town clown (Jon) come on stage with Kate leading the cheers jiggling her plastic pom poms then advises the kids to listen to their mommy and be good.

-the kids take turns spotlighting they are Make-Believe TV stars. The kids are shown with them on the covers of the tabloids covering the current events in their lives and their new relationships.

-Occasionaly a guest or puppets will appear on the show. First guest will be Mikey formerly American Chopper takes Kate out on a data and a sleep over.

-In the closing act Kate walks over to the talking Grandfather clock and winds it up telling Mr. green jeans and the nanny let's pretend my future rich dream husband is watching and starts singing Have a nice day, be good to your Mother

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli said...


Sharla has now corrected "month's" to "months" but the plagiary found the second paragraph remains in tact.

Carry on.


Anonymous said...