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Gee, if it weren't for Sharla ...

... we'd never see any pics of the Gosselin kids anymore. Thank you, Sharla. Thank you for continuing the "exploitation" of those kids that you fought so so long and hard to stop. With the kids forced off the TV by their father (a.ka., your dream man), please do continue to post as many pictures of the kids that you can possibly get your hands on. That childhood that you are certain has been taken from them? Thanks for continuing to post it on your blog.

Say, have you considered posting ads on your blog, Sharla? Why not turn this hobby of yours into a money-maker?


Crissy said...

Yeah, I thought the same thing. That dumb bitch just spent the better part of three years trying to get those kids out of the public eye and here she is posting pictures of them on her blog.

Makes zero sense, especially for a highly paid professional like hereself.

Cat said...

GWOP has been makeing money off Kate for a long time. Thats why they continue to stalk her.$$$$$$$$$

Blast From The Past said...

Sharla really needs to take a lesson from many of her past followers that had enough sense to move on.

Can we list them

Loney's Wife
Air Zoe

My memory is bad. Can you help me out here? And after we are done going down memory lane, maybe we can vote for who was the craziest, most obsessed, kiss up to Sharla....

It could be kind of fun. We cold post some of the really dumb comments up.

DontwanttobestalkedbyaGWOP said...

How can they do this and still call themselves child advocates??? Either Sharla paid for the picture or she has it up illegally. Oh wait, I know - RULES don't apply to the almightly GWOP!

SO SO self righteaous.

My IQ is above zero said...

Okay the world knows she has "Child Advocate" tattooed on her ..............

When Sharla is happy
and she knows it
and she shows it
she claps her hands.

Pattycakes Sharla Pattycakes
Show us pattycakes Sharla.

When Sharla is happy
and she knows it
and she shows it
she claps her hands.

Linda said...

I think that the main lesson with whole mess with J&K and Aunt Jodi/Uncle Kevin is that none of us really know what is going on in someone else's marriage.

Uncle Kevin & Aunt Jodi aligned themselves with Jon and look at what he turned out to be . . . a boozing, lying, partying, fame-whore who'd sell his kids whereabouts to the paps for money.


Dumb question. When this blog was started there was an Arizona connection. Are most of the GWoPpers from AZ?

I'm askin for a friend.

iwhyawli said...

Dear friend of Urgent Need Help:

Not sure what you mean by an Arizona connection. I don't know any connection between this blog and Arizona except that I'm pretty sure I fly over Arizona whenever I got to Los Angeles. I've also heard some people say that Sharla's ass is as big as the Grand Canyon.

To my knowledge, the only GWOPPER who has been confirmed as an Arizonian is Laura "The-Nose" Linger.

Thank you for your question. I tried to reply as QUICKLY as possible.


Urgent! said...

Thank you -
You rock!

Anonymous said...

We need to get a picture of Laura "The-Nose" Linger.

GWoP_Is_Obsessed_with_Stools said...

I have one. I can send it to Iwhy. It's recent. Let me tell you --- LWL's nose isn't the only "big" thing about her these days....

Anonymous said...

Blast, how could you have forgotten the ever popular Fiona.

Anonymous said...

Sandy said...

If it weren't for Sharla, the GWOPers would have to find someone or something besides Kate to hate.
Sharla gives these poor, sick people a place to vent their anger instead of realizing it's anger against their own sad lives and they should really be venting in counseling.
Sharla is aiding and abetting these self-delusional women and bringing out the worse in them.
They seem to think they are helping the kids by hating Kate. It's an enigma.

Blast said...

Oh yes Fiona. What side is she on anyway?

I guess the crazy side.

Anonymous said...

The New Kate
Kate has declared Clean Slate Kate. If you could change only one thing about Kate what would it be?

Its time for Sharla to click her ruby red slippers together and start a new rag.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for Sharla what would you poor lost souls do for fun?

iwhyawli said...

Sorry dearie, iwhyawli doesn't contemplate hypotheticals, especially unlikely ones like Sharla's voluntary retirement.

If you want to read a blog where people conjecture about stuff that hasn't happened and never will, go to GWOP.

Anonymous said...

Lisa K must be hard up for money. She has ads on her site. I wont be clicking on her site to support her.