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Anonymous said...

So girls, did Jon do it? I would ask the question, "Could he be that big of a dumbass?" but we all know the answer to that.

susie said...

Jon and Hailey should star in the remake of 'Dumb and Dumber'.

Barb said...

I was over to the GWOP board and they were asking for people to tell them why we don't HATE Kate. Or different ideas to that effect. I said their moderators wouldn't let anyone post the answers. If you don't say you Hate Kate you won't get posted. No wonder the GWOPs can't see another side. No one can argue with them.

Call me anything but smart said...

Yes, call me a hater.

I hate reports that Kate (possibly Jon, too) sought attention for having twins, cue reports (and pictures) of Kate pushing a stroller carrying the twins, along with a sign that read "The Gosselin Twins".


Does she hate every other parent at the twin convention who had names on their strollers?

She believes Kate took a daily walk with a nametag stuck to her kids.

Nova, I'll call you an ignorant hater.

Allison said...


Or they could call the remake "Drunk and Drunker"?

Either way..both works for me, lol!

creeplesarescary said...

I went over to see what the creeples (creepy people over at the GWOP hate site). They are seriously damaged.

iwhyawli said...

Ha! I love it! CREEPLES! It's perfect.

iwhyawli said...

Anybody know why radaronline is having such a hard time getting their hands on Jon's Police Report? Or, how about that "Note"? I mean c'mon they've managed to dig up every other "celebrity" police report that's been filed during the holiday season ... what's the deal? Let's see some pictures, y'all.

Oh. What's that, you say? It's because there ISN'T a police report? But ... but ... how could that be?

I feel so deceived.

: cries :

I once knew a thing or two said...


Let’s see….yesterday it’s leaked that Kate might have a new dating show. Today we hear TLC’s hired help continuing to destroy Jon. Gotta keep this sorry ass saga in the news.

“At this point Hailey wants nothing more to do with him and as a good friend I’m just really concerned that he will not leave her alone.”

Sassano, how much did TLC pay you to become a good friend? Good friends don’t plaster their friend’s dirty laundry all over the internet. They just stand by them and comfort them when needed. Go away, good friend. You’re doing Hailey no favors and just lining your own pockets.

* * * *

Unless you're Aunt Jodi's sister plastering dirty laundry all over the internet.
How much are Julie and Jodi paying these bloggers to invent wild conspiracy theories?

Anonymous said...

hers a new picture for gwopper of the month.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like on the Maryland Docket for the case against Jon Gosselin may go to mediation. As of 12.23.09 Tlc deposited their retainer.

Reading Eagle had a article today 01012010 stating Kate plus 8 may go forward in the spring according to a TLC official.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been reading all of the conspiracy theories at the Musing site? My head is spinning.

iwhyawli said...

anon at 12:21pm: Thank you for the update re Maryland docket etc. The GWOPPERS will be happy to know there will soon be another show they will refuse to watch (wink, wink).

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:59, I think that Tam needs to back away from her keyboard and take a much needed vacation. Isn't she the one who complains on Friday Follies that her husband always wants to go out with his friends?

Kris said...

OK! magazine says Jon has a new girlfriend... and he takes such good care of her when she is drinking. What a gentleman! Hold her hair back when she pukes- that's real love!

Anonymous said...

So much for child advocacy! How are the creeples going to explain this one? Paul Petersen's clout as a child advocate for the entertainment world has hit rock bottom: