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You Served Us Well, Miss October

It's time to say "farewell and don't let the door hit ya on the way out " to October's GWOPPER-of-the-Month. You and all your idiot friends who wrote to protest your nomination served this blog well. Why so sensy, gals? Yeesh. If you hated my pick for October's GOTM, you're *really* gonna hate November's. I'm almost askeered to post it. Mebbe y'all should wait until December before coming back to read here.

October 2009

When she's not stalking
Kate Gosselin or Clay Aiken,
this GWOPPER elects to spend her retirement
on secret blogs and in GWOP chatrooms.
Scary, isn't it?

BFFs include Preesi and Sharla.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely do not think iwhy is asceered of anything. BTW, I have a pic of the real Serena (NHRN) if you want it. I have to admit I'm a little torn about sharing it as it seems she's been off the radar for awhile. Perhaps common sense came knocking on her door? I dunno. I wonder what her pastor would say if he knew about the stuff she has written about the Gosselins and the Duggars. What would the congregation think if they knew she was the central figure of the PO Box for Dumb and Dumber Kreider? Collecting monies for gossiping backstabbers who turned on their own for the almighty dollar. Hmmmmmm. I'm so tempted.

Anonymous said...

She protested her nomination? How very humble.

Can't wrap my mind around a woman that old giving in to the jealousy that dominated her youth.

Let it go X! You do not have to live like a victim! Take control of your destiny! Fight like Kate Gosselin! Reach for the brass ring!

Anonymous said...

It's Serena (not her real name) right?

Crossing my fingers that the next one is Preesi

Anonymous said...

Who was the October Gwopper of the Month?

You didn't give her name. I really don't know the Gwoppers.

I was just curious

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that Miss October was xSaNdLaPpeR.

Anonymous said...

They really didn't set up a p.o. Box for jodi and kevin, did they? Can u give us a hint on who this might be?

Anonymous said...

They really didn't set up a p.o. Box for jodi and kevin, did they?

They certainly did.

NEW! Click here to watch the video of Kevin and Jodi on the CBS Early Show, 05/27/2009.

Over the past several weeks we have received numerous requests for assistance in contacting Kevin and Jodi Kreider with notes, letters, cards, etc. After obtaining their permission, we are pleased to be able to offer our readers this chance.

Those who would like to send notes of gratitude or words of support and encouragement to the Kreiders may now do so by using the following mailing address:

P.O. Box 16222
St. Louis, MO 63105

All appropriate mail received will be bundled into one package and forwarded directly to Kevin and Jodi. Mail must be postmarked no later than Monday June 15, 2009. Questions regarding this message may be emailed to

Grace said...

You can't set up a PO Box without proper identification. If there is really a PO Box, all you have to do is contact the Post Office and ask who that particular box is registered to. It should be a real person, if not - they are messing with the Federal Gov./ Fed. Crime. big bad ugly news for fraud.

Grace said...

...just read the last post - there is your chance to find out who has the PO Box for GWOP... All PO Boxes have to be registered. You have to show valid id to get it! If you search that avenue you shoul be able to find at least one real person/ entity behing GWOP.

GWOP MOLE said...

Iwhyawli isn't scared of GWOP bitches!!! This has already been established.

Women who spend all of their time hating on Kate, loving on Jon, and tweeting a 22 year old nasty gnome aren't a threat.

Women who have no other goal in life than to park their ass in front of the computer and talk about nonsense in a chat room all day aren't too scary.

banned for lurking said...

When I think of xSaNdLaPpeR's bffs Sharla, Preesi and TVSnark I imagine the Three Stooges in drag.

Anonymous said...

I know of many of the GWOPPER's but can someone fill us in on xSaNdLaPpeR??? I do not know about her. Was she a poster at GWOP?

gwop insider said...

FYI a sandlapper is a nickname for someone from South Carolina. The term basically means South Carolina hillbilly.

Question: How much sand could a sandlapper lap if a sandlapper could lap sand?

Answer: If there were no TLC reruns of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, no GWOP blog and no GWOP chat room a hard working sandlapper could probably lap a lot of sand. However, GWOPPERS don't get a lot accomplished as the GWOP chat room has revealed that the majority of GWOPPERS are lazy, good for nothing, obsessive, hateful bitches.

Anonymous said...

Oh tell us more if you can....I can always use a good laugh.