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Kate's Story

OK, just watched Kate's Story and learned nothing too new that hadn't already been revealed or discussed. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Therein I believe we see the fundamental and important difference between "Kate's Story" and "Jon's Story" ---- consistency. You can hate Kate's hair all you want, you can dislike her parenting decisions, but you cannot deny that she's been telling a consistent story. If she's been well coached, good for her. I'm a coach (of sorts), and I know that you can not coach someone who doesn't have vision, goals or standards. Jon, on the other hand, well, yeah. Good luck with that, Shmuley. I'm sure you'll unravel all that is or isn't going on in Jon's head soon enough. But preferably by Christmas so that Hailey gets her Christmas stocking.

A long time ago, someone sent an anonymous comment here regarding the Jodi's "whisper" interview, telling me that Jon purposefully fed that lie to Jodi and Kevin out of spite, knowing full well they'd take it to the tabloids. If Blogger had a half-way decent comment feature, I'd try to go looking for that comment again to see if I posted it. For some reason, I think I chose not to post it because I thought the accusation was so outrageous. At that time in the blog's history, I was trying not to post anything unflattering about either parent unless I heard it from their very own mouths. Hearing Kate tonite identify the person (Jon) and the story that suited/ unleashed the paparazzi, I instantly recalled this comment. I now can't help but wonder if it was an accusation or another clue.


Anonymous said...

a clue? Please elaborate?

iwhyawli said...

Re: clue. "Clue" not the right word, sorry. Folks seem to send me tidbits of little-known, unknown, never-considered information that later turns out to be true. Makes me so curious to know who all the other moles really are.

ellen said...

'Spoke smack' about their mother? These kids will have available hours of filming in which their mother consistently demeaned their father.....and I mean guys are big into consistency right? Kate's a prize because she is consistent....
You are right, it would seem that some of Gwop's participants are intrusive and ignorant......but you folks take the cake, vicious and nasty......the term 'pond scum' comes to mind...I strongly suspect you are TLC generated.

mkb77 said...

The worst part of the interview is not the interview itself, but the backlash that the Gwoptards will unleash on Kate.

She admitted mistakes, she admitted control, she said she was sorry for those things and I truly think she means it.

I have to say, she wins the award for grace under pressure. She never bad mouthed the father of her children or said that she despised him or anything else that could potentially harmed his reputation. He has done a fine job of ruining that himself.

Oh people of Gwoptard Land..when will you stop making Jon out to be a victim and Kate the bad guy?

Quiltart said...

I have always felt that the media surfaced and began this frenzy when Jon started hanging out at bars with college kids last winter. An earlier inkling might have been the off-the-cuff interview he did in Utah last winter when he stayed behind to hang with his "friends"... That was the interview when he talked about buying a condo in Utah and the fact that he had his own corporation. (It was obvious that this was not a scripted interview, because as usual, Jon talked too much.) IMO, The fact that Jon tipped the media off about Kate's supposed affair with the bodyguard just verifies that Jon is the one who set the wheels of destruction in place. Kate was very careful with her words last night, but she did put the blame in his lap if you listened carefully. I don't care how much you are in the public eye... No one deserves to be hounded by the paps 24/7.

Yahoo Emailer said...

Will the moles please come forward and reveal themselves. :)

Can't blame me for trying!

Yahoo Emailer said...

Jon's comment on Twitter:

jongosselin1 couldn't keep it under 140 characters...

Tweets by jongosselin1
jongosselin1's feed
jongosselin1 on twitter
Retweet This!posted 4 minutes agoGot up early this morning took Mady and Cara to the bus, Came home to then hug my other 6 little morsels.

I stand behind Hailey because she is the only person who has spoken the brutal truth about (yes this whole mess of a trainwreck) as it is described. She has gotten the brunt of EVERYONE'S anger and disappointment. Kate even slipped last night and admitted we split up a year ago! Though she claims she "didn't remember" who called it quits.. Hey at least she said "didn't remember" instead of lieing.

He obviously hasn't learned anything. He's still trash talking the mother of his children and praising his homewrecking girlfriend. The only thing he got right was that this situation is a friggen trainwreck!

iwhyawli said...

Hello, Ellen? Pipe down, sissy. I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that I or anyone else here thinks Kate's treatment of Jon during filming was acceptable. Understandable, maybe. Acceptable, no.

Is she still doing that ? No. Perhaps you'll remember that they're getting divorced. That problem is solved. Jon will never be demeaned by Kate again. Time to move on I'd say. So do be a gem and let us know how much longer you plan to crucify Kate for past behavior. Meanwhile, rest assured that I'll stop harping on Jon for his crappy behavior as soon as he knocks it off. Like me, I'm sure you too are very hopeful that this day comes soon.

Pond Scum? Oh how you wound me! I'm crying.

mkb77 said...

Nice tweet, Jon.

Remind us again, Jon, why you don't want the fame? Why you never asked for it? Because if I am reading correctly, it seems to me that you cannot WAIT to get your fat ass home from dropping off the kids to tweet about hugging your kids..and then giving us a dissertation on your poor girlfriend. She too, like you, is such a victim (insert eyeroll).

Whatever happened to a normal day like everyone else? Get up, take kids to school, come home, look for a job, clean up the house, take a shower, make dinner, do the laundry..etc. Do we really need to know your every waking thought on your girlfriend and how you feel about her treatment?

If you are gonna tweet, and you want to endear the would, might I suggest you start discussing your feelings towards your children.

Good Lord..he is a huge freakin' moron.

And f to the yi..the only "tweets" I read are the ones reposted here..

YankyEllen'sWanky said...

Not bashing Kate doesn't mean we think she's an angel. This subject is not black and white. I just think Jon is a bigger f*cktard than Kate is at the moment. And why is everything that can be remotely skewed as pro-Kate automatically TLC generated? GWOPpers must think TLC employs 99% of the nation. I wish! Different people have different opinions, Ellen. Get over it. Move on.

And it's okay for Jon to act like an idiot and apologize for it; but not for Kate? She's admitted she was hard on him. Done deal. Get over it. Move on. Let me guess,'re one of those folks who is still discussing cupcakes ad naseum with your awesome hate-blogger friends? Oh, right, I almost left out gum. Those are important topics never to be ignored!

Dee said...

Jon's next to last tweet says "Came home to my kinds,got big HUGS!". What is kinds?
**I know..I'm a low life..I read twitter..forgive me**

I am also not "in love" with Kate and I don't get the hatred of her. As to Jon, I am just amazed that someone can continue to be so clueless.
I used to think he was a great father until he let us know what a burden it was to care and provide for them.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Jon tweets that Hailey has been the only one who has been brutally honest about this trainwreck.

Does that mean that he admits that he :

dances around the truth
takes his anger out on others
has mantrums
is emotionally abusive

Anonymous said...

Hailey Glassman's Angry Twitter AttackHailey Glassman's Angry Twitter Attack
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Hailey couldn't edit her feelings into 140 characters or less so she posted on Twiterbose which allows for longer tweets.

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Hailey wraps up by saying she has considered suing Perez in the past, but decided he's not worth it.

Phew! Tell us how you really feel Hailey!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Minion said...

Hailey and Jon live in the world of Twitter and Blogger. That is the only way they survive. They tweet and blog to those idiots all day. No one else knows or cares about them. The bloggers are the ones keeping them out there.As much as I don't like Kate, at least she is not tweeting or blogging or doing something more stupid every 10 seconds.

Stella said...

I have to say that you summed it up perfectly. Kate has at least stayed out of the press for the most part and never took to the public bashing of Jon.

As a woman I felt sorry for Kate, as a mom I felt that she did put those kids in the position of a public divorce but so did Jon and they both deserve backlash for that. As a human being I just feel sad for them all around for making bad decisions and am happy it's all stopped for the children.

Sixxlet said...

I am not a mole, BUT I did post, on several boards, that I suspected Jon just made up the lie about Kate having an affair tih Steve to take the spotlight off of HIS bad behavior. I also suspected he told Jodi and Kevin because he knew they would spread that lie around, making Kate look bad, even though it was, and still is, a LIE. I also suspect that the marriage was over once they moved into the new house, because Kate was treating him HORRIBLY. She always treated him badly, but I noticed a BIG difference between them once they got in the new house. It was like Kate couldn't stand to look at him. I suspect, but cannot confirm, that Jon was already seeing someone else and Kate found out. So yes, maybe Kate did end the relationship, but if it was instigated by Jon cheating, would it really be her fault, or Jon's?? It would be Jon's fault, of course. The more I learn about Jon Gosselin, the more I actually feel sorry for Kate.