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Hailey Glassman: More Cushion for the Pushin'

Did Hailey forget her pants because they no longer fit?


Lauren said...

Oh honey, that outfit's just all sorts of wrong. Where does one start? I just have two words- woof, woof.

K8 LOOKS Gr8 said...

She tweeted about her weight gain. She's stuck inside, hiding out, watching movies, and eating too much.

It's all Kate's fault, you know.

Is it Cruella? said...

She looks like a villain from a Disney movie.

mdew said...

If Hailey Glassman is a stylist, then I'm Oscar de la Renta.

iwhyawli said...

Oh, I know her! That's "Hailey from-the-Doritos-Bag." Keeping it real. She likes my shoes.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure she's flashing another one of those gang signals in that picture. Yo yo, whassup up homies?

Anonymous said...

34 year old Kate looks fantastic.

22 year old Hailey looks like a 50 year old hag.

Geeze Jon, what is the matter with you?

Anonymous said...

Wow... she needs a treadmill.

Jon Gosselin likes em FAT and FUGLY said...

Yep, now they are scoring points with PETA. And we thought Jon gave the dogs back, I think Hailey is wearing Nola.

I am however glad to see Hailey wearing those high "riding" boots, the shits been getting deep.

But hey, what is up with the tights? Did her ass eat her skirt or was she too stoned to remember the bottoms to cover up the junk in her trunk?

She has a JLo rear going on or do her tights have sewn in cheek plumping devices? The legs look like sausage squished into sausage casings.

Kate is way easier on the eyes and looks younger.

Hailey looks road hard and put away wet, so appropriate of them both to be posing near a horses ass.

Eff Jon and the HORSE he road in on.

Stay Christmas time Hailey will be playing Mary riding in on a Donkey and Jon will be playing Joseph.

Anonymous said...

Aw so fitting! Quito the Pimp Jon and His Ho.

Just need a sign "HOW MUCH"

I see Jon is out trying to pimp out Hailey for the evening to try to gather the funds required to replace what he stole.

Not a scene from Pretty Woman however! No Richard Gere or Julia Roberts in this photo.

Anonymous said...

here are some up close shots, some need a Heading! Jon almost did drop Cruella, in one photo you will see her red purse dropped and the arms of her dad went out to grab for the oversized load as well. Jon needs to pump up his man boobs and get some more strength before he gets a heart attack exerting himself like this.

The one of Hailey with her mouth wide open holding the whip and Jon looking glum and lamefishy (like he can smell either Hailey or the Horse fart), is CLASSIC.

The photo is as if Hailey is saying, The Money is MINE, ALL MINE, and I Have Your Nuts Muwahhaahaaa so I OWN YOU NOW JON GOTTI GOSSELIN, and I just spent a ton on my fur vest and boots using your credit card, muwahhaahahaaa, Merry Christmas to me, errr Hanuka I mean!!!

To bad Jon did not have the reigns to his life in the same grasp as he does a NY Horse Carriage.

Also, insert a joke here, how many Jews does it take to manage a horse carriage?

Answer: Umm 1 and 1/2 and a 1/2 Korean too.

iwhyawli said...

Dammit, I just put my latest brilliant insight and prediction in the Open Discussion thread by mistake.

Blogging at this level of excellence and quality is hard, y'all.

Anonymous said...

oopsie, I was Anon 4:15AM ....forgot the link to more of the photos I was posting about.

Val said...

Stay Christmas time Hailey will be playing Mary riding in on a Donkey and Jon will be playing Joseph.

October 19, 2009 3:14 AM
Jon IS the donkey!

FoolTracker said...

Wow. I never thought I'd say this but I have never seen such jealous, catty women in my life.

Hailey doesn't blame KATE for anything, you stupid fucks. She's Jon's friend and TLC doesn't even have to pay her.

Why don't you all finally get your own life and stop drooling over Hailey.

The only lesson iwhy has taught anybody is that Kate fans are psychologically deformed and like to abuse children. Nice. Child abuses unite at gwopwop!! woohooooo WE BEAT OUR KIDS and are PROUD OF IT.

iwhyawli said...

Fooltracker, you seem a little upset today. Low on meds?

Anonymous said...

To me, it looks like Jon is trying to hide the bubble butt bulge of Hailey by holding out his coat.

Anonymous said...

Fool Tracker must be TV Snarkless or Lisa I am so important K

Could be Preesi also.

They seem to have made it their mission in life to protect Miss Glassman. They love to let people know that they have her personal email. They don't seem to understand that no one cares.

Also Fool Tracker,

Jealous,catty women can be found in abundance at GWoP, Musings and Lisa K's site. I think they have dibs on that.

Anonymous said...

Poor friggin horse! Having to carry those two fat asses! MAN O MAN! That is wrong! He should get on all fours and try and carry his ass and Haileys! Animal cruelty!! And to that loser who posted about hating on Hailey! Oh please why dont YOU go get a life?

Hailey is a pathetic excuse for a "woman". Where does she work again? What school does she go to? Oh right we encourage abuse? What abuse? The Gosselin kids look happy and healthy to me. Hell they live better than some adults.

The real "abuse" is coming from their father who'd rather spend his time with this skank and his new jew pals, oh and his papparazzi pals he "hates" so much.

Yeah thats the REAL abuse. If that's his house he can go see them whenever he wants AND if he cared that much he'd live close, keep his mouth shut about their perosnal family business and DEMAND more time with them.

But nope eating cheetos while watching himself on every entertainment show smoking weed with Hailey by his side is plenty fulfilling enough for narcissistic Jon. It's Jon's world remember? Being his #1 fan you should know who rules your world! Shame on you!

P.S. - How's the money collecting going Jonny Boy? Haven't seen ya on TV much lately! ET not willing to give their closest "anonymous insider" a helping hand? October 26th is fast approaching!

Anonymous said...

LMAO and Jon was born on April 1st? This crap writes itself!

Anonymous said...

haha, this is funny...

The Poor Horse...

FoolTracker said...

I knew you were all a bunch of bigots. If Hailey wasn't Jewish you wouldn't trash her religion, would you you hypocritical bitch.

Happy and Healthy kids! That's the funniest thing I've ever read. Tell that to them when they are in rehab.

I am not any of the people you seem to think I am.
You'd remember me if you checked your archives.

iwhyawli said...

FoolTracker, I think you may have a reading comprehension problem. Also, I don't care who you are.

YE said...

FoolTracker is insane, just like GWOP.

Anonymous said...

Fooltracker you are very stupid. Her being jewish has nothing to with it. You moron. What's your problem anyway? You seem to be the one with deep hatred issues? Why ya hate so much? Relax a bit its not that serious.

Anonymous said...

Fooltracker is probably Jon or Hailey or someone close to them. Hailey doesn't work so shed has time to be site jumping defending Jon. Hell he has himself as a google alert it could even be him, everytime we type his name his phone probably goes off. I mean only narcissistic people would do that right? I thought he hated the gossip and what not? But he wants to be notified about it? I couldn't imagine that there's some random person out there who thinks Jon respectable and worth defending still. Either that or Aunt Jodi because once the kids are off to school what's a lonely jealous housewife to do? But further try and hurt her "family"? Or its a gwopper. Which one are ya fooltracker? And yes iwhyawli he or she definitely has a reading problem. We aren't "bigots". If you would read you'd know why we keep referencing jewish people.

Yahoo Emailer said...

Who gives a crap who FoolTracker is. We should rename him/her AssHat.

Val said...

FoolTracker said...
I knew you were all a bunch of bigots. If Hailey wasn't Jewish you wouldn't trash her religion, would you you hypocritical bitch.

Happy and Healthy kids! That's the funniest thing I've ever read. Tell that to them when they are in rehab.

I am not any of the people you seem to think I am.
You'd remember me if you checked your archives.

October 20, 2009 2:51 PM

Bitter woman, eh? Fiona, Sharla, Maggie, Julie, Jodi, who cares who you are!? You're bitter, have anger issues, and the one with bigot problems.

Go take your meds beeyotch.

Carole said...

Jon makes an issue of being Jewish! Hello Fooltracker, you dumbshit!

Lauren said...

For me, it has nothing to do with Hailey being Jewish. I'm Jewish, you idiot. I have not seen anyone here trashing Judaism-just Jon's superficial views on it. Hailey irritates me because she does nothing and has lousy taste, not because she's Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Inhailey reads over here, thanks to LisaK tweeting her link to her own blog, and how obsessed they are with this blog and they give updates on things said about Inhailey here to Inhailey herself and word on the street is, she is hurt, and started a diet and gym workout this morning!

Now if she could get her fat slob of a man child on board or on the treadmill too, they could be skinny douches together.

HI INHAILEY! Good luck on the journey of losing those thunder thighs and BUTT, Kate looked great on ROL in her skinny tight jeans, she sure dresses nice, you should take some tips from Kate. She looks classy, you look trashy.

Anonymous said...

FoolTracker is one of the LisaKY Jelly Belly Bitches. They even stalk posters on ROL and troll them and try to bait and attack. If you see posts come in with lots of dots mid sentence like this...hi I have lisa kyjelly...types when she tries to make fun of people who misspell...but then she can not complete a sentence without all of her dots. So that be her signature. Oh and they use the C word a lot because they are so uber intelligent.