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Our Chatroom Controversy

Attention Shoppers. I have received convincing email evidence that the unofficial GWOPWOP chatroom is indeed hosted by a gwopwop ally.

Unfortunately and because I am an idiot with zero short term recall, I no longer know which chatroom link is which (or where any of the phony or real chatroom links are now sitting in this blog). If the hostess of the unofficial gwopwop chatroom would be kind enough to email me the link, I will happily add it to this post.

Safe chatting, y'all.

Here's the link


Yahoo Emailer said...

Anonymous said...

List of all the blogs found on:

"Whoopi Goldberg"
Anonymous @ September 22, 2009 10:52 AM said...

GWOP chat room (owner: Sharla):

Reality Without Apologies chat room (owner: lisa k):

Unofficial GWOPWOP chat room (owner: anonymous):

Anonymous said...

NEW GWOP chat room (owner: Sharla):

You need to register with Chatzy to get into this room.

Anonymous said...

To Yahoo Emailer:

Did you now make the chatroom password protected?